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  • Know of interesting things to do that are not the usual tourist stuff?

    I've been to San Francisco many times (at least 20 times) and have done all the usual major and minor touristy stuff...Golden Gate Park, Presidio Park, walked over the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, crooked street, embassy area, Coit Tower (back when you use to be able to walk up the stairs), cable cars, North Beach, Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Alcatraz, Berkeley, Candlestick, touring the historic cathedrals, etc.

    My ex-husband's family all live in the east bay area, so I know all that stuff too (hiking Mt. Diablo, etc.) Have also been all over Napa and Sonoma and Muir Woods and Mt. Tam etc.

    I will be using public transit only as not planning to rent a car.

    I'll be in town Nov 28 thru Dec 3 with my boyfriend while he's playing in a bridge tournament. Until he looses, I'll be on my own, touring during the day.

    Any ideas for something new to see or check into? I am not all that interested in shopping.

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  • Best fresh fish restaurant(s) in San Diego?

    Please, no "Red Lobster" or "Anthony's" answers, and I'm already familiar with the Fish Market as well as Rubios.

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  • What are the leading scientific hypotheses on why the beas are dying out?

    Please please do not answer off the top of your head...only people with a biology background please!!!

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