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  • My daughter moved back home with me and her attitude is dragging me down?

    My daughter's marriage has ended and they have lost their home. she moved back in with me, her mother and I was happy to have them I am sorry for her that this happened but they will be better off without him. She has three kids who I love so very much. She had agreed to pay me a certain rent as all the bills nearly tripled once they came. that was a year ago. some months she has paid me so that instead of two payments a month they over lap so it is really three payments over two months. In the past I have just tried to cover the difference. Her father died 8 years ago and I have no job I am living off payments from an annuity my smart husband set up I get nothing like the money he used to make and my girl just does not seem to understand this. If I could I would not ask her a rent at all. They have nowhere to go and she works and would need someone to be with the kids. I cannot imagin putting them all in the streets but I cannot take this atmosphere much longer.

    I love the kids and they are not the problem it is their mother, my child She was always difficult and stubborn and rather sour, very different from me and her father. Now she is horrible. We never talk and that is because all my attempts are rebuffed. She is angry all the time I can understand this. MY heart breaks for her but I did not do this. She should be angry at him. I hurt for her but I really can't live with her anger and attitude I cannot put them out so maybe this is just a rant.

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  • What do you do when someone you thought was a good friend shows you they are not?

    some one I thought was a good friend for a few years now just did something that has really hurt me. We are just friends, pow wow dancers and we made plans to go to a competition. I had my family members coming and I had the rooms reserved and made plans. Last week I asked if we were still on and he said sure thing. Thursday another friend calls to say that he cannot make it. That's it. He cannot make it. I had to tell my mom not to come out and then I could not get back the money for the hotel rooms, 48 hour policy. this was no spur of the moment thing, this event was and is the talk of the summer and we have gone and danced for years now.

    Well my dance stuff was there at his house after the last pow wow so I would not have to bring it back again in 3 days. I say when I am coming to pick it up and he has this same friend meet me at the train and has my stuff all packed. I took the next train back and could not wait for this guy to leave.

    I thought we were friends. I was his friend but I guess he was never really mine. I realize I have no claim on his time but I feel somehow betrayed. The friendship is over, That's my take on his actions and that is how I feel right now But it hurts because I really thought we were friends. It was fun dancing with him and I don't get much fun since my husband died. It is really my own fault for forgetting that you cannot depend on anyone and not really trust them either. The only 3 people I could ever really trust and depend upon, my grandmother, my mother in law, and my husband, are all dead now. This feels like a loss almost as great

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  • Why does my cat deliberatly knock over his water bowl?

    He never does this with the food bowl, which is the exact same kind of bowl. When I put water in his bowl, either set the bowl on the floor and pour it in or fill the bowl and set it down, the cat will come and seem to scratch at the side of the bowl or over the top and then smack it or tilt it so water runs out.

    I have tried just putting a little water in the bowl. There's not so much to spill but then the water runs out and he yowls because he is thirsty. I am just wondering what he thinks he is doing? He hates stepping in the water yet he continues to spill it out.

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  • Why does my kitty try to bit and nip at my hand?

    I have a nine month old male cat and many times when I go to pat him he will purr and then suddenly grab my arm and bite at my hand. He does not really bite down, but sort of hold on with his teeth. He wrapps both arms around my arm to hold on.

    I know the cat likes me, he loves to sit on my lap and get petted, he follows me around the house and sits on my feet when I sit down. sometimes he will hide and then run out and pounce on my feet or try to grab my ankle and bite at that. Why does he do this? I don't want to do it but shoud I have him fixed?

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  • If you show interest in a man does he think you want to sleep with him, NOW?

    I have been a widow for 5 years now, one that wants to go on with life and does things to keep busy. I have met someone who I see on a limited but regular basis. He has expressed an interest in me and we just recently spoke on the phone. He wants us to go out for lunch or dinner and I think I would like to do that, but I also think I liked the idea better before we talked on the phone. He talked about taking pictures of darkskinned women with large asses. It set off an alarm. Perhaps I am old fashioned but I did not like him using that word and did I mention he was talking about nude photo's.

    I am thinking that while part of me would like to go out with him to see more, part of me is saying you have already seen all you need to see. Since the limited but re occurring contact will continue I am thinking that perhaps I should not go out with him at all because that could be misunderstood and I will still have to see him again. He is the doorman at the building where I attend a monthly gathering. We have talked on that hello good by basis for a couple of years.

    I have not been in the dating game since the 70's so I was wondering had things changed so much. Is it now just expected that to show interest means you are willing to sleep with them right this moment. I like to sleep with friends, but I want to be friends first. Is that too old fashioned for today? This situation has just made me realize that I am a single woman, not a married one now. I an not really a prude, I used to really love to have sex but the last time was in 2004 and only with my husband for 30+years before that. Perhaps I am just not ready or not for this time, but the whole conversation seemed a bit crude to me and I was a little offended. Is this par for today's course?

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  • Are we living in the time of Revelations?

    Listen to the news. Is this the beginning of the End? Is this the war the Anti-Christ is gonna "fix" and light the fuse for the Final Days?

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  • Are there any Red Hat Society ladies out there?

    I just learned of this group and I wanted to know something about it.

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  • Where Can I Find A Red Hat chapter?

    I recently found out about this group and it sounds like exactly what I need a little fun and a few friends to share it with. I live in the Jamaica area of Queens New York. Any of you Red Hat Ruby's out there, give a girl a holler

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  • How do you say Happy Mother's Day to some one who should not be having a baby?

    My sister's daughter is having another baby with a new boyfriend that just got out of prison. My sister is acting like this is wonderful. The girl won't work or go to school and she already has a 5 year old she has dumped on her mother and grandmother who now take care of that child. Now she and her unemployed ex con boyfriend are having a baby. I think my sister is paying their rent now in addition to keeping the first child.

    I think this is a disaster and the girl should not be having any more children. I have seen her in action, she is a terrible mother and the first child is far better off away from her. I fear for this new little baby and my clueless niece but my sister thinks this is all just fine and dandy. Is she crazy or am I? We are having dinner tommorrow with our mother and I just do not know what to say about it all.

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  • Do you think the US government will be ready for the Bird Flu?

    I am not feeling confident in light of their performance in the Katrina debacle. Do you think they will do any better when the Bird Flu hits

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  • Why are men always want women to give them blow jobs?

    I understand why they enjoy it but why would they think that would be something any woman would be interested in doing? Most men would not dream of doing the woman in that manner yet they always push and try to get the woman to do it for them. It is pretty gross and does nothing physically for the woman and most men are very selfish about how it is done as well like trying to just shove it all down your throat. I wonder if any men have thought about what it really is like for their girl to do this?

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  • Why are men in such a hurry to get a woman into bed? What ever happened to getting to know you?

    Trying to meet men is very discouraging All any of them seemt to want is to get to bed as fast as possible. I am no prude but I am not gonna sleep with someone I have just met or exchanged emails with? Where have all the gentlemen gone?

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  • I just got my hair cornrowed and it is so tight . Now I'm getting bumps on my scalp they hurt, What can I do?

    I have worn my hair in cornrows and braids for a long time now but someone different braided this time and now it hurts. This has never happened before so I do not know what to do.

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