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  • Could my computer be getting hacked into?

    Backstory: A week or 2 ago I received this email from what looked like apple support telling me I was locked out of my account and me being in a rush I clicked on the link and only after it asked for my social did I realize it was a corrupt link. I closed the site, shut off my computer, turned off the internet for a bit, all the usual stuff I know about. Then I ran a system scan with my antivirus software and everything was good. 

    10 minutes ago I walk up to my computer that was already on and all of a sudden one of my screens go black and on my other screen the "blue screen of death" pops up but it is very very distorted image wise. My computer has once blue screened before because of a overheating problem, so I know what my blue screen should look like, and that was not what it looked like last time. I immediately unplugged my computer because I got really worried. Turned it back on now, everything seems fine. I also just had this computer repaired for the heating problem and its a really good computer so it should not be blue screening like that. Anyone have any ideas? Was this just a regular blue screen incident or could my computer be getting hacked into? I'm not really sure and I'm paranoid now. I wish I could have taken a picture of the blue screen and shown how it looked, but I panicked and just turned off power to my pc, but trust me when I say this looked like a blue screen from 2001.  

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  • I want to buy a desktop, but I'm new to them. What is the best I can get?

    So I have always been a laptop kind of guy even for gaming and everything just because I loved the convenience of being able to take it anywhere, but now I want to get desktop because I need better performance. I've been looking at a bunch of desktops trying to figure out whats best, all I know is I want a i7 7700 processor, but I know thats not everything that makes a computer run really well. My main use for it is going to be gaming and I want to hit really good FPS, with my laptop I've always been stuck at 60 fps, I want to experience over 100 fps lol. My budget is around 1300. If anyone could link me some really good desktops, or tell me what parts are the best to get really good performance, I would really appreciate the help. Thank you <3

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  • Why does Skype keep ending my calls?

    My girlfriend and I skype a lot because she lives far away. We usually fall asleep skyping but when we wake up, the skype call was ended hours earlier, but neither of us ended a call. Do you know what the problem is and what I can do to fix it? It's not our Internet because that works fine, but skype still ends our calls without us doing anything.

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  • Why have my Firefox and Google Chrome browsers suddenly crashed and no longer working?

    About a month ago my main browser was Firefox. One day I was on it and then had to leave for a while so I put my computer screen down. When I come back and open my computer and try to open Firefox, it crashed. I tried uninstalling it twice and nothing has worked. Every time I try to open it, it stays open for a few seconds and then crashes. After that I switched to Google Chrome as my main browser. However, the same thing happened today with my chrome. I open my laptop up and try to access chrome but it closed with a message popping up saying it cashed and if I want to reboot. I keep trying to open it but it doesn't stay open for more than 2 seconds. I've tried to uninstall it as well but nothing has worked. What can I do to fix them? Also what could be causing this continuous crash of both of my browsers? Some one please help because all my things are saved on those 2 browsers and now I'm left with internet explorer. Thank you!

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  • Why am I feeling discomfort of the left side of my chest? And should I really go to the ER?

    For a while now I have been feeling discomfort on the left side of my chest. It feels kind of like the muscle there hurts but I'm not sure. It also mostly only hurts when I feel cold. I went to a clinic today and they told me that since I am having chest pain they can't really do anything and they recommend I go to the Emergency Room so they can do an enzyme test or something to make sure there is no problem with my heart, but I don't have insurance and I know it costs a lot of money to go to the ER. I have been having this discomfort for a while and i don't think it's bad enough that i have to make a trip to the ER. So i wanted to know if anyone knew why i am having this discomfort and if it is really necessary that i go to the ER?

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  • Is there a way I can measure the internet usage on individual devices?

    Since i now have limited internet in my house, it keeps going over and i have to pay extra a lot. I have about 6 devices in my house that are using internet. I would like to see which one uses the most. So is there a program (preferably free) that can let me monitor all the devices usage from my computer. I know there are programs that i can download to measure the usage on say my computer, but i want to measure the internet usage of my other family members to see how much they use. So if you know a program that can do that please let me know. thanks!

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  • Is there a new Scooby Doo series coming out?

    I just watched the last episode of Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. In the closing scene the gang was about to go across the country solving mysteries and going to that university. Does that mean that there is going to be a new series of scooby doo coming out or what? To me it sounded like a hint to a new series but I haven't seen anything to say there is one. So if you could let me know if there will be a new scooby doo series coming out that would be great, thanks!!

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  • World War 2 Question?

    Overall, would people's experiences during World War 2 be more likely to contribute to a more inclusive, less discriminatory society after the war or bring more resentment and distrust? Explain.

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  • Is the Godfather part 4 really in the making?

    I've heard rumors that they are making godfather part 4, is it really true?

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  • Why is the skin on my elbows very dry and stings?

    Just recently the skin in my elbows became dry and started to sting especially when I so move my elbow. It's not red nor does it itch, it's just dry and stings. What caused this and how can I treat it?

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  • What are the causes of the following strikes?

    I have an APUSH assignment where i have to list the causes, description, and result of some strikes in the late 1800's. The book doesn't really list any causes and my teacher said the boxes under each section must be filled up. So what are the causes of these strikes: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, Haymarket Square Riot 1886, Coeur d'Alene Strike 1892,Homestead Strike 1892, and Pullman Strike 1894? List as many causes as possible. Thank you.

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  • Stop the Drop Video contest?

    I entered a video contest for stoping high school kids from dropping out. The winner of the contest wins by getting the most likes on YouTube. I really want to win. How can I get more likes or were can I post the link to get more views and likes? Thanks and if you want to help me out check out the video the link is below and hit that like button.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • The Legend of Korra series, will there be more?

    I just finished watching the season 2 finale of the legend of korra online and it was amazing. My question is will there be a third season? I really hope there will be one because I never want this show to end. I know this show is based of a book series or a comic series, so if it is how many books are In the series? Also tell me what you opinion was on the finale!

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  • What is the pain in my left leg?

    Last week Saturday right before a storm came my left leg started to hurt a little. This whole week my leg has been hurting nonstop but from a scale of 1-10 it was only like a 4. The pain was mostly around my knee. However, yesterday the pain not only got worse but also spread to my lower back region above the left leg. Now the pain is a 7 or 8. So now the pain starts in my knee and lower back and it goes through the whole leg and stops right before it hits the foot. It has come to the point where I can barely walk I can't bend my foot that much without it hurting. My mom told me I had reumatism ( which is a joint disease) when I was little but I got shots for that everyday for like 2 years. It has never in my life effected me so I want to know if it is now. Could it be reumatism, if it's not then what is it and how can I get rid of it. Should I see a doctor and if so then what doctor specializes in this kind of thing?

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  • How to calm the pain in my arm!?

    My dad got the thumb on his right hand smooshed yesterday by a really powerful pressure machine. He went to the doctor and got 19 stitches and they said that his thumb was broken in 2 places so they put a cast on it. They gave him antibiotics for the infection and Ibuprofen for the pain. But even if he drinks the pain medicine he still has a crazy amount of pain through his right hand, and he's not going to the doctors till Monday. Do you guys know from experience or just know what he can do to calm the pain down, because he's in so much pain?? Put any method that worked for you or and pain medicine you know is stronger.

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  • I need to sleep, any one have a suggestion?

    My first day back to school is tomorrow and I have to wake up at 5:30 AM. I went to sleep at 11 pm and woke up at 12 Am. Right now it's 12.45 where I am and I can't fall asleep. It's like that 1 hour of sleep was enough, but I doubt it was. I think I know why I can't fall asleep and that's because this whole summer I didn't go to sleep before 2 am. I always went to sleep late and woke up late so my biological clock is all messed up. But I need to sleep to do good tomorrow so does anyone have any tips on how I can fall asleep fast cause I'm just waisting time right now not sleeping. I also can't do anything that's too noisy cause everyone else in my house is asleep and I don't want to wake my parents cause they have work early tomorrow. Thanks!

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  • Is there anything in the book game of thrones that the show doesn't explain?

    I'm half way through the 1 book of the game of thrones series and I have a project to do for school. I've see the whole show so far and I was wondering if the book covers anything that the show doesn't explain? Or does the show explain everything in the book??? I am going to read the whole book but I want to start on the project earlier and I'm just curious!

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  • I need some personal advice.?

    There is this girl I like a lot and for the past month or so I've texted her almost everyday to talk to her and get to know her. Our conversations aren't too long, they last about 10 to 20 minutes normally but sometimes we talk for a longer period than that. I'm wondering if I'm getting to annoying talking to her too much. I really like her and and don't want her to think I'm annoying. I've asked her before if she thought I was annoying and she said: no you aren't you're just curious. So she didn't seem to have a problem with it. But today she blocked me on twitter. I just don't know why though I can't be sure and I'm really nervous to ask her. Oh and by the way I'm the one who always writes to her, like started the conversation, she has never written to me first. Today I didn't write to her at all to try to see if she would write to me and to give her some space. Does she think I'm annoying? Should I apologize for texting her so much? but I don't think she likes it when I apologize cause she always seems annoyed by it. What should I do?

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