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  • Could someone help me find a Poker Tournament video please?

    I THINK it was World Series of Poker. One player went All In. When the dealer started mucking the cards, she accidentally gathered the player’s cards and burned them. The player was OBVIOUSLY upset, and called out, “What are you doing?” At this point, the commentators started reviewing the rules and reading them off for the viewers. The Pit Boss came over to review what had happened from the dealer and the player. UNFORTUNATELY, it is the player’s responsibility to protect the cards, so she lost the hand.

    Card Games2 months ago
  • What movie or show am I remembering?

       A magician has an act where he goes inside a box with holes in the cover. He closes the cover. A rope is released, sending a board with spikes on it SLAMMING into the box. The board is pulled up & the magician steps out, unharmed. 

       The solution of How Did He Do It ~ under the stage was a pyramid large enough for a person to fit inside. As long as the magician was able to lure someone inside, the magic would send the spikes to the pyramid, instantly killing whoever was inside. The magician stepped out of the box & took his bows. 

       Later, a man is missing his friend {I don't remember if it was his girlfriend, his wife, or someone he cared for], & he goes around looking for her. He happens on the pyramid, & opens it. To his sheer delight, his friend was in there, unharmed {Because the magician hadn't started his act yet.}. Since there is no one inside the pyramid now, the spikes come slamming on the murderous magician, killing him.

    Movies3 months ago
  • What episode of E.R. am I remembering?

    Dr. Greene was saying "Wrong!" to the tune of Westminster Chimes.

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  • What's the yell?

    I am THINKING it's Dragon Ballz, but I am not sure. Your wrists are touching each other held to your chest. Then you yell something like [Kanimani...], then you push your hands out, fingers pointed toward the target while finishing the yell. [Haaaaaaa!] An energy ball formed in your hands is shot toward the target.

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  • What movie am I remembering?

    The villain of the movie has one of his henchmen brought in. The villain is playing a Virtual Reality Golf Game with a padded sheet. He makes one shot & the computer announces the distance he hit. The henchman is made to lie down & a tee is placed in his mouth. He spits it out, and another one is placed in. The villain asks the henchman some questions as he is preparing to hit the ball off the tee. He says something like: "When I start losing my concentration, my game goes to hell. You could too." & hits the ball in JUST the right spot that it draws blood from the henchman's nose.

    2 AnswersMovies6 months ago
  • What is the right term? [Black or African-American]?

    I do NOT want to insult anyone. I am genuinely looking for opinions/facts. When I was a child, I was told that "African-American" is a more polite term. Now I am hearing that "Black" is the correct term. Which is it? [I DO KNOW that "colored" is ABSOLUTELY NOT right to say at all.]

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 months ago
  • How do I solve this 2-Part Algebra problem?

    4X^2 - 3 = 0

    #1.} Find the factors.

    #2.} Solve for X

    4 AnswersMathematics7 months ago
  • What cartoon short am I remembering?

    A hungry rabbit won't let a magician do his tricks correctly until he gets a carrot. The magician keeps reaching into his Top Hat, but the rabbit keeps pulling his OWN tricks from his Magical Merlin Hat to keep the magician from doing his magic.

    Other - Pets7 months ago
  • 7 (3^2 - 5) - 7 + 3?

    Many may be surprised to discover that the answer is 4!

    5 AnswersMathematics7 months ago
  • What movie am I remembering? ?

       A little girl [I don't think she was even 6 years old] was riding her horse. She rode by her parents and called out, "I raised the bar. Watch me!" 

       Her mom must have had some kind of premonition, because she said, "Just like her father." Then horror comes across her face. "Just like her father!" She anxiously tells her husband to stop their daughter. But it was too late. Even if the husband had run, he wouldn't have been able to get there in time. She jumped and fell off the horse. Fortunately, it looked like it didn't last long. It looked like she was gone quickly after she hit the ground.

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  • What movie am I remembering?

    There was a family that needed to escape some type of horror. Some nuns helped them out by taking various parts of the villains' vehicles so the family could get away.

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  • Which episode of Doctor Who am I remembering?

    There was an episode where The Doctor was doing something that a murderess' [assistant? aide?] found fascinating. He called out, "Permission to squeeeeeee.....", then she murdered her assistant.

    Drama7 months ago
  • How does this sound: Ramen Soup with Stove Top & Swiss CHeese?

    One night I was looking for something for supper. I looked in my pantry and saw Chicken Ramen Noodles. I thought: "That sounds good." My stomach said, "Rumble rumble!" [Translation: "I want more!"] So I looked some more and saw Chicken-Flavored Stove Top Stuffing. I thought, "I'll add some of that." My stomach said, "Rumble rumble!" [Translation: "I want more!"] So I looked in the refrigerator, and saw Swiss Cheese to put on top. I thought, "That sounds good." My stomach said, "RUMBLE rumble!" [Translation: "THAT'S IT!"]

    3 AnswersLanguages8 months ago
  • I am studying Conjugating Numbers. What is the origin of the word, and how does it apply?

    I know when a married person is incarcerated, they can get a Conjugal Visit, and I know about Conjugating Verbs. How does the definition of Conjugate fit in with these?

    3 AnswersLanguages8 months ago
  • I just had some coffee, and it tasted burned.?

    My Keurig is set to 190 degrees. Is this too hot for coffee? If it is, why did the Keurig company have this setting? If not, why does the coffee taste burned? Bad batch?? Return the pods to WalMart? What do I do?

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  • What is your favorite entree?

    I am partial to Mozzarella Sticks, but I also like Onion Rings.

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  • What is the name of the table?

    I remember going to a Chinese Buffet with a friend. My favortite part was where you went through the raw items, selected which ones you wanted, then handed them to the chef. Then you had a choice of spicy or not spicy. I ALWAYS chose Not Spicy. Then he would dump the ingredients on a LARGE round table. [I would think about 6 feet across. He would add a liquid, and start cooking the food for you. Her would shuffle the ingredients you chose with the liquid {What's the liquid? I don't think it was just water.}, then put everything on a clean plate & hand it to you. What is the name of the table?

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  • What movie villain am I remembering?

    He was injured. He broke into someone's house, broke a sink, crushed the porcelain, & used it to heal himself.

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  • In A Man Called Horse, what happened between Yellow Hand, Black Eagle & THorn Rose?

    After Horse and Yellow Hand were married, one day, Horse came out of his tent to hear Yellow Hand Wailing, and Black Eagle was holding up something and turning around on one spot. What was going on between Yellow Hand, Black Eagle & Thorn Rose?

    2 AnswersHistory9 months ago