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I am writing because I wish I knew how to use things like myspace, etc. and others. Even though I follow the directions, for setting up blog's, I have found that invited friends are un-able to access my comments. I wish I had someone who could explain all of this computer tech to me, but to use terms which regular people can understand. I have many ideas, and comments, I would like to share, with others but, for some reason, I never do it "just right" (from the computers point of view, atleast). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Why does refuse to allow direct contact?

    My account has been hacked, atleast seven times, so far, yet Yahoo's only "answer" is to order ME, the victim, to reset my passwords.

    Why does Yahoo REFUSE to prosecute the PERPETRATORS OF THIS CRIME?


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  • Who can tell me about classic television show Dark Shadows?

    I know that Series one is NOT the original season.  What DVD series should I look for, to find the original (pilot) episode of Dark Shadows (Black and white classic version)?

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  • Where can I buy bicycle stickers?

    Since I am certain that the police will NOT recover un-marked bicycles, I need to know where I can purchase frame decals, which state that my bicycle is "Electronically Tracker Equipped"? In order to deter crime.

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  • What is web site verification?

    Although I want to place my content, on the internet, for readers to view, I cannot find a single site, which has instructions/directions, written in simple, ordinary, ENGLISH.

    I dont even know WHY I need to "verify" my "site".

    I mean, my site exists, but no one will explain, in simple English, WHY I am required to "verify" before the "search engines" will consider allowing the public to visit my sites, and my content.

    I need answers in simple, plain, ENGLISH.

    NO computer terms, PLEASE!!!!

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  • How to specify ones directions, for obituary's, following a natural/un-expected death?

    In case I am un-able to successfully activate my writers web-site, prior to my death,

    HOW do I make sure that my obituary includes the mention, that I am a writer?

    HOW do I make sure that even my headstone recognizes my written "legacy", as an author?

    I have checked three sites, so far, and NONE of them have this request, as part of the service.

    HOW do I make sure this is "covered", upon my death?

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  • Where to find CHEAP internet, in Springfield Illinois?

    I would like to keep my internet bill, per month, at about $10.00 per month.

    I have tried PeoplePC, which refuses to allow me on-line.

    AT&T is just too expensive.

    Can someone suggest a CHEAP internet source, which has EASE of access, and pre-paid service?

    I need to keep the cost down, due to limited income.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Why does electoral history continue to be distorted?

    In a recent episode, of "Sleepy Hollow", when Lieutenant Mills is going to vote, while reminding Icabod Crane that, in colonial America, black people were not even allowed to vote, I noticed how Mr. Cranes expansion, on this subject was cut-off. He was NOT "electioneering". He was trying to provide a broader view, of history.

    What the man was NOT allowed to say, on air, was that, in the days, of colonial America, ONLY property owners (land, business, slaves) were allowed to vote.

    That, and parliamentary/government officials.

    What Icabod was, also, not allowed to mention was the fact that white children, like black children, were, for the most part, un-educated, in those early days.

    In fact, in most American communities, "public school" would not even exist, for almost 125 years AFTER Mr. Cranes death.

    In the days, of colonial America, if a town wanted its children taught the basics, of education, the local population HIRED European tutors. This meant that only the children, of those, who contributed to the cost, of hiring the tutor, received instruction.

    During this same time period, the rich, and powerful, of the colonial days, hired European Governeses (Now known as private tutors), to school young people.

    The vast majority, of Americans, white, as well as black, were neither educated, nor allowed to vote, primarily because these people were never taught the basics, of education.

    These people were farmers, and merchants, who bartered for what they wanted.

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  • How FAR are hackers willing to go?

    For example, I have hackers do the following, to my e-mail accounts:

    1) Claim to be the president, of the US

    2) Claim to be foreign ministers

    3) Claim to have court summons, for me to complete

    4) Claim to be relatives, trying to make contact

    and so on.

    Sure, I know that law enforcement REFUSES to prosecute these criminals, but what I don't see is what "profit" is to be gained, by these hackers.

    They don't make any money, off of these attacks (which is what these messages are).

    The more, of these fake messages, I receive, the easier it becomes, for me to just delete such messages.

    I don't even bother reading about 90% of them.

    I just want to know what profit these trouble-makers hope for, by deceiving the public into thinking these people are court workers, police, or federal agents, or even family members?

    With the expenditure, of time, and energy, but no profit, where is the incentive, for these criminals to continue their FRAUD, by sending false messages?

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  • How many ARK's were there, really?

    According to the Christian Bible, there was only Noah's ARK, whose contents were that of a single, white, Christian, family.

    But, what this does not address is the following:

    If only one family, of white Christians, survived the "Great Flood", then WHERE did Africans, Jamaicans, Asians, and the indian tribes, come from?

    Also, if only one, white, Christian, family, survived, then HOW, without centuries, of in-breeding, did this single family, re-populate the Earth?

    Equally important: If only Christians survived the flood, then WHERE did the Buddhists, Tao-ists, Jews, Islam, and other religions, came from?

    How can we be sure that the Bible is "accurate" when I have noticed that this book "skips" whole centuries, if not whole millennia, of planetary history. How much history has been left out of the Bible?

    IF the story, of the Great Flood, IS only being told, from the Christian point of view, then I have to wonder about what was left OUT of the Bible?

    Was Noah's ARK all alone, on the flood waters, or, is it possible that Noah's contacts, with other ARK's has, simply, been omitted, in order to restrain the Bible, to a single volume?

    What are the FACTS, not the "truth", about the flood, and Noah's ARK?

    29 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Why don't politicians tell the truth, about "Privatization"?

    Although every American knows that the Social Security trust fund takes in billions of dollars, per year, and uses these to buy Treasury bills, which earn interest, until the "bonds" come due, then this money is paid out, as retirement, and disability, benefits, to those in need,

    I have yet to hear such a concise, and defined, explanation, of "Privatization".

    Why do politicians try to make it sound like "Privatization" is an "alternative" retirement plan, when, in fact, Privatization is actually just taking ones money, and RISKING it, on the stock market.

    That's right: Unless the investor is lucky enough, to choose a winning stock, they could, very easily, walk into an investment, with $10,000, or $100,000, yet walk out, moments later, with just $10.00 in their pocket.

    This is why groups such as AG Edwards, and Merrill Lynch, advertise that investors should assess risk, PRIOR to buying stocks, or bonds.

    Yet I never hear politicians, especially those, who support "Privatization", giving the public such a clear definition, of what Privatization actually is.

    Why is the public NOT being told the simple fact that Privatization is NOT a "retirement plan". It is "playing the stock market", pure and simple.

    Unlike Social Security, there is NO guarantee, with Privatization, yet this information is NOT being given to the public.

    I really have to wonder WHY?????

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  • How do I block un-wanted messages?

    I have a relative, who, definitely, considers themselves "superior" to me, yet they don't get the hint, when I refuse to return their contacts.

    HOW do I block this person from using my facebook, LinkedIn,, and other accounts, to send me un-wanted contacts?

    2 AnswersFacebook6 years ago
  • Would a WIFI antenna work?

    Would a WIFI antenna work with a DESK TOP computer?

    NOT a laptop computer, sitting on a desk, but a standard, bulky, desk top computer?

    Would a WIFI antenna work with the telephone jack, of a standard computer?

    3 AnswersComputer Networking6 years ago
  • Anyone up, for this deal?

    I am seeking a computer programmer who, for either $100.00, or $150.00, flat rate, OR for a portion, of site profits, from pay-per-view, would be willing

    to create a web-site, for me. A site on which I could post my "digital products", to search engines, for the public to view.

    I am not looking for fancy graphics, or any other, fancy, stuff (whose purpose I would not understand anyway). All I need is something SIMPLE, and BASIC, to post "digital products" on.

    How about it? Flat Rate? or a portion of site profits?

  • Would you consider this site, for ecommerce?

    I am trying to find a place where I may set up a simple "store", to sell my "digital products" (short stories).

    I have come across this site:

    And the price seems good, but, not being a computer programmer, I have no idea if this site has the features that I need, including pay-per-view.

    Have you used this service, and if so, would you recommend it to others?

  • Where do I find this kind of site?

    I need to find a web-site design site, where, for a maximum fee, of $100.00,

    A "techno-geek" will agree to design a simple, basic, site, where I may post my "digital products", so that customers, world-wide, may find my work, via "search engines", for paid downloads.

    I need to find someone who will design a site, using language which I understand. The simple, basic, English, which we use to talk to family, friends, and neighbors, would be best.

    What I do NOT need is "computer terms", such as "drag and drop", "platforms", "domains", "network connectivity", and so on.

    All that I am asking for is a web-site, where I may sell my stories, and with use directions, which are written in a form which "normal" people can understand.

    Where do I find such a site, for this purpose?

    4 AnswersProgramming & Design6 years ago
  • Why do internet sites intentionally LIE?

    Although sites, such as WIX, weebly,, and many other sites, all list themselves, publicly as:

    "Our service is so easy to use that anyone can create a custom web-site, in no time"

    Yte once potential users enter the sites, all "directions/instructions" contained, on the site, are written in a "form/way" which ONLY computer programmers, and Ph.d's, in Computer Sciences, can understand?

    I mean: Just what are:

    1) platforms?

    2) domains?

    3) drag-and-drop?

    and so on.

    Why do these sites all LIE, in their advertising, claiming that "Anyone can use our site", when, what they really mean is "Anyone, with an advanced, computer, degree, can use our site".?

    Shouldn't these sites advertise "Our site is a wonderful tool, but ONLY for advanced computer users".

    WHY do these sites LIE about ease of use????

    1 AnswerSearch Engine Optimization6 years ago
  • Why do web-design sites REFUSE to use English?

    I have tried stumbling my way through WIX, weebly, and other sites. Currently, I am fumbling my way through, and I have the exact same problem, on every single web-site.

    So far, I have found not one, single, web design site, which is WILLING to post its instructions in clear, simple, "people speak" English.

    Why do these web-sites REFUSE to post directions, like this:

    Step 1: Enter personal information

    Step 2: Enter proposed web site name

    Step 3: Enter site content (products/stories)

    Step 4: Publish to internet

    Why do these sites keep insisting upon using "techno-babble" phrases such as "drag and drop", "platforms", "network connectivity", and so on.

    Why do these sites REFUSE to speak the English which people use, to speak, to family, friends, and neighbors?

    Why such a passionate refusal to use a language which the general public understands?

    4 AnswersProgramming & Design6 years ago
  • Why did the "For Dummies" series bother to publish this title?

    While trying, and failing, to understand the web-site design process

    I had my local library secure me a copy of the "For Dummies" book, about web-site design. Reason: No other web-site design book was WILLING to teach the basics, in "people speak" English (the English we speak, with family, friends, and neighbors).

    I had hoped that the "For Dummies" book would make things simpler. I was wrong. In fact, the only part, of the "For Dummies" book, which I understood, was the "Welcome to" section.

    Beyond this, even the "For Dummies" book use only computer techno-babble, to "explain" web-site design.

    Since the "For Dummies" series was supposed to be for those of us who do NOT understand computer lingo, I have to wonder why they bothered to publish yet another title, which only computer programmers, and Ph.d's can understand?

    What about the rest of us? When do us non-tech-geeks get a volume, which speaks to us in a way which we can understand?

    When will someone publish a web-design book, for those of us who only speak English (not computer)?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • How do I go on-line?

    In the simplest possible English, which you would use to speak to family, or friends, I would like directions for placing a "digital products" web-site on internet search engines, for the public to be able to find.

    In simple, people talk, HOW do I do this?

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products6 years ago