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  • Bad people do not exist ? ?

    When I think a bit wider, and it comes to my mind, do bad people really exists or it all ends up on their environment, choices they've made because of what they seen, been taught and that they had these wrong moral values implanted into their daily life?

    In other words, the human mind can be programmed, so it's the program that's bad not the computer.Therefore, a human being can not be bad, rather it only has a bad program running into the brain ?

    2 AnswersPsychology9 months ago
  • Why do therapist treat body and mind separately?

    I have been reading about this for a while, and it really got into my mind... Why do the therapists for mental health always threat just the mind, without taking note of the body? Because as I have read and researched around, the body also have its own memory ? So shouldn't they treat body & mind together in order to improve the health in global? 

    3 AnswersMental Health9 months ago
  • I was kidnapped and I cut the head off 1 of them?

    I had a strange dream of being kidnapped idk what for, then kidnappers separated and I cut off the head of one of them, then I escape. What this can means?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • Losing wieght suggestion, aminoacid question?

    Okay I am not fat, but I am over weight...I am trying to lose the weight and tighten up my body and build up some muscles....

    So I started body building, taking aminoacid (pills) and they told me to eat this way.

    -Morning fruits

    -Dinner proteins, meat eggs....

    -Evening vegetables

    For morning I take cornflakes, muesli sometimes I add fresh fruits (blue plum,peach,apple, piece watermellon, melon or anything i find, or just fresh fruits without muesli or cornflakes)

    For dinner I eat some pure meat,eggs or cheese, and salad sometimes and mushrooms (they're fresh and I cook them without oil)

    For evening I еat parsley,onion, garlic,cucumber, tomato, pepper

    So I quit eating bread and SWEAT THINGS and SNACKS which I used to eat all-day and nights, quit alcohol and sodas and I only drink fruit juices, quit eating foods that are cooked in cooking oil.

    So my questions are:

    -Is this OK do you have anything to suggest?

    -Are those aminoacids (pills) bad for health?

    Thanks I am grateful for any answer!

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • Stress,Panic,Negative energy!?

    I am stressful person, also I am scared of diseases (always believe that I have some serious illness, fought brain cancer,tetanus now atm i got pick on my moles and I hardy believe they're doing it wrong :(, skin doctor to be seen tomorrow, and psychiatrist after few days)

    Anyway my question is, can my stress, fear, and the negative energy cause pains in my hands, legs...and also loss of appetite,less sleeping time...?

    Are there any useful nature (not pills) methods for removing the same effects, and living the old "good" life?

    Thanks, any answer I will appreciate !

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • My back hurts when I walk WTF ?

    Sometimes when I walk I feel that my back hurts (on the spot where heart lies....)

    Can this be connected with heart or just muscular problem.


    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • General moles question?

    I have few moles (as every normal ppl) and few of them are "big" nearly as 1x0.5 centimeters or thats like 0.39 x 0.19 inch and every of them has different color, is that normal ?

    Also one if them color is mole color with parts of it color as skin (shape hasnt changed for 4years I guess) ~Also looks like skin goes through the mole or overrides it (that mole is on left hand and I got it since birth)

    Is all these normal cuz I am paranoid...

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • My heart bit rate is 60?

    Well.... this comes up after a stressed up and anxiety period where I had over 100 bits /minute....Now 1 week later i am very relaxed and chilled and....

    Now i am lying on bed (time before sleep) and I haven't been working anything for all day.... and my heart have 60 bits per minute, i tried few push ups and heart increase bit rate speed....However is this normal (the 60 bits with no physical activity) or should get it checked...


    3 AnswersHeart Diseases8 years ago



    Now....I feel like my left hand where is a mole on it hurts, I KNOW I AM RETARDED AND SCARED OF DEATH AND ILLNESS.... Mole doesn't hurt when I press it touch it or play with it...Hasn't been changed for around 4years I think so.... And now I AM DEATH SCARED OF MOLES :(((((((((((


    Now I am wondering should i visit skin doctor or psychiatrist ?

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • Info about skin mole and removing with surgery?

    Hello I have mole on my left hand since birth.

    -My mom says it was small when i got born, now I am 22 and it's like 0.5 x 1 cm

    Here is link of my mole on hand

    I am scared of skin cancer (never had melanoma nor any cancer in family)...I think this mole hasn't changed for at least 4 years (or so when my body stop growing)

    But sometimes I feel like hurting (it might be my hand also)

    So for any case I want to remove it with surgery, tell me how safe is to make that step and are there any aftereffects that may occur ?

    Thanks a LOT !

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • excessive sweat help?

    I have flu amd I sweat too much when I lay down to sleep. For few seconds after i lie, body goes sweat...Is that serious or just flu afterr-effect


    1 AnswerMen's Health8 years ago
  • Sometimes I get "cold flashes"?

    Sometimes with no reason (or when i take breath or mby not) like cold flash goes toward my back and then passes away (it may be cold since sometimes ear get plugged also)...

    Have no heart issues, that's what ECG test said...

    Any1 know if that is serious? It dont happen usually but it happen sometimes

    2 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago
  • Sinus infection or what?

    I feel like my left ear is plugged, sometimes throat feels like it's stucked something inside... Also when I sleep my left nose seems to plug in...

    What can cause this? Can it be cold or sinus or other inf ? Thx

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases8 years ago
  • Muscle pain and bone pain(maybe)?

    I am having some issues with pains, sometimes ankles, joints seems to hurt me .The pain is not tough neither is big one, it's just a pain that's showing from time to time, and worries me a lot.

    I am 22 years old male, and I never had such a issue. My foots used to hurt also, but pain seems to be gone 5days already. Now from time to time I feel some pain in left arm muscle, left leg muscle and joint, left hip, parts of the back and so on....

    I don't know if these pains are related one to eachother, but most of time pain appear for few minutes or hours and then it's gone.

    I am having a normal physical activities, like going 1-2km every 2nd day in week.....

    I apparently feel RELAXED AND PAINLESS when I am having a hot bath.... What can cause my pains and muscle/bone issued. Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Pain in back and muscle,joints pain?

    I have pains in my back, it's like ALL BACK HURTING ME, not in same time, but sometimes I experience pain at the bottom, sometimes middle of back, sometimes behind chest.

    Blood tests and heart tests are OK, no problems found.

    Sometimes I experience joints and muscle pains (not sharp) but constant low pains. I can breath deep and I have some headaches.

    Insomnia is what bother me the most....

    What can cause these symptoms ? Any suggestions help ? Thanks!

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Help me fight stress ?

    I been ill a bit, I am still ill, actually started with a low fever and "bad thoughts".... Started 9 days ago, when I was experiencing muscles, ankles, joints pain (not tough pains) and sometimes part of face was stiffen....

    Since then I had big stress thinking of the pains and what can cause them...Even so they were not tough pains, and blood and heart tests were OK, i kept having insomnia and I can't sleep, sometimes I experience short headaches too. When the idea that i am ILL comes up to my mind, I start to shake like it's end of the world.

    I been to doctor several times, they gave me antibiotics for the illness and I am feeling bit better (face stiffen thingy is gone now, and pains in muscles,joints are very low after day and half antibiotic use)...

    Even so, I am still unable to sleep and I am stressed ALL THE TIME.

    I need a help or some advise how can i PASS this stress and sleep like a "human" once. I tried teas for relaxing, they don't seem to be useful....Doctor gave me some pills but seems I can get addict on those so I haven't tried any....

    Also this stress seems to appear in late hours only, during day I am feeling great

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • Are these panic attacks ?

    Everything started from a though that I have tetanus infection.. (even so i was treated as supposed in hospital before the though plant in my head), then my back tightness made me think I have bad spline... Even so I couldn't sleep for 7 days (1-2hours maximal per 24hours)...

    My legs and arms, ankles and joints, shoulders were numb/hurting me sometimes... Now seems the left arm/leg/face and right muscle under the shoulder and the sholder goes numb/hurt a bit... and still I am unable to sleep.

    I have made ECG on my heart seems to be nearly as perfect and blood tests were great ! Everything is normal....If I try to sleep I suddenly wake up with numb arm/face and I have weird shaking in the body, and I am unable to fall asleep until day comes out.

    Am I having panic anxiety/attacks ?

    5 AnswersMental Health8 years ago
  • Help me please with these symptoms !?

    -I had a cut from metal equipment 15 days ago, treated wound in hospital plus tetanus booster received 4years ago

    *10 days after the event I have the following symptoms, continuing till now 15th day

    -Sometimes some joint or ankle feels like dizzy or stiffed, sometimes some muscle feel stiffed (only in left hand/leg happens), I have NO PAIN in those, just feel like stiffed or weird :( though the left ankle was stiffed for 1 day, now seems to be ok 2days in row.

    -I have same weird/stiffen feeling in my left side of face, under the eye area size like 2 fingers

    -I probably have inner temperature, because when I sleep i use to sweat and shake a bit after I wake up...

    -When I woke up there was a red dot on my 5th finger of left arm (wound is on 2nd finger left arm)

    -My throat hurts a bit sometimes (I can swallow normally no difficulties)

    -Sometimes I cough a little, my back hurts and feel sickness in stomach

    -I have barely appetite, and I can't sleep normally (I end up waking up with sweat and shaking due inner temperature, then time need to pass until I stabilize, my forehead is hot on my hands touch or my hands are cold, i have normal temperature)

    - I think that I am scared and stressed (idk if that helps)

    What I done so far:

    Made blood test and ECGheart test, both were GOOD, nothing wrong found.

    I am drinking Multi-Vitamin + Vitamin C and some anti temperature pills (on needs)

    What can these symptoms come from, what do you suggest me to do ? Please share your opinion, I am grateful!

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • Red eye and temperature?

    I just wake up, I had temperature up for 2-3 days, now I looked in mirror and saw my left eye red. Also my head was hurting on the side of the eye.

    Can you tell me any idea what can be this ? Its night atm, I am going to a doctor 2moro for sure....


    1 AnswerOptical8 years ago