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  • Who has the lowest IQ, AntiVaxers or flat earthers?

    Tough to decide... im going to say the flat earthers take a slight lead at 2 IQ points with antivaxers at 4. 

    Both are imbeciles, but anti vaxers are a public health danger.

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  • How many years will the Carolina panthers stink before they become decent again, is it possible they never will be decent again?

    This makes for depressing reading; im panthers fan, and I'm afraid the Panthers may be the new Cleveland Browns- you know, the team that makes idiotic player decisions, cuts good players, drafts bad QBs and just cant attract or keep good talent.

    The panthers have Only one player who is NFL quality on their team, Christian Mccaffrey. Everyone else is basically garbage. They lost Kuechley, and Olsen, so they have no receivers and no defense. They have bad scouts and pick up duds like Will Grier, and a low draft pick. Cam Newton will probably never get healthy which means he will never be decent, and there aren't any good QBs in the free agency, only stinkers and legends who will stay where they are or retire.

    Im afraid they will pull a Miami and trade McCafrey for some garbage rookies or draft picks that turn out to be duds, I'm not sure i can be a Panthers fan if they get rid of him, and if they do I'm certain they probably wont ever have a wining season again for 10-20 years. They literally have NOTHING to work with.

    So how long will it take before they become watchable? How do fans of other perpetual loser teams stay fans? Whats the point of following a team in rebuild where 98% of the rookies they get turn out to be duds?

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  • Why do Democrats expect bipartisanship from Republicans when most democrat values are completely hostile and dismissive of Republican values?

    Isn't expecting a political group that you hate and constantly vilify, to work with you completely out of touch with reality? Like it or not FEW US Politicians, Democrat or Republicans are moderates, same with voters- there are less and leas “centrists” and independents. The “values” of the democrats are incompatible with that of Republicans. A Republican who works with a democrat risks going to hell.  There isn't room for compromise with the radical “values” democrats hold- They support baby murder as a form of birth control and want to make having an abortion so easy you can get it done on your lunch break. They want to make masculinity illegal and define anything and everything masculine as “toxic”. The wish to abolish the presumption of innocence for an accused person when it comes to female accusations of sexual harassment- “Guilty until proven innocent is what they want”, the want to let everyone into to the country including uneducated ignorant unskilled future gang members, they want to exempt any minority from having to follow any laws, they want to give women preferential “rights” as a form of revenge on male “oppressors” NOT equality. 

    But most important- Democrats want to destroy Christianity and Judaism (religious judaism) in the USA.  They want to make it illegal to say God anywhere in public, they want to make it illegal for parents to teach religion to their kids. They want STATE ATHEISM like the USSR.

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  • Why do so many NFL fans idiotically, think the losers of a Super bowl , should be happy cheery and friendly after the loss?

    How stupid do you have to be to expect ANYONE to be gracious in defeat? This is the Pros - you get paid to WIN, not “do your best” not to “well do better next year”. Its human nature to be bitter and angry when you lose; and NFL players are human. The only morons who are “good losers” are idiotic hippy morons or bible thumpers.

    Look im not a 49er fan; in fact im a hater. I loved seeing KC win- but i HATE seeing the media ask idiotic questions of players right after they lost. “What does it feel like to lose” they should get answers like “ what do you think dumb a***”. I mean really— what do you expect them to say? “Oh it felt great just to be hear, winning isn't important- durrrrrrrr”

    Athletes have every right to be sore losers- fans who expect otherwise clearly have no understanding of the real world.

    There is never any value in defeat. Period. People are allowed to be sore losers. Im a Panthers fan and had ZERO problem with Cam Newton when he didnt speak to the VULTURES of the media and their moronic questions.

    So in WW2 when the US got its butt kicked at the Kasserine Pass, did the army just say “oh well we lost, but at least we gave good effort” i doubt it.

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  • I want to commit suicide; explain to me why the State, family, or anyone else has the NERVE to force me to stay alive?

    WITHOUT religious mumbo jumbo...there is no heaven or hell. So lets dispense with that nonsense.

    This question is meant to provoke a discussion on “on demand suicide” for anyone who desires to end their life regardless of reason or mental illness. This is NOT about Euthanasia. I have suffered with depression for years, and been treated for years and am tired of it. To me, being alive is utter misery. Im 31 and desperately lonely, I've never been on a date because i have bad social anxiety, zero confidence, zero self esteem and am fat and ugly and fear rejection; I'm also extremely shallow and refuse to compromise on my desire for a very physically attractive woman, unfortunately i cant change that; I'm sex starved and its agony

    That being said, why shouldn't a depressed person, or any other person who doesn't want to live, be FORCED to stay alive, if in their mind, competent or otherwise, they freely decide they do not want to continue living? What right does the government or anyone for that matter have to suppress the individuals sovereignty over their life? What right and under what logic do shrinks have to declare a depressed person as mentally unfit to make a decision? A depressed person isn't usually a babbling raving lunatic. As humans we have a right to “Life liberty and happiness”- well what if happiness for someone is not living? I never entered into a Social Contract with the government where in i forfeited my supreme right to decide when and how to end my life.

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  • Can someone explain why not following a team your a fan of when they stink makes you “less of a fan” why is fair weather fan derogatory?

    Seriously- is it logical or rational to expect humans to watch losers?  

    Im a Carolina panthers fan, i will always be a carolina panthers fan, however i will NOT watch or pay to go to a game while they are in rebuild mode. Other than McCaffrey they have lost all of their decent players- as constitutes right now everyone other than McCaffrey has the skill level of a 5 year old, stinkers that will never develop, and they have zero QB options; Allen is garbage, Grier is a dud, and Newton is probably gone. Olsen is gone, Kuechly is gone. That leaves McCaffrey and a bunch of magic beans. The only QBs in the free agency that are realistically available are all stinkers, and Carolina has too low of a draft pick at number 7 to get a super star anything much less a QB.

    So, please explain to me why i am less pf a fan because i don't want to watch a team that has zero chance of winning, who's games will be painful to watch as the rookies drop balls fumble every play and probably run the opposite direction when on offense. Why am i a “bad fan” because i choose to wait until and IF the rebuild succeeds? Before paying money to watch them?

    Their attendance is down and many season ticket holders aren't going, according to a recent article. If season ticket-holders aren't going that means the team is going to stink

    What is the fun in watching a team loose? What would be fun about going to the stadium and watch a bunch of rookie nimrods who cant play pee wee stumble around like turds?

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  • Is it safe to say that Russia and China are now in a defacto Alliance?

    Russia and China have historically ben enemies, and have fought each other in the past, Red China even attacked the Soviet Union during the cold war. Now however, thanks to Obama trying to push his social justice warrior “everyone must think like america” trying to force the Russians to allow gay marriage, and criticizing the authoritarian nature of Moscow and Chinas government, and DEMANDING they follow the same democratic ideals we have, obama managed to push two historical enemies into the same camp and create a now probably unbeatable alliance thats a threat to the free world.

    Why does the USA keep trying to tell other nations how they should be run? All that does is cause problems for the USA and get us involved in quagmires like Vietnam and Iraq. So Russia hates gays, and loves dictators? So what? How does it affect the US? If the Russian people like dictatorship and authoritarianism, as they have pretty much done so throughout all of the history of Russia, what right do we have to tell them they are wrong?

    Back to the question; is it safe to say that if and when war between the US and China (much more likely due to chinas desire to FORCE its dictatorship on Taiwan) or the US and Russia, breaks out, that one or the other will come to the others aid?

    And before i get accused of being a Russian troll— im an american who doesnt believe the USA should be the world police, but that doesnt mean i dont accept that China and Russia are expansionist threats to the free worl

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  • If the Otis Elevator brake is supposed to prevent free falls, why did most of the WTC elevators fall when the planes severed their cables?

    Obviously the towers collapsed and those stuck in the elevators that didn't free fall would be dead, however so many “engineers” claim that elevators are perfectly safe and never free fall. Thats a blatant lie- first most of the elevators in the 9/11 WTC attack fell to the pits, their brakes did not function, despite being the famous Otis Brake... how this happened i don't know as im not a physicist, perhaps the fuel gasses  pushed them down like a bullet; elevator brake are made of titanium so I'm not sure how they could “melt” from friction.

    Next a quick search on Wikipedia lists MANY elevator accidents since the introduction of the Otis brake , where both the cables AND the “safety” brake failed, often due to poor or negligent maintenance, but sometimes even on well maintained elevators.

    From what i understand the Otis Brake is essentially a gravity brake that sets itself  when the cab free falls, its supposed to be and has been touted as foolproof. so how is it they can fail? Does anyone with an engineering or physics background know why? Secondly, can you REALLY call an elevator safe if the brakes are dependent on maintenance, and not fully independently redundant?

    Why does the media ignore the record of cable AND brake failures simultaneously when reporting on elevator incidents. Clearly simultaneous brake and cable failure is more likely than engineers and statisticians determine.

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  • Why are so many people trying to shift the focus of Kobe and his daughters death to the other nobodies on the helicopter and the moron pilot?

    I mean really on the comments for Yahoo and many other places theres idiots saying- “why haven't the celebrities wished condolences to the others on the plane”?

    This is about Kobe and his daughter- Kobe was one of the best athletes of all time, a smart man and a philanthropist; unlike many other athletes and celebrities, Kobe by all accounts was good to the fans and not an arrogant prck like MJ. Who the hell are the other nobodies on the plane? What did they do ? Who even cares? Those idiots would never be on the news if they died any other way, and once their families die they'll never be remembered for anyone or anything. Kobe’s name will live forever- is it because of racism? So many racists troll the media comment boards like Yahoo

    This is about the world losing an inspirational basketball legend and the loss of his promising daughter; no one cares about the no name nobodies that happened to be onboard.  

    And remember 99% of aircraft crashes are pilot error; it maybe very likely the moron pilot flew the helicopter into the hill when he wasn't trained for IFR flying. Why feel sorry for an incompetent bozo who cost the world a hero? For every Sullenburger quality pilot there are 100 mediocre pilots who cant save a plane they should be able to like the morons in the 2 737 max crashes.

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  • Why do democrats have the nerve to demand republicans turn on Trump when democrats never turned on clinton?

    I mean really? Really? How can democrats be so outrageously ignorant about just how terrible their ideology is?

    Democrats are abortion lovers- they aren't just “pro choice” they encourage abortion as birth control because they have zero morality and zero desire to accept responsibilities for their actions; and that goes for male abortion supporters as well. How on freaking earth can you expect republicans to hand power over to such wicked immoral barbaric monsters? 

    Democrats have a track record of trying to suppress religious freedom - we all know they want what the Soviet Union had - official state atheism with religious people sent to gulags. Their constant attempts to prohibit saying God in public, praying anywhere, trying to revoke tax exempt status of churches, trying to force churches to perform gay marriage ( I'm not talking about the legal marriage, democrats won that fight, but they want to force churches to mary and employ gays)

    Democrats and most liberals show nothing but pure utter contempt for christians and jews (remember democrats hate israel and don't accept its right to exist and ignore the fact Jerusalem belonged to jews long before islam ever existed)

    Democrats want to ban and confiscate all guns, eliminate police and exempt minorities from following any laws

    Democrats threaten the very way of life of republicans and conservatives, and you have the gall to ask them to turn on Trump?

    What are democrats smoking?

    RINOs that support abortion dont count

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  • Why do Democrats want Republicans to turn on Trump, when democrats never turned on Bill Clinton?

    The constant bull crap democrats are spewing about “putting party and ideology aside” is hilarious and hypocritical at the same time. Did they vote to remove Bill Clinton? Nope. Did they compromise their morality and beliefs to support an enemy opposition party? Nope.  So why to they DEMAND republican senators dump Trump? Trump committed no crime. Democrats may think he did, but ultimately its a political OPINION. Alexander Hamilton, a founding father, said impeachment is inherently a political not criminal affair.

    You democrats are asking republican voters essentially to punish their senators for supporting the ONLY hope republican voters have to protect religious freedom, limit the barbaric act of abortion, protect men from being accused of being rapists just because they are men, protect masculinity, all masculinity from being labeled toxic and being outlawed,”.

    When it comes to issues like abortion and the freedom to practice faith and just being male, you cant compromise on that. Your salvation is at stake. Democrats must be high on something to expect republicans to give up and surrender on the culture war. Would you liberals do the same? Would you turn on a democrat president and help your hated republican party that you label evil anti gay anti woman anti muslim pro self defense pro gun “warmongers”?  I highly doubt that. If the places were reversed democrats would stick to their president no matter what... admit it!

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  • Help! How do i stop all or nothing thinking?

    Long story short, I'm a person who doesn't see the middle ground on anything; everything is either black or white. All or nothing. I view things in absolutes and its very difficult if not possible for me to see things as anything but extremes. Its lead to terrible anxiety and other social issues and ive been this way for as long as i can remember. Been working on it with shrinks but their advice is always much easier said than done. Not really expecting any meaningful answers but if someone else has ever been like this and changed, id appreciate some advice.

    I see compromise as a weakness, as a sign of defeat, as such i really don't like things or situations that don't fit neatly into one box. Sadly, its makes me jump to the worst possible out come when I'm anxious and makes it difficult for me to interact with people who disagree. Id like to try to change it, but its well, hard.

    Thanks for anyone who has advice

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  • Is 12,000 dollars sufficient for a 2 week trip to Scandinavia for 2 people?

    My mother and i are going to Scandinavia in July because we got great airfare booking a year ago, so thats already been paid for. I do know Scandinavia is very expensive compared to the rest of europe and the USA. Ive got a fee guide books on the subject but i was curious if anyone else who's traveled to Scandinavia recently has an idea. We not going super luxurious, plan on staying in double bed hostels, maybe one or two nice meals in each country. 

    Will be flying into Denmark, then the plan was to go to Oslo, then Stockholm, Helsinki and maybe Tallinn if we have time the back. 14 days not counting the departure date.

    Any advice or experience is appreciated!

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  • I visit the Netherlands and Germany specifically to go to Brothels. Its legal and regulated there. Am i unethical for doing so?

    I asked if it was unethical, not immoral. I live in the United States where barbaric out dated morality prevents the government from legalizing and regulating prostitution and thus eliminating the criminal element

    Long story short i go to Amsterdam and Frankfurt because I'm 31, fat, ugly, have severe social anxiety and never dated because of fear of rejection and lack of confidence.  I don't think i should be denied sex and forced to live a life of loneliness and no sex. I don't want to do anything illegal or support sex trafficking so i go to two nations where prostitution is legal and heavily regulated. There are no sex slaves in the brothels (maybe not so for the street walkers). Many people would condemn me and say I'm a bad person for doing this.  Another reason i go to the brothels is because i could never hope to get the kind of sex with hot women on my own merits than i can by paying for it. Unfortunately I'm a very shallow man and ugly- not a good combination I'm a 3 on the looks scale and only want a 7+ ; i don't think i should be forced to settle for ugly women or be lonely. The woman at the brothels in those two nations have been quite attractive.

    So i want to know, why would many people consider me “a bad person” for doing this? It is legal, and if something is legal its not usually unethical. Even with the cost of flights and lodging, its cheaper than hoking up with a gold-digger in the usa. A prostitute in a legal brothel wont take half of all of YOUR stuff.

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  • Can a president be impeached twice on the same charge?

    Its pretty clear Trump is going to be Acquitted by the republican held senate, but lets say he some how gets elected again which is highly unlikely given that most analysts expect him to lose in 2020 big time, lets say he gets re-elected, but later down the road democrats take the senate as well.

    Can trump be impeached again and then removed by the democrats over the same charges? Or does double jeopardy apply? Would they have to charge him with something else?

    Its been said Impeachment is a purely political process (Alexander Hamilton)that simply uses the trial format for convenience.  

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  • Is Pat Mahomes the next Tom Brady?

    I cant see how anyone can hate Mahomes unless your a racist, even if you hate the Chiefs you have to give Mahomes credit where credit is due. Im a Panthers fan not a Chiefs fan, but damn, Mahomes looks like the real deal.  Considering the awful pool of “talent” thats out there at QB, i think Mahomes is easily the next Top QB of the NFL. Brady will always be the GOAT- and this is coming from someone who cant stand Brady or the Patriots, but Mahomes looks like he is the best out there. He can scramble, he makes very good throwing decisions, is highly accurate and seems like a good leader. In the league theres only a handful of elite QBs a lot of mediocre ones and even more bad ones who are busts and their teams don't realize it. You have Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes, no one else qualifies as elite. You have Lamar Jackson and Jimmy Garoppolo, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson who are good, everyone else is basically a turd stain in terms of talent. (I don't think i forgot anyone)

    Its early, but mahomes had had a few super years, isn't it safe to say he is going to be one of the best?

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  • is there any way to reliably tell weather a girl is flirting with you or just being polite/friendly?

    Im asking this in the Psychology section because as a guy who is clueless about women, and who is also afraid of both rejection and of being accused of sexual harassment ( with the PoundMetoo movement even saying hello to a woman who doesn't want to be said hello to is considered sexual assault), i want to know if there have been any generalized signs/body language, or subtle hints  that have been with some scientific research to to correlated with attraction or flirting bs just being polite. I neither want to be rejected or waste my time on a girl who isn't interested in me, nor do i want to offend or make a girl uncomfortable. I realize since women never approach men it can be annoying to be approached when bot interested

    Everything i look up on the internet seems to be subjective... with all the technology and Psychological advances how is there no research or useful information on how to filter out attraction/flirting from normal politeness? Women in general are friendlier and less harsh than men with strangers so that to me makes it super hard to filter out.

    But i was also born without the ability to pick up on body language or social cues from women so... its maybe me.

    Any one have any info? Also no Pick Up Artist BS... thats not science or backed by science

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  • What is the best route for the Carolina Panthers to rebuild with out stinking for and being unwatchable for too many years?

    Im a Panthers fan, and unfortunately it looks like its time for Carolina to rebuild. The only talent they have on the team is RB Christian McCaffrey, everyone else is utter garbage and especially their sad excuses for back up QBs, who have to be some of the worst QBs i have ever seen play the game. 

    The question is, how do they fix this going forward? Of course the elephant in the room is Cam Newton; im not a Cam hater or lover. I will say that when he is healthy he is probably better than anyone the can get in free agency (realistically- Tom Brady and Drew BreeS arent going anywhere), and they dont have a high enough draft pick to get a QB.

    Personally i feel they need to pick up good players for the offensive and defensive lines both trough the draft and free agency. Their line has stunk to high hell for several years, and no QB is going to ever be able to do well with zero protection, once they have a decent line they can get a new franchise QB, hopefully during a good QB class. Defense needs to be worked on too.  

    For those of you who follow the Panthers, what do you think they need to work on first to get good, and how? Lets play armchair General Manager... lol

    Im working on the assumption BTW that they will go winless next year- as good as McCaffrey is he cant make up for all the bad players with no talent and draft busts like Grier, that they have

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