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  • Help! I am devastated and heartbroken over a woman.....?

    My ex GF from 27 years ago and I got back in contact during quarentine. We talked for 6 weeks on messenger, ultimately ended up getting together as friends.  We had alot if fun and ended up "friends with benefits". She has always been the one that got away since the first time we broke up. Flash forward, I wasn't drinking at all. She likes beer. I got into drinking beer with her.  She said I was pulling on her heart. We had something good going. Well, I take Xanax for anxiety. On several occasions I drank too much and apparently called her names while drunk. I don't remember those nights.  She said I'm a great lady when I don't drink.  She had enough 3 weeks ago and punched me 6 times and tried to choke me 2 times. I left. Now we text. And it's friends only. But I haven't texted her for almost 3 days. I still love her and would do anything for her. Am I crazy? Should I not text to see if she might miss me, too? It hurts because I stopped the binge I was on. She will only remember the drunk me. But the "great lady". What can I do?

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