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  • Urgent!! Why isn't my kitten breathing right?

    A few minutes ago I received a video of one of fours kittens that my mum is raising. They're a month old. 

    One of the smaller girls has started breathing very uneven, and constantly purring, whilst just laying in the middle of the floor. She's been fine up until now, hasn't had trouble feeding, hasn't been overfed, isn't dehydrated, etc. We can't think of why it's happening.

    Mum thinks she's dying, she's grown up around cats, and she remembers a lot of them behaving in similar ways when close to death. It's heartbreaking, especially because she's so little, but we need to know why. If anyone has any idea what's happened, even if it's just a guess, please answer. 

    She hasn't swallowed anything she isn't meant to be, she's been going to the toilet like normal, hasn't coughed whilst eating, hasn't fallen or been injured whatsoever; nothing that comes up when I search applies. She's always been perfectly healthy and strong.

    We can't get to a vet until next Monday, and there's no one else we can call. From the sounds of it, she won't live through the night. We just want to have an idea why. I'm obviously distraught, especially considering she was the little one I was meant to take as a pet once they were old enough. She's a lovely little kitten, and I know she's in pain. Not knowing why is making it worse.

    Please help.

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