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  • What might the lumps on my feet be? There's one on my elbow that's larger and the ones on my feet hurt!

    We had a lot of rain several weeks back and my plantar fasciitus was greatly irritated and I felt like a cripple. Then the bumps started showing up. They hurt until they get older and looser. They are not blisters, pimples, cysts or anything my Dr. could identify. Someone suggested lymph nodes (which, I believe, would imply I was a very ill person) but my Dr. said they couldn't be because the closest lymph nodes are behind our knees.

    It is still painful to walk with these and the plantar fasciitus, but I force myself to get the exercise. There are lumps on the top of my feet, but most are around my heels. They can be seen from the side or above as pointed lumps. I have not pierced one as I feel it would cause too much pain.

    Thanks to the wonderful lack of socialized medicine in the USA, I have no insurance and my Dr's bill is enough to add to my bills. i.e., seeing another Dr. is out of the question--I can't afford that!

    I appreciate your concern.

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  • Do I need an attorney to represent me if I caused a car accident in a no-fault state?

    My attorney sent me a very complicated legal retainer that I haven't the time to wade through. I was probably the only one injured in this accident and am getting chiropractic treatments. I just don't know if I'd only be asking my attorney to run up a bill I'd rather not have to pay, or what?

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  • Has anyone ever given you cool points for simply being yourself? What did you do, and how did it feel?

    Did you ever have a moment where you were just doing your thing and somebody noticed it and said that it was cool? Did you already know it was cool? Did you try to impress anyone by doing it again?

    Do you need to feel the things you do are considered cool? Or can you stand outside the "norm" and be who you are, nerdy warts and all? (We all have some amount of nerdiness about us or we would not be on Yahoo Answers, so don't even try to slide past it. Do you celebrate your uniqueness or try to deny it?)

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  • Do you fear spiders or snakes? Or both?

    There is a theory that people generally fear either one or the other, but not both spiders and snakes. Can your comment support or disprove this position?

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  • Please help! My neighbor's smoke comes through my apartment window, what can I do to stop this?

    I have called the police, the multi-unit housing inspector who is also the health inspector, and my attorney's assistant. Where else can I go to get help. My lungs are hurting (I have asthma, but a person should not have to feel their lungs!), I have a sinus headache and phlegm-filled throat (and sore throat) and I'm always tasting and smelling the smoke that keeps getting shoved into my respiratory system. HELP!

    As far as smokers rights go, I know they are dwindling, but my right to breathe clean air takes precedence. Sorry, I doubt that many judges would agree that smoking takes top priority.

    Serious answers only, please. Thank you.

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  • Is there another kind of adapter for Presta valve stems?

    I got a new bike and it has Presta valves. I don't want to buy a $40 pump with the Presta option, and I have the little brass adapter which took me over an hour to seat right on the valve to fill the tires. I've been looking online and have found some inexpensive (under $20) Bell pumps, but the one recommendation said it was crap. Does anyone know of an adaptor for my Schrader pump? Or am I doomed to shell out another $40 for a pump?

    2 AnswersCycling1 decade ago
  • What two places should I live to get the longest amount of daylight?

    I'd be willing to summer in one place and winter in another. I have realized that the summer solstice makes me sad because the days get shorter after that. So where could I move and have the longest days year round? I'm figuring I'll have to live in two places.

    7 AnswersWeather1 decade ago
  • Does Brad Pitt look less dashing next to Angelina Jolie than he did with Jennifer Aniston or Gwynneth Paltrow?

    He doesn't seem to stand out as handsomely as he used to. Is Angelina's beauty so engaging that we don't notice Brad so much? I've seen fatherhood take the shine off a man before but this is weird. Billy Bob Thornton looked better while he was with her, but Brad Pitt seems less pretty. What's up with that?

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  • A friend is sort of throwing a party for me, but wants to invite her own friends. What would you do?

    My friend has offered her place for my graduation party, I'm supplying food. She's been buying things and acquiring lawn furniture that she will keep afterwards. Now she wants to invite some of her friends (who I don't know) because she doesn't know anyone on the invite list. Why would I want strangers at my graduation party? To everyone invited it looks as though she's totally hosting the deal. Should I just suck it up and enjoy meeting new friends or should I say "No?" Or should I ask her to pitch in for the food? (Neither of us are overburdened with money right now.)

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  • What is the difference between a MLA and a MFA?

    I'd like to keep my options open to obtain a doctorate in the future, but the MFA is considered a "terminal" degree. How does the MFA stand up? Will I have to get a doctorate in order to make a MLA worth it?

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  • Why don't people take advantage of the spell checker?

    It's up there on the upper right side of the response box and really simple to use.

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