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  • Who said first in India that India should be independent?

    India is going to celebrate its 63rd Independence day on 15th August 2009.

    India was under the British rules before 15th August, 1947.

    Indian get independence from the British Government.

    But I want to know that who says first in India that India should be independent, there should be own government own rulers.

    matter is not that the this was said in which language

    it may said in Hindi or in Sanskrit

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  • Should we accept such activity that someone of journalist may attck on Indian home minister with his shoes?

    when I read this news in newspaper that someone who was among the journalist have attack our Home minister, this get socked to me that what is this happening in this country

    should we accept such activities

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  • Would India once again become Aryavrat?

    India's first name (oldest) is Arya vrat and arya means once who don't have any evil and the country in which all the residents lives who have no evil

    will India once again become in its real position?

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  • why people asking the funny questions?

    Some one have asked that please help me within25 minutes.

    How it is possible ? if one view his question after 25 minutes

    Someone asked that how much the distance is from one place to another?

    if one asked the distance from the home of someone to his brother. How can we or anybody may calculate the distance which belinging to questioner's field?

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  • what is the total time of creation?

    The Vedic calculations of Time & creation

    Compiled by Dr.A.P.Rao

    According to our ancient scriptures, Brahma, the creator, creates and destroys the universe cyclically. The life of Brahma is 120 divine years called Mahakalpa. Everyday he creates 14 Manus one by one and they create and control the world. So there are fourteen Manus in one divine day called Kalpa of Brahma. The life of each Manu is called Manvantara and it has 71 eras of four quarters. Each quarter is has four Yugas - Krita or Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. The following are the complete calculations of Vedic units of time and periods.

    The time taken to tear apart the softest petals of a lotus is called 'TRUTI'

    100 Trutis make 1 Lub

    30 Lub make 1 Nimesh

    27 Nimesh make 1 Guru Akshar

    10 Guru Akshar Make 1 Pran

    6 pran Vighatika make 1 Ghatika or Dand

    60 Ghati make 1 day and night

    That means, in a day and night, there are 17,49,60,000,00 Trutis

    Thus, according to Western science, there are 86,400 seconds in a day and night, whereas in Indian science, a day and night consists of 17,49,60,000,00 Trutis.

    According to another system, the division of time is

    1 day or 24 hours = 60 Ghatis

    1 Ghati = 60 Vighati (also called Pala or Kala)

    1 Vighati = 60 Lipta or (also called Vipala or Vikala)

    1 Lipta = 60 Vilipta

    1 Vilipta = 60 Para

    1 Para = 60 Tatpara

    As a lot of charts made in the olden days mention the birth time in Ghatis and Vighatis the following is the conversion to remember:

    5 Ghatis = 2 hours

    5 Vighati = 2 minutes

    Another system of time at micro level is

    60 Tatparas = 1 Paras

    60 Paras = 1 Vilipta

    60 Vilipta = 1 Lipta

    60 Lipta = 1 Ghatika (Dand)

    60 Ghatika = 1 Day & Night)

    Therefore, it is clear that there are 46,65,60,000,00 Tatparas in a day and night.

    6.3. The Vedic Units of Time – Macro level

    SATYUG 4,32,000 YEARS X 4 = 17,28,000 YEARS

    TRETA 4,32,000 YEARS X 3 = 12,96,000 YEARS

    DWAPAR 4,32,000 YEARS X 2 = 8,64,000 YEARS

    KALIYUG 4,32,000 YEARS X 1 = 4,32,000 YEARS


    71 MAHAYUG = 43,20,000X71 = 1 MANVANTAR

    1 MANVANTAR = 30,6720,000 YEARS

    14 MANVANTAR = 4,294,080,000 YEARS

    (There are 14 Manvantars)

    The earth remains submerged in the water for the period of 8,64,000 years i.e. half the number of Satyug, before the start of each Manvantar, it also remains submerged in the water for the same number of years, i.e. 8,64,000 years, after the completion of each Manvantar.

    So in 14 Manvantars the number of years

    17,28,000 x 15 = 2,59,20,000

    (Number of year in Satyug)

    + 14 Manvantar = 42,9, 40,80,000

    1 Kalpa = 43,2,0000000 years

    One day & night of Brahma = 4,320,000 Mahayug x 100 = 4,320,00,000 years

    Since the one moment in the life of Brahma is considered to be of our 100years, therefore the life of Brahma in 100 years will be

    4,32,00,00,000 x 360 x 100 = 1,555,200,000,000 years

    The Present Age of Cosmos according to the Vedic System is as follows:

    There are 14 Manvantaras altogether. The present period is passing through the seventh Manvantara called Vaivaswata Manvantara.

    One Manvantara consists of 71 Mahayugs, out of which 27 Mahayugs have already passed. We are passing through the first phase of the Kali Yuga which itself is the third Yuga of the 28th Mahayuga and which has come after the passing of Satya Yuga, Treta and Dwapar Yuga.

    The time period of Manvantara (exclusive period, when the earth is submerged in water, in the beginning and in the end) = 306,720,000 years

    1) Multiplying these years by 6 = 30,67,20,000 x 6 (Because we are in the midst of 7th Manvantara, of the Svetvaaraah Kalpa and 6 Manvantaras have already passed) = 1,8,0,300,000 years

    The time period of Pralaya consists of 17,28,000 years since 7 Pralayas have passed, after the end of 6th Kalpa and before the beginning of 7th Kalpa, so 17,28,000x 7 = 12,096,000 years

    Adding we have:

    1,840,300,000 + 120 96 000 + 1,852,396,000 years

    Therefore, after 1,85,24,16,000 years 'VAIVASVAT MANVANTARA' has started.

    2) 27 Mahayugs with each Mahayuga consisting of 43,20,000 years. 43,20,000 x 27 = 116,640,000 years have passed

    Total = 1,96,90,56,000 years

    3) Now the time period of Kali Yuga in the 28th Yuga =

    Time period of Satya Yuga = 17,28,000

    Time period of Treta = 12,96,000

    Time period of Dwapar = 8,64,000

    TOTAL = 38,88,000

    Since all the above three Yugas have already passed, it means that after 38,88,000 years, Kali Yuga came into existence.

    4) Kali Yuga started on Bhadrapada, Krishnapaksha -13th day, in Vyatipaat yoga at midnight, in the Aashlesha Nakshatra and the age of the Kali Yuga has been fixed as 5101 years as till date that is Vikram Samvat 2057 = Shaka 1922 = 2000 AD.

    Sum of all the three Yugs = the Sum of 27 Mahayugas and Manvantar + the time period of Kali Yuga till date.

    Kalpa consist of 4,32,00,00,000 years and out of these 1,97,29,49,101 years have passed. Therefore, the earth's existence, according to the calculations devis

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  • How can all Aryans may bring to one platform?

    I want to see all Aryans (Hindus, Sikhs, Bodhists, Jains etc.) may become on one platform. But I don't know how they can become close to each other

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  • Why in India a convicted person is not accepted for government services?

    A person who convicted by any court in India is not accepted by the Government of India for Government Jobs as per its constitution.

    On the another side Government wants to Grow up the mentality of a criminal that he/she should be become a good citizen

    I think there is no similarity \

    Why the government is not thinking in this side?

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  • The that necessary to get imprisonment to a person who kill someone?

    A person killed the another than the family is helpless of the deceased. But if the killer has get imprisoned than the another family is helpless than is it right to give imprisonment to a killer or some another way should be choosen for his punishment

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  • Have they any right to rules out on the country of Rama who don't accept the History of Rama.?

    To day's Government is ignoring the status of King Rama's history. And one of the minister is saying if there any proof of that the Ramsetu may not be distroy

    I would like to ask Mr Lalu that what is the proof with him that he is the son of his father

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  • kawadia and kawad?

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  • may i get level 3?

    i m just going to level 3 at Y/A would i get it?

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  • may i get level 3?

    i m just going to level 3 at Y/A would i get it?

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  • aradhana_k the top contributor get angry with me and blocked me to answer her Q's but I still don't know, why?

    aradhana_k the top contributor get angry with me and blocked me to answer her Q's but I still don't know, why she blocked me. I think if my answer had hit her please say about that or send comments. But she done as like this act. Now how can I answer her questions as I better know the answer which she want

    please tell me all of you

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  • how can i sent my greetings to Mrs Pratibha Patil?

    I just want sent greeting to newly elected president of India Mrs Pratibha Patil any one may tell that how can i sent this

    as i don't know her e-mail id

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  • to all the ancient history lovers?

    everyone know that the link between India and Shri Lanka there is a Ram Sethu which is relates about Ramayana's time and now the government is trying to destroy this. is this right? if u all think that it is wrong please do something about that

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  • Which is best ?

    Every religion showing thier good picture and trying to attracts the human beings but all are hiding truth and are new and self praising But in Vedas there is no mention about any religion or any type of caste and only the knowledge of science is filled in that insteat of that all the books on earth are seems to guide on a single way But Vedas are seems to go through all the ways.

    So, everyone invited to vote which is best

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  • Now a days hinduism is not showing its true picture any one suggest how it may washed and give a true look ?

    the hinduism is an oldest religion of the world and the books of hinduism itself proved that these are oldest in the world but now a days the evils are entered in this religions

    everyone follower of hinduism is invited to suggest how it may be washed to look a true picture

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