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    I saw a dream few days back

    First of all I be cleaning/brushing my teeth/veneers n they start to fall out, first left side of teeth n then the right side of teeth fall out... I show my dad n he bees kind of worried. But the unusual thing was my dad had 2 prayer bumps on his head.. "Zabiba" but as far as I know he does not pray the 5 daily prayers.

    That's all I want to share.

    Please let me know if you have a rough idea what my dream meant or indicated.


    Jazaak Allah!

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 months ago
  • Receiving a bouquet of flowers in dream interpretation ?


    I had a dream where in i be with a group of people. The majority of the people where in the elderly age and some where relatives too, most of the people where women and i only be the guy there and i think i am the youngest out of all of them... im not sure why all of us be gathered in one place. As the dream carries on one of my relative brings in a trolley full of flower bouquets. First my aunty gives me a small bouquet which has yellow coloured flowers in them but then she takes it off me and i feel bad...Then they start distributing the big flower bouquets to everyone and then my aunty says to another relative that to 'give one to him aswell.. (bouquet)' so i receive a bouquet of flowers too. The flowers other people receive there bouquets have red roses in them too. Some with more roses n some with less... i don't think my bouquet had roses in it but all of the bouquets be really big and beautiful and overall we all feel really good and happy... then the dream takes a change in the scene and we all be at my aunties house where we be talking about the flowers.. so i ask my aunties family did u guys buy the bouquets? And they say yes we bought 10 of the bouquets (out of the 20 bouquets that where distributed).... i ask them how much where they like £20-30 each?? they say yes there where around £19 each...

    Im intrigued to know what this dream could mean so please let me know your answers!


    3 AnswersDream Interpretation10 months ago

    recently contacted me in helping me make my website for my business and they seem very promising. they are helping to design the website and promote my business with all the right info that my business needs.

    what i want to know is that what ever they are saying is that true? how many businesses have seen a good outcome by getting help from

    do they really affect your business in a good way or are they just trying to make business by taking my money ??

    as of yet, i haven't paid anything because they still need to show me a first look of the website.

    they promise a website with as many changes i want to make to it with all the professional help that my business needs.

    please help me that should i go further on with this and pay them to help me or shall i backout and save my money ?!!!!

    how many businesses have they really helped ?!!

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  • Blue print for a building ..?

    Hi i wanted to know roughly how much would it cost to get a blueprint made for a restaurant. N roughly how much would it cost to submit them papers to the council. Also how long should it take to get permission from the council because I want to transform an off-licence into a Restaurant.

    Cost for a Blue print for a building.

    Cost of submitting blue print to council.

    How much time to get permission from council.

    3 AnswersSmall Business3 years ago
  • Dua for a estranged friend?

    Aslaamulaqum everyone. So my brother is not talking to me.. can anyone advise me on which dua or which words to read so he starts to talk to me again ? N when to read it n how many times a day etc.... or anything else that i can do so he starts to speak to me again... thankyou.

    7 AnswersRamadan3 years ago
  • I have a sikh brother.?

    Hi everyone so im a Muslim guy and i have a Sikh brother who i immensely n intensely love n who is kinda upset with me for some reason.. and he's not speaking to me n he's not answering my calls texts n messages... im really upset.. he's irritated from me because i did not give him his space... n he's blocked me from all socialism.. any one tell me what shall i do.. n plz tell me what should i text him to get his reply.. correct me if im wrong if i text him 'Jo Bolé So Nihaal' is it important in Sikhism for him to reply 'Sat Sri Akaal' ? Like in Islam it's important when som1 says 'Aslaamulaiqum' we should reply with 'Walaiqum Aslaam'. Im really depressed that he's not talking to me so plz ur advice will really help. N also let me know if it's not important to reply that then what should i text him to get a reply..? Thanks all.

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  • Charity in Islam. Zakaat.?

    Slaam. I wanted to know in islam how much percentage of one s earnings should go to charity ?

    3 AnswersRamadan4 years ago
  • My friend is in detention...?

    Hi my friend is in detention because he was illegal i want to know if someone is in detention can family and friends go to meet them ?? Please let me know how this works out. Thankyou.

    2 AnswersFriends4 years ago
  • 3 witr isha prayer?

    Slaam all. I wanted to know the correct way of reading 3 witr for isha namaaz. Som1 told me that in the 2nd rakaath after 'atha-hyath' u should do slaam (finish) n then read the last witr separately... because '3 witr isha' should be different from '3 farz maghrib'.... im bare confused plz help. Thx.

    6 AnswersRamadan4 years ago
  • Relationship advice needed ASAP!?

    Hi.. so I like this girl she is my moms neibhour n we don't talk to each other only my mom knows n she acts like the messenger n passes the messages on from me to her n her to me.. as I live in another city.. one more thing she is separated from her husband.. n we both need comfort n dats you I want this to work. But when my mom told her that I will be coming over so then she can come n talk to me she said that 'tell him to give me some guarantee' - I know house/flat financially good food n love all that comes in guarantee n she knows that I will take care of her but I think her type of 'guarantee' means something else coz she has said it few times now.. can u guys try n help me out what could the possibilities be .. thxx

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • 2 dreams my mom has had recently?

    Hi these are dreams my mom has seen recently..

    First dream someone gives my mom purple shiny slippers but she doesn t wear them. (She already has some slippers on)

    2nd dream she sees some relative building a wall (curved) n it has a drawer next to it aswell which has 2 shelves (the dream is based in her home in Pakistan n the wall is that type that u would cook next to like a (chulla)) n my mom thinks that she likes it now that we will make one too.

    So please help me interprate these dreams to my mommy Xx thankyou.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation4 years ago
  • hijama for acne?

    hi guys i have heard this thing that hijama is done as a sunnah and to clear toxins out of your body.. so i have been struggling to clear the spots 'acne' of my back shoulder area since a really long time.. im 21 and i have had these spots since the very start of my puberty.. my mom and relatives are lately getting this treatment done for pain in the body.. so i thought i have tried really hard to get a clear back so if i get hijama on my back would it clear the never dieing spots ?? i also have a very oily t-zone the nose and for-head area so if i get it done would it help my spots ?? i think it will but i just need some assurance. thankyou guys.

    7 AnswersSkin Conditions5 years ago
  • quantico episoded?

    hi i have been trying to find us tv show quantico episodes either full parts or in broken parts but i have no luck. can some please give a link if you know where i can watch it.. i've been trying since ages your help will be appreciated. thankyou

    2 AnswersOther - Television5 years ago
  • which is the head post office of london ?

    hi im looking for the address of the head/main post office of London because i need someone to send something so i can pick it up from there.

    anyone knows.. please tell me the address. thanks.

    10 AnswersLondon5 years ago
  • question about fasting and ramadan.?

    i dont read :


    the holy quran and

    any other sort.

    is there any point to keep a fast just to stay hungry all day but dont read namaaz/tarawee and the quran.

    please only reply if you have the right knowledge and if you know what i mean..

    2 AnswersRamadan5 years ago
  • 2 interenet connections is 1 house?

    hi i recently moved place and this place has sky broadband and i already had a contract with virginmedia which will end in july and i wanted to connect my router to this place but is it possible for one house to have two different routers ?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking6 years ago
  • i had a dream about a cat..?

    i had a dream that i be out and i be returning home when i see a fat cat the cats colours be black and white patches, it bees really flabby (usually i dont like to pet cats or any animal not that i am against the thought i just dont like to pet animals because its hard job) and i dont know why i want to take that cat home so i try to get hold of it but it keeps and going away from me so i try to persuade the cat to come to me and that i wont harm it the cat tries to go away from me and hide but i do cat noises (meow) so it comes to me so i can hold it and take it home.. the cat runs away from me then it starts to cry and it runs towards me then after a long try i finally have the cat in my arms and i make my journey home comforting the cat in my arms it scratches me but i dont mind, in my mind i be thinking that it will be hard and expensive to look after the cat because i will have to buy all the things for the cat like cat house and cat powder etc.. and when i reach near my home, my two elder brothers be outside of the house fixing the front garden and they see me with the cat and the elder brother says to me quite clearly that i cant bring that cat home but in my mind i have decided i will bring the cat home.. my dream ends there out side my house.

    i know this dream is trying to tell me somthing as it includes a black and white patched flabby cat so please let me know what my dream means

    thax in advance.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • i had a dream.. run and chase?

    hi guys i am a 20 y'o male and i had a dream last night at around about 11:30pm that me and one other guy be trying to escape from some terrorist i think and we have a little boy of around about 8 years with us..

    first we escape and be laying on some grass after escaping the 2 other guys chasing us then i think we see them and we start to run, i don't know where the little boy goes it just bees me and the other guy (i don't know who the other guy is in the dream, but it think we are best friends in the dream) there's bees a run and chase sequence where the other two guys bees chasing us the other two guys separate to make it easier for them to catch us and they also have rifle's (guns) with them, then one of the guy loses track of us and in the end only one guy bees chasing us two it bees like a big public park area with houses at one end at night time, we jump over some bushes that have railings and there bees houses there and there bees cars parked and we see another guy going to his car, the guy with the rifle bees quite close to us at this moment then the guy who goes to his car he opens his car door we jump over some more bushes railings and jump on to the ground near the car and we tell that guy to please save us. my dream ends there.

    it was a really heart thumping scary dream.

    please let me know the interpretation of this dream and thx in advance!

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • what does reserve mean ?

    hi guys im working tommorow as a "Reserve" but i dont know what that means ? i hope its not to do anything with wine waiting because they told me to bring a 'waiters friend' with me.

    please tell me ASAP !!

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay6 years ago
  • some question's about sex in islam..?

    slaam brothers..

    so i have some naughty but important question going thru my head.. pls dont misjudge me i just want to know a few things..

    the questions below are only related to a married couple. not a couple in a relationship i.e girlfriend-boyfriend

    1a. can a woman masturbate her husband (handjob)

    1b. can a man masturbate his wife (finger, fist)

    2a. can a woman give head (*******) to her husband

    2b. can a man give head to his wife (suck *****)

    3. can a man suck on his wife's breast, and if so can he swallow the milk of her breasts, by accident or by purpose

    4. can a man or woman masturbate themselves (after marriage)

    5. can a man or woman pleasure there spouse by sex toys

    5a. can a man or woman pleasure themselves by sex toys (after marriage)

    and if you have any other questions you could answer me that you may know of that i havent written pls feel free to tell me. thx.

    May Allah bless us with good partners that show us the path to jannah. Ameen :)