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  • Help! Ninja 650 won't start............?

    2006 Ninja 650 has been in the garage for about a month. Had the battery on a battery tender and fully charged. Connected the battery today but when I start it it just makes a screeching sound. The same sound a car makes when the starter is bad. The bike has less than 9000 miles. Could the starter be bad? What else could it be?

    1 AnswerMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • Disney World in early June?

    Anyone know when Florida schools let out for summer? I'm planning a trip the first or second week of June and wondering how crowded it is. School lets out in mid-June where I live so I'm hoping Florida is the same. Anyone with personal experience during that time let me know how it went.

    11 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • Upgrading to receiver with True-HD & DTS HD.........?

    My blu-ray can decode these by bitstream. Can I buy any receiver with HDMI or does it have to specify that it can support True-HD & DTS HD? Also, how do I know if my current speakers & subwoofer will work with the new receiver? Recommendations on a specific receiver also appreciated.

    2 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • Updating my receiver. What should I check to know if my current speakers & subwoofer will work?

    What specs should I look at if upgrading my home audio receiver? I'm worried that my current speakers aren't going to be powerful enough.

    3 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • What the hell happened to the old Diva outfits?

    I remember when Mickie James wore a short skirt & tight panties. Now she wears long pants. Man, it use to be great watching her matches. Did some old dried up ugly fat feminists start complaining?

    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Oil Changes-How Often?

    I own a 2006 Dodge Magnum that I drive only on the weekend. Question is how often should I change the oil. Every 3000 miles or every 3 months? Every month I drive it between 200-300 miles. At this rate it'll take me around 10 months to reach 3000 miles. Is it okay to change the oil every 10 months? If I change it every 3 months that's only about 1000 miles.

    11 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • WDW in July compared to April?

    I need some info from frequent Disney World visitors. I've been to WDW during July 4th and want to know how it compares with the first week of April as far as crowds & queu lines. The July 4th week didn't seem that bad to me. Is the first week of April busier? If so, how much busier? How long will I wait for popular rides & the not-so-popular rides?

    4 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • Disney World in April?

    I'm planning a trip for the family the first week of April. I'd like to hear from people who have actually gone that week to know how crowded it is and how long the lines were for the rides. Please answer if you have actually gone during this time or know someone who has. Please don't speculate. Thanks.

    13 AnswersOrlando1 decade ago
  • What's your opinion on VKM?

    These VKM guys are angry that they are not getting royalties from WWE. They are 2 original members from DX and I'm positive that they want some money from DX merchandise sales. So they have to start crying and whining now and try and start a war with Vince. I think the WWE is handling it the best way possible by just ignoring them. They are so insignificant that the WWE doesn't even care what they say or do. HA!!!LOL!!!

    They're pathetic!

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Why is Sabu a jobber?!?!?

    Anyone know why Sabu is a jobber all of a sudden? Did he piss off Vince McMahon? He's been losing every match. Not only losing but losing embarrassingly. He lost to Umaga way too easily and lost to Test who has very limited wrestling ability. The man is a future hall of famer, ECW original, and puts his body on the line in every match. Those scars show his dedication & balls when it comes to wrestling. Everyone knows if Vince doesn't like you then you will become a jobber. It happened to Triple H for awhile.

    11 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Anyone own a Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player? Need opinion and answer.?

    1-How good is the picture quality if used with a HDTV using 720p or 1080i? My TV does not support 1080p.

    2- I hear that audio quality is not that great even when using high-end audio equipment. Is this true?

    3- All-in-all, is it worth the $1000 price tag?

    All opinions are appreciated.

    3 AnswersHome Theater1 decade ago
  • What happened to The Masterpiece?

    Did this guy take time off to detox from steriods? He looks about 40 lbs lighter. He lost alot of muscle all of a sudden. His before body was abviously full of something illegal. You don't get a body like that without something extra. I don't care how much you work out. Any bodybuilder will tel you that.

    17 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago