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  • Fig Tree as a Weed?

    In an area near my front door, I used to have a ficus tree that we took out because it got too big. There are still geraniums in the same area.

    Last year, a fig tree started growing there, and we did not plant it! I just read that a fig tree's root system can spread as much as 50 feet, so I'm concerned it's growing under the house. So far this season, the tree (bush) has gone from about a foot in height and diameter to about 3 feet in height and 5 feet in diameter.

    Has anyone had this occur, specifically with fig trees, and what did you do? Should I try to remove it now, or is this something that I'll have to do repeatedly? The fig tree is a much larger tree than a ficus (and a fig is a type of ficus) and I really don't want it growing here.

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  • What Comes Next ... High School Violence?

    Last week, my teenage son was attacked by another student in class. The teacher didn't know it was happening until another student yelled and threw the attacker off my son. Although my son did not do anything to protect himself other than to protect his head (as we taught him) the teacher made them BOTH sign a statement of fault. Nothing else was done and I didn't find out about it until evening ... after the school was closed.

    I just got home from meeting with the Supervision office and their onsite police officer (yes, he's a real cop with our city). My son decided that he wanted the other boy arrested. So, the other boy will be arrested and will be suspended from school for 5 days.

    While that's fine, we feel that the teacher should also be reprimanded, but we'll get to that later.

    So, has anyone been through this that can give some idea of what to expect next or what I should do to further protect my son. We are already getting a restraining order.

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