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  • What does "full Bedroom" usually include in American culture?


    I'm Japanese, born and raised only in Japan.

    I recently noticed that the layout and facilities of the house reflect the culture of the country. 

    This is very interesting to me.

    (Did you know that?

    In Japan, no matter how large a mansion is, there is usually only one bath, that is, bathtub, per household. The whole family will use that one tub in turn. Would that surprise you?

    And people think that the tub and shower will always be a set. So, the Japanese are surprised when they go to Europe and see a bathtub without a shower, or see the shower stall and complain.

    In Japan, it is also preferable that the bathtub and toilet be in separate spaces.

    So, I've known for some time that there are concept "half bathrooms" and "full bathrooms" in the US.

    More recently, while looking at TripAdvisor reviews (to see how people think differently), I discovered the expression "half bedroom".

    A new culture that I don't know about!

    What does "full bedroom" and "half bedroom" feature, to the best of your knowledge? What is the difference, and what is the definition?

    I would be very grateful if you could respond.

    Also, I have one last request.

    I am using this site through a translation site. I'm not very fluent in English.

    The AI on the translation site seems to be smarter than I am, but it would be very, very helpful if you could answer without omitting too many words so that the AI doesn't get confused.

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