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  • Why 3 days, not 10 hours to the Moon.?

    I learned long ago that the escape velocity of the earth at sea level was something like 40000 km/h. I also learned that the moon is something like 400000 km from earth. So, in order to escape the earth's gravity the rocket has to go 40000 km/h. It would seem like you could be at the moon in 10 hours at that pace. Does the rocket have to traverse a much greater distance than is obvious? Does a large fraction of the initial velocity bleed off before escaping? What is going on? Why does it take 7 times as long as would seem to be required?

    9 AnswersAstronomy & Space6 years ago
  • Code works on Windows 7 and won't run on Windows 8?

    I had been compiling a c++ project in MSVS6.0 for the last 15 years. It works fine on Windows 7 (and ME, etc). Customer tries to run it on Windows 8 and it refuses. Will Rebuilding on MSVS2012 Express do the trick or is there more to it? If there is more, what more is there? Do I need build everything with SAFESEH?

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  • How do I get Vista to dial when I want it to?

    My club is too cheap to get DSL and is using dial up and just got a computer running Vista. There are a couple of user at the club who need to be able just to run a program that does a file transfer. The problem is that I haven't been able to get the dial up connection to fire with anything besides Firefox or IE. How do I make Vista do the dialup when I run one of the file transfer programs. I've tried ping, nslookup, etc. I suppose that I could make it dial by running IE and putting in a delay, but that is QUITE inelegant. Can you do better?

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  • How do I get Visual Studio not to disable my breakpoints?

    I'm using VC++ 6.0 or so. I have one executable in a workspace that has its breakpoints disabled every time that I run it (requiring that I debug in assemble without the source obvious) while others within the same workspace can be easily debugged.

    I've done most of the obvious things like using a debuggable library and turning optimizations off. Is there something inobvious, but common that I could be missing?

    It seems like VS is missing the information about what line goes with what code. How do I get VS to be aware of this information?

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  • Windows Image Driver Programming Question?

    I have two scanners and a Creative Webcam attached to my PC. I am trying to write a raw image capture driver to grab images from one or any of them. I am able to get a list of cameras and all of that and create a device and even get status, but I try to do a RawReadData and I either get an error or no data returned. I suspect that I have to issue a command before I do this, but I can't find any documentation about the vendor-specifc (or generic) commands.

    For the application that I am creating, I don't want to use central push, but it doesn't matter unless I can grab data. Are the commands documented anywhere?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago