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Hey, I'm Jesse. I'm 16 years old and I'm from Dayton, Ohio. My current bike: Frame: Verde Cartel Kiraly 20.75" Bars: Verde Cartel Kiraly Headset: Amber Integrated Fork: Verde Cartel 2 Stem: S&M Challenger Grips: Duo Martinez Bar Ends: Odyssey Par Ends Bottom Bracket: Kink 19mm Mid Cranks: Redline Device 175mm Sprocket: Odyssey MDS 28T Pedals: Fly Ruben PC Chain: Odyssey Bluebird Front Hub: G-Sport Marmoset Front Rim: G-Sport Rollcage Rear Hub: Federal V3 Freecoaster 9T Rear Rim: G-Sport Rollcage Spokes: Odyssey Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte 2.25" Rear Tire: Animal GLH 2.10" Seat Post: Fit 200mm Pivotal Seat: Tree Ergo Slim Pivotal Pegs: 4x Shadow Little Ones Front Hub Guard: 2x BSD Jersey Barrier Rear Hub Guard: The Daily Grind

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