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  • HELP! I'm being kicked out because my ex BF lied and said he paid the rent and left so I can become homeless.?

    I am a 30YO  F who was dating a 44YO w male who became friends with a cop. I was harassed bypolice officers bc of my race. (I was stopped by a cop when I was walking and he said that I fit a description for someonewho was a stealing from a trailer park I waswalking by.And then proceeds to comment on my complexion and askingunnecessary questions. it was one of the scariest experiences of my life.) My ex and the landlord became "friends." ( he came to live with ME in my old apartment. my ex convinced me that we should move in this place because he was to do the floors in the entire apartment sowe can have free rent.I trusted him andmoved in with him.We fought alot bc he became distant and stopped being interested in me.So we had free rent. My ex moved out on my butpromised me that he paid the rent and even told me last Monday that I could "stay as long as I wanted."I got drunk and said somethings because I was mad about him still sending messages to his ex.Thismorning, I see a letter onmy door stating they are doing an inspection and in tiny print there's an note that says "eviction proceedings will begin inAugust due to non payment inJuly." I called my ex repeatedly. He said " he doesn't know what I wastalking about" but "take care." He then calls me and says he is coming to get his washer and dryer and so I askedhim about it. And he said that he didn't like what I said so he got his money back. I feel like this is it for me if I become homeless, I'm going to take my own life.

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