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  • Deliver guys....Why do you keep change without asking?

    I know its nice to get a tip, and I use the change as a test. anytime we order pizza, or chinese or anything, I give them exactly 20 CENTS more then the bill, right when they ask for the money. If that take it (which almost everyone does) thats all they get. If they wait, count it out, and give back the change, they get a 5-10$ tip, depending on time, heat of pizza, and attidude of course. >.>

    But whats with that, why dont you count the money you are handing and give back the change?

    You didnt earn a tip for driving o my house and handing me a pizza, thats your JOB, you dont get a tip for sending a file to your boss if thats your job, right?

    So I dont get it, why do some delivery people take a tip out on thier own? It's rude, technically its illegal because it's thieft, and it just plan irks me, so I had to waste the 5 points >.>.

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  • What is a desert?

    no fair looking it up, you have to answer with your own mind, NOT with a definition.

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  • What is this boy growing up to be...?

    While at a family party, I heard a story about a boy that I'd been babysitting. Now, he is 3 years hold in the story.

    One day while shopping at walmart, the little boy wandered away from his mom. It took her a moment to realise he was gone, because he was a quiet child and rarely made a fuss. back tracking to the women's section, she found him giggling.

    His shorts and diper were down, and he was trying on a lacey thong, and showing them off to an employee who was red faced with laughter. Mortified the mother picked up his clothes, pick him up, and ran to the bathroom.

    At the register, the cashier had already heard about the little boy, and had to do a price check on the thong! The mom paid, and asked them to throw the thong away.

    I thought it was a great story when I heard it.

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  • I know its been asked before, but what laptop would be good for gaming?

    I have a limit of 1000, and a base laptop to use. I'll be having warcraft, dark ages of Camelot and a couple other games on it. So I know I'll need a large memory, but I don't know this first thing about hard drives, or memory, or what the difference is between MB and KB. I'd like to say I'll be nice to the computer, but I know I'll be using it for aim, yim and msn msnger, as well as regular site gaming, and photo shop. Is anyone able to help me out here and possible give an estimate, it would be great if someone built custom laptops, I'd be willing to set up a contract in the future for a buy as well.

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  • Hmmm Just got Lv2....?

    Other then being able to answer more questions in the higher ranks, is there any point to the... point system?

    I see people begging for stars, and begging for best answer, but what does it really matter? I like answering people questions, and it ticks me off that I cant do anything after so many answers. It does make you think more about who to answer, no spaming, but it upsets me that there is a limit put down for how many people I can 'help' a day.

    I say 'help' because I'm just adding my two cents. It doesnt seem like anyone really stays to see the answers, or to give feedback. This whole place is like a here, penny for your thoughts, but we cant dicuss it.

    anyhow... What is the point of levels do you think? because some of the high level people I see just seem to be smappers who vote and beg for stars amid posting about how stupid a question is.

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  • Why is HE getting mad at ME?

    I love someone who is currently with another girl, who is also currently with someone else, and would dump both of them for someone I think of as a brother if he werent joining the army.

    And yet he gets mad at me because I wont go out with him till he dumps her!

    Me <3 'Josh'

    Josh <3 me, but still with 'Her'

    Her <3 josh(bf), mike(fiance!!!! ) and matt(would dump both josh and mike for him)

    and yet I'm the only one getting yelled at!

    here is my I'm a freaken girl help me question--0 ZOMG LIKE love -tri-hexagonal-angle^9 >.>

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  • How do you diet when you are served precooked meals in a cafe? Watered down milk and dry salads?

    I know to regulate how much I eat, to eat a salad every day. but we dont get many choices. iceburg lettuce, fake bacon bits, peppers and sour smelling tomatos arent my idea of a salad. but you cant force yourself to eat that every meal. the only advice we are told by the 'nutritionalist' is follow the css, cereal soup and salad. but when the cereal they offer is way too sugary, the soup has a layer of grease, and the salad is left out on the bar for hours, it isnt easy. I have a major weight problem, I dont get enough exercise, the foods that are offered are way too high in calories, but I cant afford (92$ a month) to go out and buy food for myself. Even if I could, there is nowhere to put it. I've asked for other options, morningstar burgers, soy milk, and whole wheat bread things like that, but they wont provide unless its a relgious or medical choice, unfortunatly, they say my religous choices dont count, so I'm not offered these options. I water the milk, and dont use mayo, help!!

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