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I'm an avid humanitarian for all people not just any particular group or groups of people, without distinction. I try to be just and fair before openning my mouth to judge, make opinions, or condem anyone by offending them for their opinions except when they r being a bigot or racist. Ignorant folk that speak or live hate r on my serious prayer list.

  • Constitutional and State laws are they the same?

    Why do laws in CT for instance seem so different than laws in other states isn't every state suppose to follow the same constitutional laws? Like why are bails or bonds set lower for ppl becuz of their gender and political ties or employment and are not always the same laws that are suppose to apply to all ppl equally? Ok so it's 2 questions in one, hahahahaha

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  • What animal has the biggest organ in the animal world?

    Brain, heart, liver, intestines, stomach, reproductive, kidneys and so on and how much do they weigh accordingly.

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  • I have been looking for my long lost children?

    I have 2 boys that were taken from me without my consent by thier mothers and maybe adopted out w/o my consent how do I find them? I've been looking frantically 4 them 4 over 25 yrs. I know one of the boys name it is Rafael Delgado, Jr. given to him by his drug addicted mother to spite me and he was taken from her by the state of CT but they r not cooperating with me. The other sons mother was taken from me when she was 5 months pregnant and maybe rasied in RI but I don't know his name just that he exists. Pls help find my boys before I die.

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  • How can I start a free website?

    I want to start a Christian based website for people seeking guidance, help and for asking question on religion or the bible which they don't completely understand.

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  • OMG I'm at risk of losing a dear friend I call sister of 40 plus years someone pls help.?

    I rang in the new year with the best sex partner I ever had in my 54 yrs. problem is he's my best female friend's nephew and it would absolutely crush her to find out the truth that he is bi-sexual but he lied to her about who he was with in my home for new years and he started a commotion over a conversation he heard my friend and I talking about on my phone without her knowing he was listening. I guess he finally confronted her and now she's hurt but she doesn't know the whole story and I don't want to be the one to tell her the entire truth of the matter that started with him and I having sex more than once, he's 32 yrs. old so he's no Spring chicken and an adult ( I don't mess around with kids God forbid). How do I handle this situation not problem. I just don't want to lose her, he on the other hand although good in bed is regrettably collateral damage. So pls no strange or disgusting answers I will report u!!!!!

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  • 53 and alone with eight grown kids?

    Why can't they ever remember my birthday when I always remember theirs? I still feel lonely on birthdays and holidays when none of them show up or call and the only one that truly cares lives so far away in Florida. Am I being selfish?

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  • Why are so many, especially religious people so homophobic?

    Matt. 19:12 (This is Jesus talking presumably) "For there are SOME eunuchs , which were so BORN from their mother's womb: and there are SOME eunuchs, which were MADE eunuchs of men: and THERE BE eunuchs, which have MADE THEMSELVES eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it."

    Eunuchs are described in the dictionary as "effeminated men". In which are included Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Bi-sexuals, and Transvestites even Lesbians.

    God said "Love thy neighbor as you would love thyself." He didn't characterize which neighbors we are to love, but I presume He meant all neighbors so why don't we "religious people" known as Christian's live and let live?


  • unwarranted or solicited sexually explicit emails?

    how do I get rid of this filth that has infiltrated my email account without starting another account? I followed my daughters suggestion of unsubscribing after I open just one and what I dod was open a pandoras box becuz now I'm getting them at an alarming rate in my emails where my grandkids can go to if they were on my computer for any reason. PLS HELP!!!!!! Spaming doesn't help.

    3 AnswersSending and Receiving Messages1 decade ago
  • How do I stop the creepy crawlies?

    My skin is sooo dry I have tried everything to keep it smooth and soft but have found nothing that helps not even prescribed creams, does anyone have any suggestions, I itch like crazy and feel that there are bugs or something crawling on my arms and legs all the time. I'm even imagining that it's due to the man found dead in my new aptartment after 3 weeks before I moved in who was decomposed so badly he had maggots disfiguring his face and due to the flies I've recently killed in the winter in the apartment. Please only serious answers thanks.

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  • Can anyone help me get rid of unsubscribed, unwanted , and unwarranted porno on private email account?

    My daughter told me to open an e-mail and click on unsubscribe but all I did was open a pandora's box because now I'm inundated with unwanted and unwarranted sexual e-mails explicitly detailing what I can have done to me by all sorts of indecent propsals. I fed up with the invation of my e-mail account and at wits end trying to get rid of them, including legally if I have to. Pls someone out there help me. Thanks.

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  • Why don't Americans make it harder to buy guns?

    I know, I know guns don't kill people, people kill poeple. But seriously with all the sick people out here why is it so easy to buy a gun that will eventually do what it has done in so many senseless killings that occur everyday. What a better tribute to all those that died at Virginia Tech and through-out the US daily than to make gun buying laws the stiffest possible for Kids to get their hands on and for those that don't cowardly take their own lives after these types of masacres, by giving stiffer penalties including setting the death penalty for multiple and mass murderers.

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  • My baby is crying out for help and I don't know what to do to help, pls help me?

    My 31 yr. old daughter accidentally ran over and killed her baby girl of 2 yrs. she had 3 older children, has remarried and now has another 1 and 1/2 yr. old. I have noticed her change rather drastically in mood and attitude towards everyone family primarily and society in general. She's not the same understandibly why. She still isn't anywhere close to the closure of that chapter of her life. I hear her screaming out to me as her father and don't know how to help her for the first time in my life. I knw my baby needs me and I don't know ow to counsel her exactly. I too and still grieving. We r thousands of miles apart becuz we chose to run from the state the baby died in.. We left family, friends and surroundings we were used to for peace and tranquility which is far in the distance. Professional help hasn't helped it just made it worse. My baby has even given up on the church that was there so much for her. I just awoke from a second funeral procession for my grandbaby.

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  • I live in UT found out my CT is now suspeneded what do I do?

    Before moving to Utah a car I owned was totaled while i was sleeping and the license plates were taken away with the car when it got towed by the Hartford police dept. in CT. I didn't realize I had to turn the plates in so they suspended my license for a year. I supose the year is now up and CT still wants me to pay for the plates and the restoring driving priveledges and whatever I was charged with and UT is concurring so that I can't get my UT license until I clear the CT situation then I have fees to pay for driving under a suspended license in UT that I didn't know was suspended. Pls someone help, what can I do to escape all these charges? They total well over $700.

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  • What r my rights in Utah as a father and immigrant.?

    I'm an immigrant from Africa and so is the woman I had a child with out of wedlock, we both live in Utah and she is being sponsored by an ex-Bishop of our church. I'm being sponsored by a friend. She had the baby while living in this Bishop's families home and upon advice from this Bishop she has not allowed me to see or be part of the child's life. Needless to say I have not been allowed to accept legal paternity of our American born son.

    Recently I have been told that the child will be put up for adoption no matter how I feel and that i have no legal right to say anything about this adoption. I love and want my son. He is my first born son and I can afford to provide for him either here or in my own country, where the mother and I r from. Pls help me someone, the attorney fees r litterally dimishing my finances and well being. I'm heartbroken and don't know where to turn in this country for help in keeping my son. Does the church represenative have the right to seperate us

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • I'm 51 and in love with a 30 yr. old, should we marry?

    My oldest daughter is almost 32 and the youngest is 22. I have 8 adult children and 16 grandchildren, the oldest 17 the youngest 2 mos. My 32 yr. old is ok with it I haven't spoken to the others yet but there was one request my 32 yr.old has is to pls not have another child but that's precisely why I also love this woman she can bare me another baby and my youngest child the 22 yr. old daughter isn't at all happy with any of it. My GF's answer depends on my children and I'm frightened to death. Pls. only serious answers, thanks.

    17 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • why do i get unwanted spam mail?

    I keep marking spam and still get unwanted mail from the same e-mailers how do I stop unwanted mail especially rated XXX mail that don't have unsubscribe at bottom of mail?

    2 AnswersAbuse and Spam1 decade ago
  • Am I the only one that feels this way?

    The prisons and jails of the U.S. are full of young men who want to carry guns and fight for "their turf" why not give these gang bangers the option to be trained and sent to combat instead of jail or prison? I have a son in prison wasting his life and would rather much see him defending his family and country than these drug infested streets where he chose to live. If God were to take him from me for defending and fighting for his country I could sleep easier at night rather than worrying to death that some other punk would kill him in a some senseless act. Am I alone or wrong to feel this way, including about my own son?

    12 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • I pay not to get sexually explicit e-mails but still many get through how do I stop this?

    It angers me to see such filth come to my e-mail address where It can be seen by my children or grandchildren. It embarrasses me haing to explain that I don't solicit to these sites they just pop up on my e-mails regularly. I'm also very Christian and am contemplating getting rid of my PC but am torn by it's neccesity.

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  • I'd like to learn how to scan something and add it to my documents on my PC can it be done and how pls.?

    I'm really computer illiterate when it comes to learning new things.

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