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  • Sender's address no longer shown.?

    In the new email display I no longer see the sender's address. Is there a setting which will allow it to be displayed?

    2 AnswersCalendar and Contacts7 years ago
  • How can I stay logged in for longer?

    I used to be able to stay logged in for for 24 hours.

    A couple of months ago I started to find the "session expired" message quite frequently. This despite having ticked the box to "stay logged in on this computer."

    In the message it says " If you have chosen in your Yahoo! User Information (found be visiting "My Account" next to the Yahoo! Mail logo at the top of this page) to be prompted for a password more frequently than every day, your session will expire after the specified amount of time."

    They used to have that on the log-in screen if I remember correctly. Anyway, I haven't found that facility anywhere in my account.

    Does anyone else have this problem? If not, will someone please tell me where it is (or should be) ?

    7 AnswersOther - Yahoo Mail1 decade ago