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  • Islamic Questions for the savvy muslims and Islamic scholars?

    Is kissing allowed in Islam if it stays at kissing and doesn't move towards penetrative sex, outside of marriage?

    Is oral sex allowed outside of marriage since it is not penetrative sex?

    is dating allowed if it stays at holding hands and spending time together? kissing? oral sex?

    can 2 men or 2 women get married?

    Please give explanations for each and I only accept Quran not hadith on the issue but I will look at hadith if you share it

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  • I think I'm depressed can I help myself if I used the tools once already?

    I was depressed. Took anti anxiety and anti depressants, was still bad, started taking anti psychotics

    I'm gay (not out but it doesn't bother me like it use to)

    I'm overweight (I WAS +330lbs but...)

    I get cold sores (but I'm on meds so I actually haven't had one in a long time)

    I'm not very good looking

    These were the things that bothered me

    I was on meds, went to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and then quit all that and converted to Islam where I started fasting and taking self defense classes

    I lost weight

    My immune system strengthened (and I'm still on meds)

    I started to look a little more handsome (face lost weight too)

    started messing around with guys

    fell in love with a straight guy, he broke my heart

    lost faith or rather my faith weakened because of what I learned in school

    now I've gained weight and cannot exercise and don't practice my faith...any suggestions? I just cannot get motivated for the life of me!!!! Wont' go back on meds...maybe I should talk to Guru/Islamic Professor is helping but she can only do so much...sigh...

    I think my family hates me and as I get older I feel that I'm missing out on life and I'm worried about the future...

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  • I have a question about S&M and sensory deprivation?

    Hey I'm an S&M enthusiast and I want to buy a sensory deprivation hood and while the white leather medical hood with the brown straps looks hot it is very expensive (about $250).

    I am wondering if anyone within the S&M community knows of a cheaper sensory deprivation hood. I've never experienced a S.D hood but I want a good one for my sub

    I'm the SD hood so expensive because it is made of leather? is the leather faux SD hood just as good? if it's good but not as good as the $250 SD hood please let me know because I'm willing to spend the $250 for the EFFECTS of a Sensory Deprivation Hood and if the effects cost $250 I'll buy it but if I can get the same EFFECTS of a SDH for cheaper and the only difference between the two hoods is material then I would want the cheaper, but still effective SDH, because I'm not a big leather guy myself and I'm just looking for part aesthetics and full effects


  • I was practicing self defense and I think I hyper extended me knee?

    I was doing a self defense work out with my buddy and we ended doing techniques and I was showing him ground defense, so I was on my back hands up infront of my face and my right ankle close to my butt and my foot off the ground with the sole pointing towards him. He was holding a pad and I told him that he was to walk towards me and I would kick it, as he walked forward he got scared and leaned back/backed off right as I was kicking out, pushing with my hips and pushing forward my foot so my sole would hit the pad, I immediately felt a pain in my KNEE after just thrusting my foot leg and hip into nothing...

    now my knee feels loose and hurts, when I stretch my quad by "pulling my ankle up to my butt" it even hurts, it really hurts mainly when I move it left to right

    is it hyper extended? I don't think it's a serious injury cause I can walk and jog when it's wrapped but if it's not wrapped its uncomfortable...what other injury could it be if not hyper extension? if it is hyper extended what can I do to stop pain/discomfort and return strength?


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  • Advice and suggestions? Need motivation for weight loss!?

    Ok so let me give a quick bullet point life story

    -did a bunch of drugs

    -felt crazy

    -took anti psychotics

    -gained weight, reached 330lbs

    -Studied philosophy, got into Islam, began fasting

    -Walked around a lot!

    -Started doing Krav Maga practical self defense...because of Islam

    -Reached 205lbs in less than a year, lost a total of 125lbs

    -Had a falling out with a REAL close friend...I loved them, whatever, crushed

    -Stopped working out

    -Started eating like ****

    -Met someone, really dig them, all the while we're hanging out I'm still eating like ****...gaining weight...

    -I'm at 230-250 (too scared to check again but was 230 last I checked)

    -The person I met, and really like, is going to be gone for 4 months

    -In May I am going to an event with him, I want to not look like a slob

    --In June it will mark 2 years from weighing 330lbs (just stating that)

    i want to be 150-160 by it possible? This is my plan, please tweek and add comments or advice

    I'm keeping a journal, my fitnesspal is good but Idk I'll bounce between writing in the journal and MFP

    I plan to keep adding 5 minutes to my run time till I hit 30 then stay there for a week or 2 then go to 35, 40, 45, 1-2 weeks, 50, 55, 1 hr, 2-4 weeks, and see where I'm at

    I also plan on walking for 1 hr a day (probably as soon as I wake up), this is going to be no problem, the jogging might be, my legs and breath dont give out, my feet do, and my knee is bad because I've been overweight for so long that I probably hurt it...also during krav I've over extended it anyways

    I HAVE been doing krav for the last few months but because my diet is **** I haven't lost weight, I've gained :/

    ok so jogging and walking, and additionally I will krav 1 hr 3-5x a week like I have been doing

    does this strategy sound good? Will I reach my goal? I guess the harder questions are these

    supplements? pre work outs? diet ideas? does anyone have a website that offers recipes? I dont mind cooking but I'm not creative and I'm scared to click on links (and I know you'll share links but IDK i feel i can trust yahoo answers people)

    i also wanted to just type this out for myself but like i said advice and ideas

    also for krav i do a lot of high intensity cardio with compound movements, i looked at insanity to steal some ideas but if you have any let me know!

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  • Is it possible to lose 70lbs over summer? 3-4 months?

    Male 5'8 220lbs want to hit 160lbs by August or September

    -Calories at 1400 a day

    -Doing high intensity cardio training for 30min

    -Jogging for about 30-40 min to get to my high intensity cardio self defense class

    Could I do it doing this? In a week I'll step it up to 2-3 classes a day 5 days a week (right now 1 class 5 days a week) so what do you think?

    Increase work outs? Jump rope for 20 min too?

    I'm also in city and walk everywhere and am going to try and walk at least 2 miles ontop of what I do to get around a day

    Possible? Advice?

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  • Invasion of privacy law, are these considered offenses?

    These are weird but are they illegal and why, Are they illegal criminally or civically and why? just a thought experiment going along with stuff from class...I KNOW these are immoral at least by my standard but are they ILLEGAL/able to be pursued even in civil law?

    1) Girls have a sleep over, when asleep dad takes pictures of clothed 17 year old girl (17 being no longer considered child)...illegal?

    2) male over at his male friends house, sees sisters bra and panties he a) takes pictures of them and b) plays with them (smelling, feeling, etc)...illegal?

    3) inidividuals in public school locker room take shower, individual notices characteristic of another individuals genitalia (not necessarily "humiliating" in societies as such as "small penis" but something like circumcised or pierced vagina or even positive remarks) and shares verbal information with others about that individuals genitals quite publically...illegal?

    4) individual undresses every night completely naked and is exposed for about 5-10min in their second floor bedroom, the individual next door thru the attic window sees the action and returns to watch the individual every night and is one time seen by the undressed, illegal?

    5) two friends get an apartment, roommate 1 enters roommate 2s room while they are not home and rummages thru their belongings and takes nothing...illegal?

    6) scenario 5, roommate 1 takes dirty clothes and sniffs and plays with them, illegal?

    Thanks I know creepy but were talking about harm principle and invasion of privacy so if you could just answer illegal or just immoral and if illegal why and if not illegal why not and if it is illegal by criminal law or civil law

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  • it bothers me that I'm gay?

    This is what bothers me exactly.

    I see a male and a female and he loves her and she loves him and they have sex and thru their love they produce a child, the same way I was born

    I cannot do that with another male, I cannot produce another child with him, and it really bothers me

    So could it be said that by lacking this trait for reproduction I am flawed or unnatural?

    Well I know it could be said, and again, it bothers me a lot...

    I wish I never had to deal with this problem at all, but by doing that I would lose who I am, so I only feel good when I'm asleep or not thinking about it I guess...

  • questions about high intensity work outs?

    I've been starting to work out again, I did really well before, not to toot my own horn, but I lost 120lbs (Male, 5'7) and now I'm at 210, I stopped working out but now I'm motivated again

    I like high intensity cardio but I'm just wondering how much I should be doing?

    I like the free youtube videos by Mike Chang (six pack short cuts) and I do similiar work outs before my Krav Maga self defense class

    In my Krav Class we do 30 min warm up and 30 min practicing techniques in one session (and they offer back to back classes and other stuff but anyways)

    The warm up is high intensity cardio like mountain climbers, burpees, push ups, crunches, squats, and sprawls but we only do maybe a total of 20 min then stretching and other stuff like throwing a medicine ball around

    When I do the Mike Chang Videos though they last from 5-10 min

    are high interval training suppose to be done several times thru out the day (say 3x's) or is a 5-10 min session a "good work out"

    note I do push myself in these workouts, I start sweating really fast, but I wouldn't say I'm completely exhausted after doing them but its hard to keep going like I need to stop and catch my breath and I feel a little "wobbly" sometimes but after a rest I can go again

    I'm just wondering...steady 30 min treadmill > 10 min high intensity cardio?

    is 10 min high intensity cardio all I need to do a day?

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  • Trying to lose 65lbs by aug already lost 120lbs, give me a plan and I'll do it?

    Weight loss has slowed down I'm 5'7 weighing 205lb currently use to weight 330

    I lost it in about 6 months thru spiritual practice, diet, walking, and a self defnse class

    I want to lose weight but also start building muscle, I hate pills and powders so no pre work outs or fat burners

    Any help for a plan of attack? Like I said if someone made a plan for me I'd stick to it, I'm quite pious and if one wanted we could become friends and I'll share progress ^^


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  • Is it illegal to sniff your roommates dirty boxers without permission?

    If so what would be the charges?

    If you get caught will you be a sex offender?

    Are people allowed to repeat that story of getting caught to others without getting hit with slander or something? If their sharing of the story is true that is

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  • can a straight guy explain some things to me?

    so what's the deal?

    do straight guys typically believe in love?

    is sex only about power? what does that even mean?

    what is it like to be a straight male?

    what are some key differences guys notice between themselves and women aside from the obvious obvious

    do straight guys think about experimenting with guys?

    the macho thing, what's that all about?

    why do guys like sports?

    why do guys like cars?

    why do guys insist on "degrading" women with derogatory terms?

    is romance just a way to get into a girls pants?

    do guys want to emotionally connect with a girl or just fulfill their function as a human male?

    do straight guys think about philosophical questions or do they just go with the flow and not question things?

    how do straight guys feel about gay guys? lesbian girls?


    are guys nervous about having sex with girls?

    do guys like eating out girls?

    i feel im not getting something i feel im missing out and if there is nothing to get or nothing im missing then that just shows how distant i feel because i am disillusioned in thinking there is something

    answer these questions please if you can 10 points to the one who answers each and spaces them nicely


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  • I've made a lot of mistakes...can I still be a good person?

    I've been a pervert (twice)

    I've robbed my best friend's brother's bestfriend

    I've done drugs

    I've pushed my mom

    I've said nasty things to my family

    I've done a lot of strange sex acts

    I've lied

    I've stolen from stores before...clothes, food, items

    About 1 year ago I converted to Islam and about 8 months ago I really started spiritual practices...I still slip up by stealing, lying, and I guess being a pervert (but no where near as bad as what I did before) and I'm wondering...can I ever consider myself a good person again? I feel my friends who know me look at me and just...think I'm a depraved **** and sometimes I feel like it...

    a lot of times I do good things and encourage good things in others but do I really have a right to say anything? I don't know...I'm questioning my genuineness I guess but...advice? thoughts?

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  • Help me stop being obsessive please?

    I constantly think about my past mistakes

    I constantly think and talk about religion and philosophy (cause I use them to help me come back from past mistakes)

    I constantly think and talk about self defense cause recently I joined a self defense class

    I also take what a lot of people say as negative and imposing and rude and get into arguments a lot cause I don't like them talking or acting to me in that manner

    I feel I do it too much or maybe I am surrounded by assholes and negative people

    I feel I don't have many friends cause my "friends" bring up my past mistakes and wont let me recover from them and are negative to me so I'm constantly waging this battle using philosophy and religion to help empower me but I feel this just makes them dislike me more

    I also KNOW that I didn't so aggressively defend certain positions until they questioned and imposed but now I cannot stop defending the points

    What should I do? I'm getting fed up and sick and tired of alienating myself to others but maybe they shouldn't address me in the manner which they do...

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  • my friends a dick now that he's a gym rat, what do I do?

    Me and my friends were all overweight big guys before and they all started working out around 2011

    I gained a lot of weight for various reasons and recently lost 115lbs but I'm still 80lbs over weight, my other friend who I was cool with is now my roommate and had been working out very seriously since 2011 and worked out all of 2012 and has been eating right and doing great and he even has given me advice and helped me lose weight/start working out

    I have only been working out for 3 months now and I've seen progress but obviously there is still a lot of body fat on me, my roommate was never nearly has heavy as me and is now actually really muscular

    I'm genuinely happy for him or was until he started to become a dick about it. Everyone who works out and is trying to lose weight he puts down and mocks them because their method is "no where as good as his"

    additionally he is putting me on blast at parties and in group settings trying to draw me out to humiliate me

    what do you think I should do? I feel less motivated now because I constantly think how far behind I am and it doesn't help that someone laughs at the idea of my work outs

    I've been taking Krav Maga for a bit now and it's brutal self defense crash course that emphasizes cheap shots and weak points with overwhelming relentless and violent aggression against aggressors and I'm considering using it on him if he doesn't stop

    I think the next time he annoys me especially in a group setting I will go up to him and say, "dude quit being a little *****, you're annoying the **** out of me, all you do is whine and complain and talk **** about other people, real talk, this is your first and last warning **** off and quit annoying the **** out of me, next time you do it intentionally or accidentally, knowingly or not, I'm going to kick your ***" and look him in his eye and if he tries to joke his way out of it not drop it and drill it that I am serious...

    what do you think? any other suggestions welcome as well

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  • I just started working out and I feel behind my is this routine good?

    7 months ago I weighed 330lbs and now I'm 215...I recently started lifting

    Most of my friends have been lifting for 1+ years. We actually were all overweight around 2010-2011 and that's when most of them started working out. Now they are all in pretty good shape and one guy in particular is in really good shape, he almost has his 6 pack...I feel behind because I'm still not even done with my "transformation" in appearance by weight loss like I still have "man boobs" and not very strong

    They are going to parties and trying to get girls and it sucks because I feel like they are leaving me out (but they also invite our mutual bigger buddies (300lbs) so I don't think it's just appearance because I can get girls to talk to me and whatever I'm not like huge anymore and never was hideous ;D)

    So I guess I have a few questions

    How long will it take for a 215lb, 5'7, male 21 years old around 25-27% body fat (that was when I checked last time around 225lb) to lose 70lbs and also tighten up his body by building muscle?

    Is this a good method to reach the goal?

    Running outside 1-3 miles a day (rest on Sunday) and/or running outside for 30 min a day (rest on sunday)...good speed but I heard slower is better to target fat burning, ideas?

    Krav Maga Training (it's self defense/martial arts) 3x a week for 1 hr a session

    Lift M/W/F- 4 exercises for biceps, 2 sets, 8-10 reps, 3 exercises for chest, 2 sets, 8-10 reps, [lunges with kettle bell, kettle bell swings, kettle bell squats, triceps, shoulder "butterfly" lifts, over head "fist pumps" with weight, straight jabs with weight]-ALL: 2 sets, depending-10-30 reps and also push ups to fatigue (2 sets) and 30 crunches -regular, 90 degree ankles, and full and slow bicycles (3 sets)

    For my diet I eat 1400 calories and I am doing 25% carbs, 25% fat, and 50% protein, I started taking protein shakes and I only eat clean food (except on Sunday where I eat anything and a lot)

    Good routine/plan? How long till I feel comfortable taking off my shirt-aka no man boobs?

    I don't need to have abs but I want a good chest and nice biceps, I don't want to be a model or a body builder and with Krav I'm learning to defend myself so I just want to be 145lb-150lb with decent arms, a decently strong chest, and if I have that little belly there...I don't care that much that's fine but how long to reach that point?

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  • This is why religion is important, this is an answer?

    It got us here. We’ve built upon it everything we like and hate and when twisted or abused we criticize it and thus criticize ourselves. It has caused growth thru trial and error-what we love and what we hate shape us equally. We still adhere to much of the product it has brought forth, but we forget the terrors before the teachings which now protect us. We love the fruit, but completely forget the flower. Doubt is the killer of Hope. True but sad or is that called biting the bullet?

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  • This is an answer really...Why Religion IS Important :)?

    It got us here. We’ve built upon it everything we like and hate and when twisted or abused we criticize it and thus criticize ourselves. It has caused growth thru trial and error-what we love and what we hate shape us equally. We still adhere to much of the product it has brought forth, but we forget the terrors before the teachings which now protect us. We love the fruit, but completely forget the flower. Doubt is the killer of Hope. True but sad or is that called biting the bullet?

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  • Kant on Metaphysics. I feel my values are not as strong and I am now wrong and have wasted much time?

    Kant Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics...

    I held very strongly to Daoistic values and beliefs (along with Islamic values and beliefs), but I've never been dogmatic or imposed my beliefs on others, the problem is though I feel my position is being attacked and want to be able to defend it beyond faith and I want to use reasoning and metaphysics, but what can I use that can only be reached by a priori reasoning (no empirical knowledge) and will hold against the principle of contradiction...I feel I built a lot of my values up but now they are faulty...I'll keep reading Kant maybe he'll give me some clues and Idk im like having anxiety because I feel this is something I must attempt and succeed in and so far Kant is just telling me it's going to be extremely difficult and that what I have been doing is nothing but arrogance and a drive for fame, which I hope is not true and I do feel sometimes people get a little annoyed if I talk about my beliefs (but they ask and they approach me, and I always end on the note that I am not certain and things like this and I try to be humble and not dogmatic but I feel one particular individual in my life is constantly attacking my position because I do not know why actually maybe he believes his position/beliefs are superior and thus he better than I and I care not for my personal name but my beliefs stick up for the weak and I feel if i fail and cannot establish anything than I have no grounds to defend or make claims for the weak...I can see my own pride and it's making me sick so IDK ****...)

    Please do not tell me to use faith or to ignore my friend I need direction and I do not want to give into the Nietchze thought of right/wrong being concepts made by the weak because I just feel it would be too devastating for several people around me and possibly myself...

    I know I'm all over the place but if you have a philosophy degree, you're a teacher, a sage something someone please point me in some direction

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