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  • Making sense of raw data using Excel?

    I've conducted a survey and exported the result. The exported data isn't that helpful. Different questions of the Survey form the first row of the excel sheet. Under every question the answers by various participants are listed. The answers are mostly Yes/No/Can't Say.

    Is there any way to find percentage of answers for each question. For eg for Question 1 how many answered in Yes and how many answered in No. Would Pivot tables help?

    The Sheet would look as shown

    Q1 Q2 Q3

    Yes No No

    No Yes No

    Can't Say No No

    No Yes Can't Say

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  • How is Quarterly Average Balance calculate?

    Could someone please explain how QAB is calculated? There have been a couple of answers to this question but none were very clear.

    Should the daily balance for 90 days be divided by 3 or by 90 to get QAB?

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago