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You are most Welcome. I am here with both my arms open to embrace you as my friend irrespective of your caste, creed, religion, Nationality. I believe that there is only one religion i.e. Humanity. "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" All the World is but one family. So come & lets make a difference !

  • Difference between Mobile Banking & Phone Banking ?

    What is the difference between Mobile Banking & Phone Banking ? Same word or used in different context or is technically different ?

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  • Did anybody noticed ?

    Did anybody noticed that whenever any terrorists attack occurs by fundamentalist group they never target any politician but only general public ??

    The last time we heard about any incident of terrorist attack on politicians was Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE who're NOT known for religious extremism. Rest all of us know why LTTE targeted Rajiv Gandhi. But apart from this one non of the Religious fundametalist groups ever targeted any politician. How come ? Is there any political link ?.

    I wish if they could blow any of those stupid politicians who made such silly comments that they cannot avoid 100% terrorist attack and some of us has to die.

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  • Is Libya's case similar to Egypt ?

    If yes, then why US & UK are so eager to test their missiles in Libya ? Gaddafi may be a brute dictator but its their internal matter and may be left to Libyans to decide his fate like in the case Egypt. Presently Libyans are supporting the attacks but politically taking the help of foreign countries in internal matter is not advisable.

    So, somewhere we feel the said super powers' interference as offensive.

    Correct me if I am wrong ? your views please ?

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  • What analysis being done by Mr. P Chidambaram on Afzal Guru ?

    On 23rd Feb, 2011 PC accepted in Parliament that Afzal's mercy petition hasn't been sent to President's office (however, the fact was leaked long ago by a person from Karnataka through President's RTI wing). According to PC they have chalked out some NEW PLAN for sending such requests to President's office. Meanwhile he says the reason for delay is that some sort of RESEARCH & ANALYSIS is going on Criminal's Guru. Lets see the series of events on Afzal Guru's case:

    December 13, 2001: Five terrorists had attacked Parliament leaving seven security personnel dead. Afzal Guru, a resident of Sopore in Jammu and Kashmir, was charged with plotting the attack a few days later.

    December 18, 2002: Delhi High Court awarded death sentence to Guru following which he moved the Supreme court.

    August 4, 2005: But the apex court upheld the death sentence. Guru's hanging was fixed for October 20, 2006

    Afzal's wife Tabassum had filed a mercy petition and as a result his execution was stayed.

    23nd of June 2010: The Ministry of Home Affairs has claimed that it recommended the President's office to reject the mercy petition.

    7th of January 2011: A whisleblowing site has leaked a document which states that the mercy petition file is not with President of India.

    On The mercy petition for Afzal Guru, convicted and sentenced to death for his role in the Parliament House attack, has not yet been forwarded to President Pratibha Patil, Home minister P Chidambaram disclosed in New Delhi on 23 Feb 2011.

    On being caught PC says he is doing some research on Afzal. What sort of research is this CAN ANYBODY GUESS ???

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  • Isn't this hillarious ?

    A couple of months ago DMK distributed TV sets to people in BPL in Tamilnadu. Now the same people seems to be watching 2G Adventures of DMK leaders on their BPL-CTV.

    Isn't this hillarious ? Whats your take on this ?

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  • UNFEM survey report shows that...?

    UNFEM survey report shows that women in New Delhi are not secure. Delhi recorded the highest rate of crime against women at 27.6 while total No. of crime against women is 2409 cases which includes cases of kidnapping and abduction.

    This report seems opposite to the claims made my Ms. Sheela Deekshit & Delhi Police. Why ?

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    Whenever we demand Govt. to book all corrupt ministers in UPA why they remind us that BJP / NDA were more corrupt when we ALREADY KNOW that UPA is full of Clean & Great PERSONALITIES thats the very reason we voted them to Power. Then why they compare themselves with BJP (the so called corrupt party).

    Does that mean that we should tolerate those corrupt ministers only because they belongs to UPA & majority of them are better than NDA ?

    Does that mean that Corrupt minister gets IMMUNITY against Penalty for being a part of UPA (group of so called CLEANS) ?

    Centre Question: WHY THEY COMPARE THEMSELVES WITH NDA which is more corrupt ?

    Note: This is our right to demand justice from the Govt. we have voted. Because bringing NDA back to Power may not help to get back our lost money to Swiss Banks account.

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  • Why Home Minister says Delhi is not a home for migrants ?

    Our Home Minister P Chidambaram blames Delhi's migrants for increase of crimes viz. rape, loot, attack on women (indirectly pointing towards States like MP, UP & Bihar)

    Ved Marwah a former Governor & former Delhi Police Comm in Delhi says HM's comments on migrants was very unfortunate & surprising. This is a failure of CM Sheila DikShit and to cover this they are blaming mazdoors who are mostly from Bengal, Bihar & UP came for livelyhood. Most of them who work as rickshaw-pullers, construction workers, factory workers and domestic hand etc. Many of them also worked for Comman Wealth Games. - I wonder how can a worker after his day long hard work can take time to do Rape & Attack a WOMAN !! Non-sense isn't it ?? Anyways !!

    During C'W Games CM Ms. Shiela DikShit crossed all limts when she named all migrant workers as beggars and asked their respective States to take them back. - I wonder how one can do regional politics on beggars ? Shameless creatures Na !! Anyways !

    I came across an instance in 2007 wherein Ms. DikShit blamed migrants for filth in Delhi on saying that migrants from UP and Bihar came here and do all the nuisance.

    To this Laloo Yadav suggested to build more urinals for BIharis cannot come down all the way from Delhi to Bihar to URINATE whenever they feel pressure.

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  • Is this enough for Indians to believe ?

    Is this enough for Indians to believe that UPA Govt. is failed on all corners ?

    Because Gujarat tops Centre's 20-pt development prog.

    Besides Gujarat, several other non-Congress states, figure in the top 10 for implementing the Twenty Point Programme that encompasses a host of poverty alleviation and rural development schemes, said a review conducted by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

    So my question is - Is this enough for Indians to believe that UPA Govt. has FAILED ?

    Just have a look at a link below:

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  • Why Indian Govt. is egar to support FDI in Retail ?

    Why Indian Govt. is egar to support FDI in Retail ?

    In the open economy system, under the disguise of global competition, it is felt that almost all trading activities are aimed at promoting MNCs and major Indian players in the field. There is a fear that the local but small organizations will become causality in this competitive war as they are subjected to an unfair trade war. The government of India is keen on permitting FDI in the retail industry and many foreign or Indian based foreign organizations may take part in these trading competitions that will kill the local trading community. The already existing super market culture has prevented the growth of small time retailers in urban, semi urban and rural areas. It is estimated that about 50 to 60 lakhs of such smaller retailing organizations will be hit by the mall culture. This will also cause an unemployment problem and give a violent blow to small-scale entrepreneurship, as the small traders should make a forced exit. Most of the Indian and foreign high class magazines highlight the dreamy wonders of super and hyper markets, whereas the basic question lies that what will be harvested through the principle of hyper marketing by the below poverty line people of India who make 30% of the total population. The hyper marketing system will also control advertising, retail selling, branding and ultimately the schedule of manufacturing industries. After some time the manufacturer will be at the mercy of the mall owners and their freedom to manufacture, fixation of price for their goods, bargaining power etc. will be curtailed.

    Why Indian Govt. is shy on taking-up Swadeshi issue in country's interest ? Is it because it was once the burning issue of its famous Opposition party ?

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  • Can we expect from UPA Govt. ?

    Since CWG is over can we expect from UPA Govt. to bring corrupt leaders of CWG to justice ?

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  • To all my Telugu brothers: Can anyone complete this Padyamu ?

    Tondamu - nekadantamu - torapu bojjayu -vama hastamun.....

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  • Kashmir's freedom from India ?

    I don't understand why the people of Kashmir demanding freedom ? Ok agreed there is a grave mismanagment by the present Indian Govt. and so the protest should be towards changing the Govt. policies and administration. Demanding a freedom for everything and every another day is not a solution.

    Even if Kashmir is given freedom its 100% sure that the very next day it will be occupied by Pakistan. But some people in Kashmir unable to realise this and feel that they will be happier after freedon from India which is not possible. Why ? because if they are not with India they have to be with Pakistan (which will prove to be another disaster like Bangladesh). So, thinking prudently its better to stay back with India than agony Pakistan.

    It goes perfectly with the saying as "A KNOWN DEVIL IS BETTER THAN UNKNOWN ANGEL"

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  • Is it possible to change of electives after I take re-admission in IGNOU ?

    My sister has lapsed maximum period to pass through IGNOU's BDP program. Now she wants to take re-admission to complete the rest of the course. However, she is finding tough with some of the subjects and she wanted to change it. But change of electives is only possible only within 35 days of reciept of study material and so cannot be possible. Now, since she is opting for re-admission so my question whether change of electives will be possible after re-admission ? Please send suggestion if anybody know ?

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  • What are required to start & run a printing press ?

    What are the things required for Starting a Printing press like Asset, Finance, Space etc.

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