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  • When will I be able to put new fish in my tank?

    Ok, here's what happened.

    I have a 55gl Fresh water tank..with a Double Flitration pump, + 2 underground filters..which work great.

    I "had" 1 12&1/2in Tire Track Eel, 1 6 in Dinosaur Eel, 1 Black Ghost,

    2 Cory Cats.

    What has survived is. 1 Peach colored Oscar 8in long and 1 Cory Cat, and 1 Black African knife.

    No one ate the other...What happened was at the bottom of my tank this White cotton looking stuff started growing....I believe that the food was bad, because 1st of all my Tire Track eel stoped eating, (he went 2 weeks without eating) and that wasn't like him, a day or too ok, but not longer. I also found out that the cotton stuff was from over feeding and that made the bacteria grow. I think it was from a bad batch of Krill the kind you buy in the bottle.. I called a fish store and the mgr of the Freshwater dept, said that Flake food if it gets too old, (like when you buy the big bottles of fish food) looses its Vitamin C, which inturn lets the Amonia get higher in the tank, which lets the Cotton stuff grow.

    So, I siphoned over 1/2 the tank, scraped, and scraped the bottom of the tank, then took the net and went back and forth grabbing the floating stuff(cotton). refilled the tank, added the chemicals + Aquairium salt. and cleaned out my pumps and put new fliter pads in ( i did NOT risne out the Bio sponges, just pulled any **** off of them.

    My tank is clear and I don't see any more cotton stuff, and my 3 fish are fine....So how long should I wait before adding new fish?

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  • How do I get rid of the hard green Algae on my fish tank?

    My tank is a 20 gl tank..(Fresh Water)....My water is clear, the fish I have are 1 neon and a bunch of Mollies and Guppies, and 1 Mystery snail the size of a Golf ball. All are healthy.

    I say a bunch of Fish because both the Female Mollie and Guppy have had babies...Especially the Guppy she's had at least 3 litters.(if that's what you'd call them)... I catch the babies after they are born and put them in the breeders net until they are big enough to put with the rest of the group.

    Now the Algae is the Dark Green stuff that is growing on the glass,

    My snail can only do so much!....I got a magnet but that don't work very well... So I resort to using a toothbrush, but that's a killer on the arms. I'm wondering if the algae is growing so fast is because I put a Algae wafer in the tank everyday, because the Mollies LOVE to eat it and so does the snail..The Guppies could care less.

    Also, what am I going to do with all these fish?? Where can I sell them....They are MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS...

    I have a 55 gl tank but my Oscar , Tire track eel, Dinosaur eel and Black Knife would probably eat them.

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  • How long does it take to cook Hot Boiled Peanuts?

    I bought a bag of Salted Raw Peanuts, I added Salt to the water and have been Boiling them all day (6 hrs)...How long should I have to boil them untill they get soft?

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  • Dinosuar Eel Stuffed to the Gills. (Pardon the Pun)?

    My Dinosaur Eel is a Glutton, he decided to eat a few feeder fish, he ate so many that he has been floating most of the day on his back...Yes, he is Breathing! And can still swim, but he can't flip back over yet.

    Should he be ok after his HUGE dinner Digests?

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  • Happy Mothers Day to ALL the Moms & Dads(who've rasied their kids by themselves..I know, my DAD raised me)

    Sometimes Dads don't get credit for raising their kids by themselves...Every Mothers Day, besides wishing my Mother Happy Mothers Day, I wish my Dad Happy Mothers Day too.

    Its especially hard for a Dad, when he has a Daughter!

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  • PS2 online games?

    My son has a PS2 and is able to go online to play his video games, my question is why won't some of the games work online.When they say they should.

    I'm not talking about games that are not made for on-line.

    The system is about 1 yr old. and he takes care of it.

    We have Highspeed internet service (Broadband).

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  • Starting up 55gl Fish tank?

    I'm getting ready to get a 55gl Fish tank, my fish really need it.

    But my question is about using the Undergravel Filters.

    I know I need 2 get 2 of them, but do I also need to get the Underwater pumps? Will these work with the regular pumps that will be on the outside. or do the Underwater pumps make it where the Outside pumps are able to grab what been filtered from the bottom. Also, was reading on the box, you should run them every 2 wks. can't they run all the time?

    I hope I asked the question the right way.

    Wasn't too sure how to ask.

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  • Could this be Ick?

    I have 2 African Cichlids 1 Yellow Lab (which I believe is male) the other is Orange and I think is Female. + a few other fish.

    I have to keep the Orange Cichlid separated in the tank because the Yellow Lab will go after it...(3 days ago the Yellow Lab, burtally attacked my BETA and it died).(Which I normally keep separated, but let it in with the other fish so I could clean its net, which I do once a week. by the time I finished cleaning the net all of the Betas Fins were bitten off)

    Anyways. the Cichlids seemed to be doing ok, When the Orange one was hovering at the top of the tank in the corner.

    I put it back in its area.

    Yesterday, I noticed what looked like white flakes..or Shedding scales..

    I figured it had gotten bitten and the bites were infected so I today I went and bought ICK medicine..

    It seems to be ok...Oh and when I put it back in its area, it stopped hovering at the top and started swimming around in its area.

    No other fish have White on their scales.

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  • Mating or Threating African CICHLIDS ?

    I have 2 African Chichlids..1 is a Yellow Lab and the other is Orange. I belive the Yellow Lab is Male because he has Black in the two lower fins..My Orange one I just put back in the population because I had it separated in a breeders net because someone niped its tail fin off and it has now recovered.

    As soon as I put the Orange one back with the others the Yellow Lab swam up to it and started to Vibrate its body, then chase it around the tank, then they both swam into the cave.

    The Yellow Lab didnt try to bite the Orange one.

    So my question is.. is this part of Mating or Bullying?

    I don't know if the Orange one is Female.

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  • Fresh fruit or Raw Green Veggies for fish?

    All my fish are tropical.

    I've seen in the pet shops where sometimes they give them slices of Oranges.

    My question which I forgot to ask at the Pet shop is.

    Is it OK to put a piece of Fresh Fruit or a piece of Raw Cellery or lettuce leaf in the tank as long as its rinsed clean with water?

    And not left in the tank longer than 24 hrs?

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  • Cleaning 10 gal Tank?

    I'm cleaning out my tank it's 10gal.

    I stired up the rocks (since I don't have a sifon) so it will go thru the filter.

    Took out the rocks and have washed them with water then rinsed them in a bowl with an Alge & Baccteria tablet then rerinsed them in water again for good measure.

    I going to keep rinsing out the filter cartridge untill the water gets clear again, then put in a new cartridge.

    I also put in the tank an Alge & Baccteria tablet.

    My water was very clear untill about a day ago, I guess it got extra dirty from the Food discs I put in it when I went away for a week.

    How long does it take for the water to clear back up from black to clear?

    And whats the best way to clean a tank?

    My fish are very healthy, I hope this don't harm them.

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  • Aquairium Live Plant blubs.?

    I put 2 Live Plant Blubs in my Aquairium a few of my fish have nibbled on them.

    My question is this.....If my fish nibble on the plant bulbs will it hurt the fish and will it hurt the bulbs?

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  • Cloudy Water?

    I can't seem to get my fish tank to stop being cloudy, I've never had this problem before so I'm very aggrivated.

    I've had the water's fine. I've used the instant clear stuff and it all most works, but then goes cloudy again.

    It's a 10 gal tank, I'm starting to think that maybe I should buy a bigger filter for a 20 gal tank.

    I just added new fish and the tank was cloudy before I got them.

    All this fish are happy, swimming and feeding very well.

    No Goldfish, just 1 Simease Fighting Fish (Male) 2 Sucker Fish, 2 Cat Fish, 2 Tiger Fish, 2 Sharks and 2 Red Tailed Barbs.

    My 1 Barb is nurotic...he acts like he's on Speed!..LOL

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  • Fresh Water Aquairium Fish Pictures?

    Does anyone know of a website where I can see pictures of Fresh Water Aquairium Fish...( I don't want to have to know the name, I just want to click on a site and see them).

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  • Fuzzy Beta?

    I've had this Beta for 2 wks he's been doing fine since I got him.

    But when I had him in the little jar by himself I had to change the water almost everyday,(because it stayed cloudy (not from overfeeding) (and put in new conditioner), Earlier this week I bought a 10 gallon tank with 2 sucker fish.

    I put in the water conditioner when I set the tank up..

    The water is still cloudy and it looks as tho the beta has Fuzz (like cotton) starting to grow on him.

    I done some research, and it says it takes almost 1 month for the tank to get right..

    I've had tanks before and NEVER had this problem.


    The Beta before this one, started to grow fuzz on him and died pretty quick, I saw him swimming that morining and by that afternoon found him at the bottom of the tank dead, he looked like a cotton ball.

    Another note...The 1st Beta I never saw eat.

    and I did NOT get them from the same place.

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  • Is the Space Station visable?

    Seems like I remember hearing or reading that the Space Station would visable from Earth.(USA).

    Is it? and how would you tell it from any other twinkle in the sky?

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