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  • So I can’t count money and barley know any math, my family is going to play bingo at Christmas dinner tomorrow.. is it a math less game?

    How do you play? Also besides that they want to play poker and Monopoly I’m freaking out I can’t play those and I don’t know how to get out of it 

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  • Should I be worry if my sister has fatty acid oxidation disorder or no? Pls read need answers she’s only 10 going to be 11?

    My sister bella was born with a rare case of cystic fibrosis which doctors said will not effect her just maybe with allergies from time to time. Now when my sister was around 7 she got a bad virus besides my other sister but my sister bella had it the worst because she couldn’t stop throwing up for many hours, they checked her cystic fibrosis and they said it wasn’t coming from that.. now it’s  been 3 years or more and from time to time she has to go to the hospital because she starts throwing up to the point where she can’t stop and she starts throwing up blood. Besides this she has her episodes of being nauseous and it comes time to time or can stay for months then subside only for her to get it again but then start throwing up and now when she gets a simple cold it brings it on. Doctors now think she has cyclic vomiting and now tonight I reading about fatty acid oxidation disorder, what is that? Is that something I should have her tested for? She’s been tested for many things and looked out so I’m just wondering because her doctor thinks it’s due to her stress and needs medication for her to relax and make her brain and stomach work together to not have these episodes. My sister has only been delevping a chest and he’s kinda hormonal I just want to know should I be worried for fatty acid oxidation disorder or is this just from stress and I shouldn’t worry about that?

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  • Please need some helpful answers for my sister, she’s very ill and I’m worry about what’s going on she’s in the hospital rn ?

    My sister is 10 years old, she’s been dealing with violent vomiting on and off for years when she gets a virus. Now today my sister has not been feeling good since last night this morning she started throwing up my parents called the ambulance and she’s at the hospital but they cant stop the vomiting still. They did a x-ray it shows she has micro tearing and the doctors and nurses are scared because she also has a uti and abdominal infection. Their scared that the bacteria can travel and cause sepsis. Their giving her antibiotics to prevent any of that! Now I read about sepsis survivors and all these scary things I just want to know from what I type does it seem my sister will be ok? I feel like passing out I feel dead please need some helpful answers 

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  • Is this my spleen or pms?

    Fullness in the left upper side of abdomen with some pain in my rib I also keep touching and pressing on the area after feeling this I’m worry it’s my spleen or could a be a pms thing? I’m ovulating today I know I been feeling this for a few today but mostly today. I’m 20 female also have a lump in armpit that comes and goes 

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  • Is it weird to make a guy come meet the parents on the first day is what I meant. I’m 20 he’s 24 ?

    He wants to take me out to dinner but a cousin of my that’s gifted said to make him come to my house and meet the parents first

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  • Smart meter is ruining my life! What do I do? ?

    Ever since my parents got the smart meter on the house I been crazy tired, having more headaches, and feeling confused and especially dizzy! I can’t barely get myself to feel like MYSELF I been taking vitamins and so many supplements I can’t even workout I push myself some days but I just can’t now. I’m 20 female I’m very worried if this smart meter is affecting me like this it could even cause cancer I had cancer when I was little 

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  • Feel lump in vagina and it’s making me pee weird?

    When I pee for the last few weeks my pee comes out more or completely on the right side like it’s block on the right, I felt it last night and I feel something on the right side and I’m scared I’m 19 -and a virgin I’m scared it’s cancer cause for over 5 yrs I have a lump in my labia minora like inside it isn’t in my vagina it’s in my labia minora definitely like a in grown hair, pimple or cyst thing can’t see it from the outside

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  • Can I say my Puerto Rican side of family background is basically white?

    ancestrydna results show from my Puerto Rican background or as they call it “communities” I took very little (I’m a quarter). making me 6 percent Portuguese. 1 percent Spain. 1 but ranges to 3 percent Native American - North, Central, South. But what’s funny is they didn’t add in the communities the 1 percent Basque that ranges to 7 percent (Spain/French). Lastly I have 3 but ranges to 4 percent Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu Peoples (that could be coming from the Portugal. Portuguese merchants began taking slaves from the west coast of Cameroon in the 15th century). Then 1 percent Mali. I have 1 but ranges to 3 percent Middle East I know they gave connections to Mali

    Now moving along to the cousin match, it shows from the PR side that most of my 4th cousins & so on all pretty much do have high amount of Portugal, Spain even some Italian/Greek but then the African is pretty good amount, they have the same regions of Africa like me or more with then the Native American. So even tho they have high European there’s 20 percent or so of African &/or Native. But some don’t. Other thing is my cousin from my mom side that is Italian but Cuban & etc, from his father is popping up in my PR side in the match showing we share the Portugal, Spain, Middle East, Native & Cameroon, Congo,& Southern Bantu Peoples besides the Italian. Don’t understand that.

    PR from my dads mother. Her parents were listed always as white but my great great grandfather was listen as trigueño once in census

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  • why was my crush like this? Also this was in the very beginning of talking it’s been almost a year now he’s very clean & different?

    He ask me if I ever masturbated in my parents, sisters room or anywhere in the house. Another time he sent me a pic, it look if he shaves only the top of his legs so I ask he said he doesn’t, found it funny he started talking about my “down there” saying I “bet you keep your punani (vagina) as a little child” (he likes it hairless down there), I told him I found it gross then he flip it around on me he said I get stuck on things too easily. Then he knew it bother me so he kept going on being jerk, but he did said he like the innocents then I got more confused I ask him do little kids turn him on. His response was “Come on! Really not! You know what turns me on...”. Which is fake prostitute & big boobs although he said he likes asś more in the beginning of talking. Lastly there was a time when I told him my sisters were annoying me, he said it would be fun he would want to join in to annoy me more. I told him he wouldn’t want to get involve with me & my sisters he said in text “why don’t you think that? ;)” then I told him you werent want to get inbetween 3 sisters attacking each other getting dirty then be my guess, he said “hahaha you know what you said there sounded really fûcking dirty right?” He added angel/laughing face. I told him where’s his head at their 7 & 9 don’t even go there & I’ll be a real pain if he wanted to annoy me then he said “haha but I just said it sounded really dirty & I guess I would leave the house within 3 seconds when you get to be a pain”.

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