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  • What have they been doing for 7 months?

    So Minnesota's Governor Walz announced last night that the state will be going into a four-week "pause".  In the spring it was called a lockdown.  Whatever.  Back in April the concern was the limited capacity in hospitals and ICUs and the increased work load form and danger to, health care workers.  There was also concern that there would be an uptick/spike in the fall, as people would begin migrating back indoors, as well as the beginning of flu season.  What have they done since April?  Have they hired more health care workers?  Have they retrained health care workers?  Have they increased hospital/ICU capacity?  No to all of the above.  Walz spent most of the time patting himself on the back.  He did issue the mask mandate in July.  Otherwise you would be hard pressed to find anything resembling progress or any attempt to meet this current spike head on.  He sat and waited.  And now it's here and we're basically in the same boat we were in back in April.  The solution, again, is to shut things down.  That isn't a long term solution - that was proven in April.  He claims this really hurts and he feels real bad.  Nice lack of planning, Tim.  You've done yourself proud.  

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  • Ms. Harris?

    We can only hope that someday soon, both Kamala Harris and the MSM can get over the fact that her name will be mispronounced from time to time.  If only there were important things to deal with.  Let's hope Putin doesn't make that mistake or she will work him over.

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  • Joy Reid - are you serious?

    Joy Reid has come up with a true gem.  Paraphrasing - once they return to their normal work, Senate Republicans will have no interest a working on legislation, as they will be too consumed with investigations?  Let's step back 4 years and replace Senate Republicans with Democrats.  Is that not what they have been doing for the past 4 years?  Oh, the irony.

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  • The word is in?

    So a prominent pastor has been a Trump supporter has declared that Biden has won the election.  I guess that's all we need then, the expert opinion of a pastor.  After all, he's in personal touch with God.  Have we heard from Chrissy Teigen or any of the Kardashians?  Just looking for more keen insight.  Keep in mind that the Florida hanging chad debacle lasted 37 days.  So for all of you screaming to just let it go, button up.  Let the process play out.

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  • From the mouth of Cuomo?

    During a recent daily press conference, Bozo Cuomo was asked about his view on the possibility of a vaccine soon.  He stated that it sounded positive but it was a couple months too early.  What??  You mean we need to wait another two months for the vaccine?  Won't thousands of people still be dying.  Remember all the complaints from the Dems about politicizing the virus.  This is a prime example.  We can't have Trump associated, in any way, with a successful virus.  What a complete joke.

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  • Will they ever let it go?

    OK, Trump haters, you got your wish.  He won't be president for a second term.  But please, keep the onslaught of anti-Trump posts coming.  Or, maybe, get over it.

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  • Trump falsely claims fraud?

    Really?  With all of the video footage from Philadelphia, etc, of ballot judge filling in empty ballots tor Biden?  this entire "election" is a front for the Dems to complete their overthrow.  Screw the process.  Nancy and her team of jacka$$es are circumventing the process to get what they think they deserve.  If you are OK with that, America, then you are a collection of fools.  Thanks alot.

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  • Nice choice America?

    So Joe Biden, soon to be Kamala Harris, is our choice for president.  Really?  Nice work, America.  You have been completely played.  Usher in the new era of socialism.  Good work, idiots.  Enjoy the fallout of your STUPID decision.

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  • LeBron has spoken.?

    The great and powerful LeBron James has spoken, telling the sheep of the nation that everything must change.  This coming from an uber-rich professional athlete.  Do tell us, LeBron, what is it about your life that you feel you are entitled to complain about?

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  • President Senior Moment?

    When Biden stumbles through some seemingly simple thing, like referring to his opponent as "George" (there is video - it's real), people in his campaign write if off as a senior moment.  Do you really want a president who periodically experiences senior moments?  Pardon that gaffe, Mr. Putin.  Joe was just having a senior moment.  Let's look at the big picture here.

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  • Who will be the next NFL coach fired?

    Mike McCarthy or Mike Zimmer?  Both teams are terrible and seemingly getting worse.  Jerry Jones seems to love Zimmer, so maybe the Vikings and Cowboys could trade coaches.  Why not?  It's 2020, the year of the weird.

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  • Biden's great plan for the pandemic?

    Joe, the Great Savior, has made public a couple of details regarding his plan to fight the pandemic.  More testing.  That's happening now.  Free vaccinations.  If that isn't already a done deal, more than likely it will be.  Joe likes to rave about Trump's mishandling of the pandemic, but he has never shared what he would have done.  Even with the benefit of hindsight.  In February nobody knew how to handle this.  No, not even Biden.  In an interview from mid-February, Dr. Fauci said Americans should be more concerned about the flu.  But Joe knew better.  We should have just asked him.

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  • New dictionary entry?

    As of yesterday, the term "sexual preference" is offensive.  The dictionary has even been updated to reflect that.  Sure seems to be a lot of video clips of Biden and his colleagues using that term.  Doubtless a lib toadie has been commissioned to seek out and destroy all such clips.  Kind of like erasing history.  On a related note, some of these pols gotta go.  The senator from Hawaii is a perfect argument for term limits.  And how about 87-year-old Charles Grassley?  Come on.

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  • Snowflakes upset over Mac and Cheese ads?

    So those who desperately seek something, anything, to be upset about have now targeted Kraft for their Mac and Cheese ads suggesting people send someone a box of noods.  But the snowflakes equate this to nudes, and that's terrible, as it is sexualizing a box of food.  Come on, people.  Find something real to be upset about.

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  • Isn't it about time for Kamala Harris to stop playing the Woman of Color card.?

    Yes, it has been established and confirmed that Kamala Harris is, indeed, a woman of color.  Do we still need to include that when introducing or describing her?  How will she be as a Vice President?  Not a female Vice President of color?  What does she actually bring to the table?

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  • Will Pelosi ever give up?

    Our favorite cartoon antagonist, Nancy Pelosi, is at it again.  The whole impeachment thing didn't work, so now she is talking about the 25th Amendment.  If Trump is re-elected, will she finally give up on her endless efforts to get him out of office?  Is this really what her constituents elected her to do?

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  • What does Kamala offer?

    It's been firmly established that Kamala Harris is a woman of color.  Beyond that, what does she bring to the table?  She spent the better part of the debate harping on the pandemic and Trump's failures.  Have any of the liberal hindsight experts ever offered an explanation as to how they would have handled it?  And if Biden devised a plan back in March, if he's not elected, will the contents of that plan ever be made public?  Or are the Dems content to sit back, watch people die, and continue to place the blame on Trump?

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  • Are we done with the Karen stories?

    Completely bored with the 'Karen' stories.  Fact - there are idiots everywhere.  They normally don't deserve any recognition of any sort.  But when it's a story about somebody being harassed simply due to "xxxxx-ing while black", it becomes newsworthy.

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  • What shall we complain about next?

    Today's issue is Trump's income tax.  Imagine - someone who does business at his level taking advantage of legal tax laws, loopholes, and write-offs.  Pay no attention to the fact that these laws were in place well before Trump took office and no doubt a good number of the liberal darlings in Congress have also take advantage of the same things.  It's only Trump who shouldn't be allowed.

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  • LeBron's opinion on Breonna Taylor?

    So LeBron, the ultimate expert on everything, has decided to pour gasoline on the fire by publicizing his biased opinion on the grand jury ruling regarding Breonna Taylor.  And why not?  After all, LeBron was obviously present during the incident and has keen insight into what actually happened.  Feel free to blame Trump for the divisiveness in the country, but idiots like LeBron do more than their fair share.

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