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  • Dragonball Z Buu's Fury UK Release?

    Hi all you Dragonball Z fans and GBA fans! Got a question maybe someone would know. I'm collecting the legacy of Goku series GBA games. Just managed to get a genuine Buu's Fury like new cartridge from a well known auction site. Also just got legacy of goku I too. My question is, the legacy of goku game is EU. my Buu's Fury cartridge is USA because the original USA version is the only version I've ever seen. Never seen a EU/UK version. Do they even exist? I've read the actual game was released in the UK apparently but have yet to see a actual UK version. Amazon UK seem to only show the USA version. Any ideas anyone? Just curious. I'm glad I've been able to get my hands on a genuine copy anyway if it's hard to come across.

    Thank you all.

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  • 2 Year warranty product still valid on (NEW, sealed) but secondhand item?

    Hi all.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a item on a well known auction site from a previous seller, still sealed in original packaging. The product by the company states a 2 year warranty. If purchased, will the warranty be of use to me since I'll be the new owner opening and useing the product? Or does the manufacturers 2 year warranty only cover the original owner? Also if I purchased this item, would I need to find out, how long out of the 2 years warranty the owner had the item for to cover myself? Lastly this item is from a private seller. The same product is being sold as New from a another 'company' on the same site for a slightly higher price. If its a better option, should I purchase from them instead? Interested to know more about facts on second hand but new sealed goods on manufactures original warranty. 

    Many thanks. 

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  • IDE/SATA Hardrive Connecting Issue?

    Hi all. Hope you'll be able to help. This morning I've attempted to connect to my Windows 7 machine 2 IDE 160gb hardrives I removed from a old Sky+ and a Humax box. I have a All In 1 HDD port connecter plugged into my PC and shows connected. Plugging in the Humax drive doesn't load anything or autoplay. Plugging in the Sky+ drive sometimes loads the autoplay and the files and if disconnected and reconnected, doesn't load some of the time. I also have a 2.5 SATA drive in a caddy case. This has files most important to me. After plugging that into my PC, no light indicators on the drive case, nore does it load on my machine either. The drive gives off working/running sounds inside though. Last time I tried connecting this SATA drive it stated 'System Reserved' this particular time, nothing atall. Bit frustrated as to why these hardrives are having difficulty loading as I thought this would be a easy run and work. Worried about the SATA drive most but any info on how to fix these issues, is it the computer drivers? As they've all been preloaded for me and show to be working...

    Thank you all for your time. 

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  • ASUS WL 107G b/g WLAN card for Windows XP connecting it to my internet?

    Hi all. 

    I have a old laptop running a fresh install of XP and my old ASUS WL-107G WLAN card. After installing the ASUS cd software and inserting the card, I read online I have to configure the settings in the installed program by logging into my router settings in my browser, finding out the router details and inputting them into the ASUS software installed so the inserted card can connect to my router. Router is Talktalk Sagecom. ASUS software showed me it locates my WiFi and the card was running fine. The software also offered me a one click option where I could ask it to locate my routers details automatically or input them myself. I matched and input the routers details, IP Address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS, untill it matched and clicked connect. It then showed it was temporarily connected! Tried loading Google. Couldn't load page then disconnected and keeps attempting to re-connect by stating 'accessing' router name' never being able to fully or stay connected or load any websites. Any info on how to fix please? My router states its compatible with b/g/n/ac. Thought it would and could work fine?

    What am I doing wrong or need to fix to get this PCI card to connect. I know a newer USB model could be better but would just love to get this WLAN card running for more continuous use so any help appreciated.Many thanks. 

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  • Dell Optiplex 7010 running Windows 7 had a blue screen after unsuccessful shutdown. Is my computer alright after this?

    Hi all.

    After inserting a portable HD into my Dell Optiplex desktop, it would not give me the option to remove it and the system seemed to have trouble and take forever trying to eject it. I decided to shut the computer down so it would turn the portable HD off so I could safely remove it that way. The shutting down on this occasion took ages though. Assuming it was having trouble because it couldn't stop the portable HD. Suddenly I was down a blue screen message saying there had been a unsuccessful shut down. I've heard these messages are not good and could present system errors. After showing this my computer rebooted. Just to have piece of mind I performed a System Restore back to a few days before hopeing this will fix anything the unsuccessful shutdown performed. Will my machine be alright now? Any remaining issues? Computer seems to boot fine as usual now Any information on any after effects of this error still remaining? would be appreciated. 

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  • Portable HD reading 'System Reserved' Can't access my data. Can't lose this data. What do I do?

    . I removed a hardrive from my old Acer laptop and moved it into a portable HD case. I've now plugged it into my Optiplex 7010 machine running Win 7. I can hear the hardrive working plus the light loading. But when going to my computer it states 'System Reserved' and when clicking on the drive its blank. The amount of data used though shows it has my files still on there. What's happened to my drive. I can't afford to lose these files. It keeps asking to make use of this drive a format is needed. But if I do this I'll lose my data won't I? How can I get around this to access my files.

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  • 2 Questions. Portable hardrive issue & unsuccessful blue screen shutdown on my Windows 7 machine.?

    Hi all. I've got two questions about tech issues I hope you can help me with.

    1. Most worrying. I removed a hardrive from my old Acer laptop and moved it into a portable HD case. I've now plugged it into my Optiplex 7010 machine running Win 7 and I can hear the hardrive working plus the light loading. But when going to my computer it states 'System Reserved' and when clicking on the drive its blank. The amount of data used though shows it has my files still on there. What's happened to my drive. I can't afford to lose these files. It keeps asking to make use of this drive a format is needed. But if I do this I'll lose my data. How can I get around this to access my files.

    2. Once I connected my portable hardrive to the computer after discovering the above I went to safely remove it but the hardrive just kept working and Windows said it couldn't eject it due to it still being in use by another program? So I decided to shut down my computer so that would turn the HD off. The shut down though took ages performing. Due to trying to stop the HD I guess? Then a blue screen appeared saying a unsuccessful shutdown had occurred. Then Windows rebooted normally. I then had to shut it down a second time just to disconnect the HD. Will my computer be OK after this crash or will it have serious problems down hardware wise? 

    Any info or support on these two problems would be greatly appreciated.

    Other - Hardware4 months ago
  • Connecting old WLAN G cards/adapters to modern Internet routers. How to achieve this.?

    Hi all. I have two old Asus WLAN G adapters. One for a desktop and the other for a laptop. I'd like to get them connected to my modern Internet model as follows.

    TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Sagemcom FAST 5364

    I know support for these is outdated. The adapter for the desktop I'm having trouble with most as it's a Windows 7 machine. The laptop wlan card though will be going into a Windows xp laptop so would I have more success there? Or is it due to the modern router that's blocking them both. This is New territory for me. There must be a way in this day and age to alter settings on the computers to make the devices compatible and connect to my router?

    I don't know much about the meaning of the letters but the adapters both state g/b and a friend's USB wlan adapter states N and that can connect to my Windows 7 machine no problem. Surely there must be a way to connecting these older adapters successfully too.

    Any thoughts or step by step guide help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • ASUS WL-138G how to connect to my router on Windows 7?

    I've got a ASUS WL-138G WLAN card complete with CD. Have installed it into my Optiplex machine running Windows 7 x32. After having installed the original driver by Asus from the CD the device manager then updated the driver to 'Marvel Libertas 802.11b/g wireless. The task bar shows the card attempting to connect to my router after typing in my password, the adapter shows to me working in the back of the desktop from indicator light. But it can't get a successful Internet connection. I'd really like to get this card successfully working in my machine with my router so any advice on how to achieve this or tutorial steps would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards. 

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  • Will a usb WLAN stick that states its compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista be compatible and work on a Windows 7 machine too?

    I'm thinking of buying a WLAN usb stick for wireless connection. Just noticed it states compatible for Windows XP and Vista. I'd like to use it on my computer running Windows 7. Because my computer is newer, will it run this usb stick fine?

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  • Will connecting a Wireless Lan PCI Card to my Dell Optiplex 7010 make it connect fine to my wireless router?

    Hi all.

    I've been given a Dell Optiplex 7010 running Windows 7. Currently unable to connect online finding my router. I'm thinking of buying a ASUS WL-138G wireless PCI adapter to hopefully help me connect it once installed. Will connecting one of these inside the desktop make it work online for me. Never done this sort of task before so all new to me.

    Thank you for your time and replies.

  • Will this wireless adapter support my Windows XP running SP2 when it says it supports SP3 and above?

    I'd like to connect my old laptop running a clean copy of Windows XP to the Internet. I've installed the original drivers that came with the original operating CD so that should be up to date shouldn't it? Any help on if I need to update or downloads to any latest drivers for a Dell Inspiron 9300 would be helpful as I've had trouble trying to find safe drivers for it. I was also told that I'd need a wireless adapter to connect it to my router Internet. I'm interested in a Belkin model that states supports Windows XP (SP3 and above) will my Windows XP running SP2 still work with that model. Adapter? Any support and knowledge on these two problems would be much appreciated.

    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 months ago
  • Set up wireless Internet on a Dell Inspiron 9300 running a clean install of Windows XP?

    Hi all.

    I've just managed to get a new hardrive for my old laptop Dell Inspiron 9300. Installed and managed to setup its original operating system CD running Windows XP. I now want to know how to connect my wireless Internet router to it. I have no cables. Anyway to wirelessly connect it? Step by step guides would be ever so helpful.

    Many thanks.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 months ago
  • Dell Inspiron 9300 boot help?

    Hi. I bought a new blank hardrive for my old Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop. Set the hardrive in and inserted the original operating system CD that the laptop came with. After loading the files I was presented with the blue welcome to Windows setup screen. Press enter to run setup. Feeling confident I pressed enter. To my horror though the enter key does not seem to respond. The other keys seem to be active. I noticed I could not confirm settings with the enter key either during the BIOS menu. I can only perform a hard shut down which then currups the installation on the next attempt. Any ideas on how to work the enter key to get the setup completed on this new hardrive would be very much appreciated.

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  • OKI C3200 Faded print out issue. How to fix?

    I have a OKI C3200 printer that was giving me two Amber flashing lights that I managed to fix after finding and removing a crumbled piece of paper inside one of the rollers. My next new problem is after doing a paper test run sheet showing me all details about the printer, the black text is faded on both sides of the paper and gets better in the centre. The test sheet said the black drum life was 20% could this be why? I've read manualy cleaning the heater roller might fix this. Will this fix the faded ink issue? Any thoughts or printer knolledge on this model and how to fix this will be appreciated as I wish to continue using this machine a little longer.

    Many thanks 

    Personal Finance5 months ago
  • How to physically move a IDE hardrive into a new case and make a complete backup/copy beforehand for safety.?

    Hi everyone.

    I have a old ICEY BOX hardrive. The pin connectors have become very fragile. I have purchased a new cheap casing for it with the same connectors. Ideally I would like to physically disconnect and move the IDE hardrive into its new case. Is this easy enough to do? Any steps on completing this would be appreciated. Also before that task is performed, I would very much like to know how can I make a complete backup of the entire hardrive or copy the whole hardrive over temporarily to my desktop. Knowing my luck the hardrive could get damaged when moving over to its new case and I don't want to lose any of the data on the hardrive. Any information on how to perform these two tasks would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you all for your time and awnsers.

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  • How do you backup a old laptop running Windows ME?

    I have our old family laptop running Windows ME still working. I'd like to make a whole backup of the system, pictures, system files, emails, everything. Just to be safe knowing its stored elsewhere incase the laptop should ever give up. Does Windows ME laptops of that age have a complete system backup feature or a backup option to use or will I have to back the system by other means. Any ideas or helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks5 months ago
  • Will inserting a new hardrive into a blank laptop and useing XP installation CD all I'll need to use my laptop again?

    I currently have a dell inspiron 9300. The hardrive was removed as it broke. The laptop still functions and screen works. If I purchased a new blank hardrive and inserted it into the laptop and used a windows XP installation CD, will this make the laptop reusable again with a clean installation. Or would there be anything else I'd need to do. This is probably basic to most people but I've never done this. Thought I'd ask here before purchasing the blank hardrive.

    Many thanks.

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  • Dose Servisol Video 40 have the same properties as Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol 99.9%?

    I am thinking of buying some Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol 99.9% Rubbing Alcohol to clean some game cartridges. I do have some Servisol Video 40 Tape head / Disc drive cleaner video spray already. Dose this have simular properties to Isopropyl? If it does and cleans just the same then I won t need to waste money on a extra product. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Personal Finance6 months ago
  • Generic USB Driver for Windows Millenium Edition?

    Dose anyone know if you need a generic USB driver for Windows Millenium Edition to help it detect the latest mass storage USB/Hard drives? If so, can anyone provide me with information and a link to getting a driver for this OS.

    Thank you.

    Add-ons10 months ago