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  • I cant remember the name of a movie.?

    It is a comedy, christmas movie. A man and his wife i think. bought a house and moved into a quaint little town. But he just doesnt get along with the people, random inncidents make it worse,and the people were mean. So at the end he decides to put the house up for sale, and every one in town helps him sell it by acting freindly and decorating for x-mas,

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  • I cant remember what this movie is!?

    it was probably made within the last 10 year. It is similar to "the Cell", were someone went into another persons mind. He did it to try to prove that a man was innocent of a crime that he was in prison for. But then he got stuck. Thanks!

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  • Cholla wood in aquaium?

    I want to use Cholla wood in a shrimp tank. I know that it disolves in several months, but does it leave peices or, disolve and decay or what? I dont want to end up hurting the shrimp with a dirty tank, but I here the cholla wood is good for them.

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  • Can you help me ID this movie?

    Soooo, 25 years ago or more, I was "playing" at a freinds house. We were passing through the tv room. I was there just long enough to be scared for life ! Just kidding, but yes, there was a movie on, A woman in the shower, and well the drain was clogged, She takes this wire coat hanger, unravels it to make a straight wire, and starts poking it in the drain. Next thing you no, blood is shooting up the drain and out the shower head,

    Thats all i saw. I have watch hundreds of old chessy movies and never encortered this one again. but Someone out there must have! THANKS!

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  • Can anyone help me i have football questions?

    Hi i am trying to write a storry and i Had some questions about highschool foootball that I cant seem to find on google.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!!

    The highschool in the story is mid-upper class, if that effects anything.

    1.How many football coaches would a high school have?

    2. would a school have seperate coaches for other sports, basketbal, etc.?

    3. How many members would they have for one football team in highschool?

    4. could a 10th grader be on the same team as a 12th grader?

    5. can you score by throwing the ball past the goal?

    Thanks again for any help, !

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  • Has anyone had experiance with buffalo head cichlid fish ?

    Hi, has anyone had experience with hump head/blockhead/buffalo head cichlids? I was researching them, and considering adding some to my 55 gallon tank with loaches, angel fish and a bristlnose pleco. I am mostly concerned that the loaches would stress them out. anybody have any thoughts?

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  • Attachment image

    I would like to know what species these 3 fish are?

    Hi, I was in some higher end fish store a long time ago. I found these old pictures, and while I have no immediet interest in keeping saltwater fish, I was going to read up on these fish, except I do not know what species they are. Anyone recognize them?


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  • Baby shower gift question?

    I am making party favors for my sisters baby shower.

    they are 2 inch tall votive candle holder jars, with a pencil inside and a pendant hangs from the eraser.

    I wasnt sure what to use to keep the pencil in place. Then i thought, food color died beans to fill the jar and stick the pencil inside.

    but now that i died the beans and filled half the 30 jars, I realize that beans could spill everywere.

    does any one have any creative ideas to save the party favors?


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  • I am curious about the behavior of platies?

    I was considering adding platies to my community tank with angel fish and a pearl gourami with very long fins.

    I have read that platies might be fin nippy. And i have read the absolute opposite. I would not risk adding fin nippers to the tank. What is your experience with platies?

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  • preparing for a test, and I need the formula for solving problems like these!?

    You buy 6 lottery tickets, your co-worker buys 11 lottery tickets, you win 37 million dollars. if you split it up according to the amount of tickets purchased, how much money does each person get?

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  • Wondering about vitamins for tropical fish?

    Hello, I have a freshwater aquarium. with rainbow fish, tetras, loaches, gourami. I have been wondering if it would be beneficial to add some kind of aquarium vitamins to the tank. I am looking for the vitamins for the fish, not plants. Or maybe I could just add spiraluna flakes to there diet.

    The first product I researched was aqua flourish , for fish not for plants.

    I guess my main concern is that I would have to use a lot of it in my 55 gallon tank. I was wondering if any of you use any type of vitamins in your tank and if you could recommend anything. Thanks!

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  • Did anyone see the Tanked Tv episode with Neil Patrick Harris?

    Did anyone see this TV show Tanked. The episode with Neil Patrick Harris? In the side story, a young kid came to them and wanted a shark tank. And they made him an 8 gallon tank with Bala sharks, guppies and redtailed sharks! Did that make anyone else want to scream? WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY THINKING? Or maybe you know somthing about what they were thinking that could help me stop wanting to bang my head on the wall.

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  • Has anyone here has ordered fish from petsolutions ?

    I want to know if anyone has ordered fish from this sight,

    if so , are they good sellers? I can not find any testomanials from anyone for this sight, "I want to use this sight because they have a 14 day garantee, and becuase they are the only sight selling both the fish species I want, and at good prices = plain glass tetras and yellow rainbow fish". Thanks!

    Fish9 years ago
  • Please help me Identify this clip from a music video!?

    I know that this is from o music video I watched recently, but I cant remember what it was PLEASE HELP!

    1 AnswerLyrics9 years ago
  • I am Looking for info about a song from Moulin Rouge, can you help?

    I have tried and tried to find the answer on google, I have watched the movie a bunch of times, But I can not figure this out.

    Does anyone know When the song Complainte de la Butte by Rufus Wainwright played in the movie Moulin Rouge???????????

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  • I'm looking for some interesting TV series?

    I am always finding out late or missing cool TV series,

    I really like Dexter, Carnivale, Jericho, Lost, Reaper, 6 feet under, The BBC's Being Human, evan Desperate Houswives.

    Does anyone have any recomendations? THANKS

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  • What song had a music video were Slash from Guns N Roses was playing his Guitar on a train track?

    What music video was it that were Slash was playing his guitar on a train track and the train was coming and just before it hit him, he walked off the track?


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