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I'm a Native American, Pagan, Bi-sexual, BDSM switch. I'm over 50, I'm a Nam era vet, and I'm a Historian who has devoted his life to the study of those things that you aren't told in public schools.

  • For all Gay people who say that sexual orientation is not a choice...?

    ...why do so many of you then turn around and tell bisexual people they have to make a choice? I've been bi my whole life, it wasn't a choice, just something I discovered, like any other sexual preference, but I've been listening to people in the Gay community for over 40 years claiming that I need to "make up my mind" or that I'm "in denial and don't really like <pick one>" because people like me can't really exist. How do you logically reconcile stating that your sexual orientation is not a choice but mine is?

  • In cases of sexual assault might prosecution be easier if the charge were aggravated assault?

    It is often suggested that since rape is seen by many people as an act of sex rather than violence it puts the woman in the position of being violated a second time at the trial by the defense attorney trying to make it about her sexual behavior instead of the actual crime. If the sexual aspect were dropped could the conviction be more readily attained and the sentences increased?

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  • A question of ettiquet from a Non-Muslim?

    I am not of the Islamic faith, and I have noticed that many posters on Y/A add the phrase "Peace be unto him" when speaking of the Prophet of Islam. Is it appropriate for a non Muslim such as myself to use the phrase as a sign of respect for your faith, or, if not, is there a correct way I can show such respect when addressing historical questions and other non theological matters where Islamic cultural influence is scholastically relevent.

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  • Why do so many people assume that actions done in the name of Religions accurately reflect their teachings?

    The American Amish of the 91th century and the German Nazis of the 20th both called themselves Christians and studied the same Bible. Yet the way they practiced their faith is beyond night and day. I constantly see Religion derided because of the actions of individuals yet are not those individuals simply using their "Beliefs" to justify actions on which they had already decided, just as the Crusades, primarily about trade routes and loot, were dressed up as a Holy Endeavor? There are examples of such behavior in Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, and even Jewish History, but does the fact that the supposed practitioners of a Faith often ignore it's tenets actually invalidate the tenets themselves, and, by implication, the Faith Itself, or does it invalidate the claims of those individuals to be adherents of the Faith? If the latter, then why blame Religion because of the actions of the Non Religious?

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