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  • 2700c set with blue tooth Problem?

    i have one 2700c set with blue tooth.

    The problem is that wen i go to power on blue tooth in that set it does not on for a whole day,only i can see is its under process. wen i try to get back to main screen by pressing power button it restarts. please help me regarding this problem.

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  • about sify mail to get syncronise on my new HTC desire?


    I have been using my mail Id since last few years. Now I have purchased a HTC desire S mobile set (android base). But I am not able to syncronise it with mail set up at phone. The instrument asks to submit the following details. However I have tried as many as 100 times but could not get success. Could any one help what I have to fed in their query.

    1. Which one to opt

    a. Microsoft Exchange Active sync

    b. Or other (POP3/IMAP)

    For Incoming settings;

    2. Protocl (which one to opt)

    a. POP

    b. APOP

    c. IMAP

    3. What to write in username


    b. gargpoonam

    4. What has to be written

    Name of pop server

    5. Which of the three has to be selected for Security type

    a. None

    b. SSL

    c. TLS

    6. What has to be written in the name of Server Port

    For Outgoing server settings;

    7. Loging required (to be selected or not)

    8. What Name of SMTP server has to be written

    9. Name of Security type

    a. None

    b. SSL

    c. TLS

    10. What is the no. o f Server Port:

    I shall be grateful if you could please help

    P.K. garg


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  • Check out my new website

    Check out my new website and Please tell how it is? Any changes needed ... or it is perfect...

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  • Please comment How it is?

    This is my brother i think he can sing good. I want your feedback...

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • I want to upload photo to yahoo answers?

    I want to upload photo to yahoo answers. I have uploaded a photo in Photobucket... this is the link... What is the next step???

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  • how to write a request letter?

    Hello everyone,

    I am very happy to join this group. I am doing training program in Ryan International School New delhi. I want to write a letter to the principle for requesting the certificate of my training program so that i can put it in my resume. I will be thankful to you all if you could help me regarding this.


    Karishma Garg

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