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  • Why do online UPS's have more batteries than line interactive UPS's when they are the same capacity?

    I have 2 UPS's. One is an online 2KVA UPS, the other is a line interactive 2KVA UPS. The online has 6x 12V 34W batteries and the line interactive has 2x 12V 7AH batteries. They obviously support the time capacity but due to the different technologies, they support different loads and provide different protection standards.

    The batteries in the online UPS do not hold their charge anymore and the line interactive has not been used for more than a month so the batteries are still good. Theoretically the batteries can work in either UPS but is there a specific reason the online has six batteries and the other only two?

    I opened a faulty 3KVA online UPS and it also has six batteries but each one is 12V 45W.

    So I'm curious as to why there are more batteries in the one than the other when they are both from the same generation, same manufacturer and both have the same capacity?

    Please, no spammers or people with pointless answers.

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  • Should I continue or should I give up?

    I've been single for 5 years now. Each relationship has left its mark and each mark is clearly visible. Although I have gotten over the past relationships, the scars changed my life in certain ways.

    I've been on this dating site for several months and found a few good connections. Sadly, all the connections have fizzled out apart from one.

    This one connection has been good and solid for some time. From the very beginning I had this feeling, like butterflies, about her. It's been 5 months now that we've been chatting and although she's a bit far away, I'm willing to travel to her and meet. However, she says she would like to meet but always has an excuse why she can't.

    We have good conversations over the phone, texting only, and everything seems great although every conversation is initiated by me otherwise we don't chat.

    She says she likes me and all that but I get the feeling that she's trying to get me to lose interest in her without saying it. To be honest, the feeling I've had has started getting weaker and weaker and I'm at the point where I need a constructive answer from someone.

    Should I be patient and continue chatting with the hope of meeting her, in time, or should I give up and end the chats and move on?

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  • Norton 360 vs Panda Global?

    Which is better?

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  • Here's a hard question for anyone who can answer it. Best answer gets 10 points?

    How can someone check the history of hardware changes on a computer. Like, what was installed, when it was installed, what hardware changed and when it changed. For example: RAM. When was it upgraded or downgraded and so on. The operating system is Windows XP Pro. Any and all answers (besides answers off topic) will be greatly appreciated.

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  • What is the positive and negative sides of this kind of Diet?

    Please can someone tell me what the positive and negative effects are of having cereal for breakfast and lunch and soup for supper. Please provide some evidence to your answer.

    Those who choose to post stupid answers will be located and have my foot shoved somewhere they dont want it!!!

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  • Software licenses and keys?

    How can I determine which software has a valid license in use and what the license key is, if I have lost all my documentation for all my software but still have the machine running the software? I know about key finders and other stuff, but they don't show all the software licenses. If I need to reinstall my machine and do not have the software licenses, I cannot use the software. I also cannot replace the software because some of them have been discontinued. I don't want to purchase new software because it will cost me a fortune and I don't want to use pirate software because of all the problems involved... and karma will get me...

    Please assist me...

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  • What to do when experiencing pain during meditation?

    Every time I meditate, after about 5 to 7 minutes, I get sharp muscular pains in my back that then move into my spine after about 8 minutes. This only happens in the seated position. When I'm lying down, it does not happen.

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