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  • Will invalid or not ?

    This is complicated . I will try my best to explain it. My grandfather passed away 1990 , he had a will saying if anything happened to him my grandmother would get home/property . It also states if my grandmother would die it would go to their daughter ( my mother who was the only child) and if something happen to her it will go to their son n law ( my father ) 

    Before My grandmother passed away she went and put the home in my mom’s name . My mother passed away without a will but the property title had her name on it . Now my father passed away and I was wondering if my grandfather will has any validation to it since he was name was mention In my grandfather will , or my grandfather will is now  invalid since the property was in my mom name only when she passed away . 

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 days ago
  • Invalid will ? ?

    My grandfather had a will which my parents were mention that if anything happen to him they would get his home after my grandmother passed . My grandmother passed( did not have a will)  but before she passed she put her home in my mother’s name only ( not my father ) My mom passed away 2012 and didn’t have a will . My father just recently passed away and had a will leaving me with everything.( he had gave my brother inheritance while he was living ) So my question is can I go all the way back to my grandfather ‘s will to get the house in my name or did his will become invalid since my grandmother put my mom name on the deed ? 

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  • How to claim ownership on a joint inheritance property . ?

    My mom passed away in 2012 . She left behind a small home that was inherited to her . In the state of Kentucky, the home that belonged to her went to my dad and me and my two brothers as joint ownership . At the time of her passing , she owed a substantial amount of back taxes . My dad paid off  the Lien . 

    My dad passed away in June . He had his will set up that me and my family would inherited everything. Reason for that is my brothers are addicts and my parents has helped them ( buying homes etc) so they spent their inheritance while my parents were living . 

    I am now the only one  paying the taxes on my mom inheritance property . I am just wondering when my dad paid of my mom  back property taxes did that make him the owner of the property? If not since I pay the taxes can I claim ownership ? My brothers won’t sign it over to me and I would like to have it in my name since I am the only one taking care of the property . What are my options ? 

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  • why would someone get a summons instead getting arrested?

    my brother had stolen over 500.00 of of me , I had proof from pawn tickets, I pressed charges , he got arrested but got out the next day , he has to go to court tommorow on that charge ( he hired a lawyer ?) well , then he turned around and stolen my credit card , agian i have proof because the securituy cameras at that store , I called the prosecute attorney office today , and they told me he will not be arrested for the credit card charge but he has been summons to go to court in march , why wasnt he arrested for a crime that he done?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • How would you write a thank you when someone brings paper plates , paper towel etc after a death?

    I am helping my aunt to write thank you notes after her husband died and I just don't know what to say when someone didn't bring food but brought paper plates etc

    8 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • How to quickly catch a thief that used your debit card at an ATM machine?

    My debit card had got stolen from my deadbeat brother and he had withdrawal money out from an ATM machine(he must had been watching me entering my pin number) I reported this to my bank ,my card was cancelled , the bank gave me the day and time and place that the transaction posted , so I called the police to give them this information, they went to the location looked at the suvaliance tape, did not show nothing, so I called the bank back up and they told me to actual see the exact date and time it would take close to 45 days why is this? Can I do something in the meantime to catch my brother faster? The ATM company will need the exact time and date before they look at the tape, ...I hate to think he still freely gets by with this for 45 more days!

    1 AnswerSmall Business9 years ago
  • Waiting list for chemotherapy ???????!?

    My friend about 4 months ago found out she has a lump on her breast and the dr ran test to find out it was cancer but early stages ~ she is suppose to receive chemotherapy but has not yet and every time I ask her she just tell me that tne dr put her on a waiting list I just never heard this before.... Why would they put her on a list to receive chemotherapy and for this long ?

    6 AnswersCancer9 years ago
  • Should I stay or move out?

    Okay I have a very sick mom that needs to be taken care of (she is on dialysis ) I am the only one that can take care of her -my dad isn't in good enough Heath to take care of her so I decided to move in with her to help out well my mother has decided to let my two brothers that is drug addicts and steal off of her all the time to move in my husband and I do not want our 5 children to be around them I have told my mom this but she said she will not put them out on the streets so now I am stuck with a decision to stay or move but I know if I move that she will not get taken care of I don't have no sister or anyone else to help out so am I being too bossy (as my mother put it) am I wrong to ask her to get them out? Or should I just pack my bags and hope for the best ? I need some opinion please !

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • Can you file a police report when you let someone borrow something and not return it?

    I let my dead beat brother borrow a pretty expensive tool , because he told me that he had to fix his lawnmower to cut grass or he was going to be kicked out of his home well there was no cutting grass instead he used the tool to cut out a catayltic converter out of his car for the copper so he can use th Monet to buy his pills, I found the tool in a pond shop, but I hate to pay a high price again for the tool,

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics10 years ago
  • need help reading my son results of his cbc?

    about two weeks ago, my son was sick , fever diarrhea, took him to the dr they swob his throat for strep,it came back negative but the dr went ahead and gave him some ambotics just in case it was a false negative, he got better after couple of days - well, i started to notice him blinking his eyes and doing a shoulder shrugg so i took him to the dr agian, he order a complete blood count, when the dr read his results, he just said that something is going on with him and he wants him to see a neurologist,i ask for more anwsers but he was not very imforative so i called back and ask to fax the results and this is his results, hemo: rdw- 15.2 platelets-428 sed - 38, please someone tell me what is adormal for a 6 year old- i am so worried i am loosing sleep thinking it might be a luckemia or something serious ! thanks

    1 AnswerOther - Health10 years ago
  • anyone know about tics in children?

    my 6 year old son started to blink his eyes that lasted a couple of days then the next day he started to do the shoulder shrug (blinking went away) after I done some research I read something about ocd , he does repeat him self alot for example, when he goes to bed he will get up and tell me that he is going to sleep over and over agian before he actually goes to sleep( but this has been going on for years) I realy could not make anything out on what I read on tics I am realy confused on the different types of tics could someone simplify the difference in tics, i took my son to the dr yesterday he had a cbc test done checking for strep because he had been sick and the tics came after he had been sick but havent heard the results yet , also is something he might outgrow please someone help me i am confused and very worry !!!!!

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases10 years ago
  • why a drug addict needs a spoon?

    I know my brother snorts pills try to get him help but he doesnt want it and I found him stealing a spoon out of kitchen does this always mean injections ?

    5 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • was I blocked on facebook?

    I am new on facebook and i was just looking up ol flames , seen a pic of them clicked on the pic (,just to be nosey) then when I went to look agian their name wasnt there and if I sign in under name their pics shows up so I am wondering if there was someway of them finding out that I looked at their pic or not and they might had blocked me ?

    1 AnswerFacebook1 decade ago
  • I am new on facebook and I was wanting to know if the people you search for , do they know?

    just trying to fiqure out if you search for someone name or click on their profile if they have any idea ?thanks.

    5 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • need help on deciding a baby girl name its between aleigha or aleesha what do you like best?

    i might spell aleigha ...aleeyha i have a daughter and her name is ashlee which one do you think will go best with her name .thanks alot

    11 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • where to find your repossessed items ?

    my brother just lost his home , and everything in it , my mother had let my brother borrow a china cabinet that was giving to her from her grandmother and it was also taken and she would like to buy it back from the bank if she can , but we just don't know where to begin anyone know ?

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • how to get an addict help ?

    my brother just lost his home and everything due to the drug oxzy my family just dont know what to do , he will not speak to any of us because when we try to help him he just tell us that we are dead to him , so is there any way going around him to get him help? i even thought about calling the police on him hoping that he will get caught to maybe get a court order for rehab but i dont know if it will backfire on me and make thing worse because he has been talking about commiting sucide just thought i should get some advice please .thanks

    2 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • taking votes on which make up is the best to cover blimish bare minerals or sheer cover?

    i am wanting to try both but i am having a hard time deciding which one to use first thanks

    2 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • should I trust my dr after hearing him tell me that I don't have IBC EVEN IF HE DIDN'T TEST ME ?

    I went to the dr last week over my breast itching me (I do not have a rash ) he sent me home with a cream for dry skin , and told me to call him if any changes , I had to call him today b because the cream hasn't help and I told him that I would like to be seen again and tested for IBC and He told me not to worry because i most definitely don't have ibc because he has personally seen IBC on two of his patients , after hearing him say that , it has ease my mind a little but then again the other part of me is wondering if I should see another dr and start to worry all over again ? just like to get some opinion .thanks

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago