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  • Sound on Gateway Laptop?

    I have a Gateway laptop running Windows 7. The problem is the sound from the onboard sound card. It seems to have a mind of its own. Most of the time the sound level will be at 0.

    If I try to move it up to watch a video it may stay up, and other times it will go back down to 0.

    I've updated the drivers many times and still have the same problem. It does not matter what OS. Originally the laptop had Vista. I got rid of it almost immediately and installed Windows 7. I also have tried live CD versions of Linux with the same result.

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks6 years ago
  • SQL Rounding problem with a TSQL formula?

    POWER(.5,DateDiff(day,NT.ActDate,GetDate()) / Convert(float,N.HalfLifeInDays)) * NT.Activity AS DECAYACTIVITY,

    In one record, the decay days = 5657,

    the activity = 0.00452

    the halflife in days = 4503.5325

    so .5 ^ ( 5657 /4503.5325) * 0.00452 = 0.00189237462344581210679712673579

    But the SQL results = 0.001808

    Any ideas on how to get better precision?

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago
  • Pass Parameter in Repeater Label?

    in c# .net I have a label on a repeater.

    I want to call a function in a label, but it needs to pass a parameter

    <asp:Label ID="lblRPDecayActivity" runat="server" ReadOnly="true" CssClass="FormReadOnlyValue" Text='<%# CalculateDecayDays(ID) %>' />

    How do I pass the ID to the CalculateDecayDays(ID) - the function takes an integer, which is the id field of the repeater.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design6 years ago