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  • Child support from the estate of Dead Father?

    Thai women has 2 year Son both living in Thailand. Not married to the childs father from UK who was planning to live in Thailand but had heart attack and died, His family accept child is his and would adopt child and bring up in UK but Thai mother does not want this but would like to know if she can apply for some financial aid from the dead fathers estate.

    Thanks for your help

    1 AnswerFamily8 years ago
  • What hope a CL Ticket?

    Bob Hope and No hope - am prepared to travel 6000 miles to Munich but what chance will I have of getting a ticket when only 17,500 are going to each club and it's a Bayern home game.

    I managed to get to the Final in 2008 in Moscow ( can still see JT's slip ) and I am desperate for a ticket but Bayern fans won't have far to travel so they are already prepared to pay over £2000 for a ticket - anyway a would like some Divine Inspiration and ask if any of my fellow True Blue Chelsea fan's who have a spare tkt for the game pls message me - Thank you

    1 AnswerUEFA Champions League9 years ago
  • Has anyone flown with Air Asia from KUL to London Gatwick ?

    Used Air Asia loads of time but no more than 3 hr flights.

    Would like to know what the experience was like and charges for food and entertainment - Thanks

    1 AnswerAir Travel9 years ago
  • Anyone flown with Airasia from KUL to LGW ( London Gatwick ?

    Hi - has anyone flown with Air Asia from KL to London with Air Asia - wanted to know what service was like , if you have to buy food and drink on flights. Used them many times for short flights less than 3 hrs but not long haul - any help would be appreciated

    2 AnswersMalaysia9 years ago
  • Taxi for Wenger !!!!!!?

    Bye Arsene - you did your best for Arsenal but time for you to go - You and Harry Rednap have to move over for Managers who are not yes men to the Board . What do you think ?

    PS Ever thought about supporting a West London Club ( and I don't mean Fulham )

    4 AnswersEnglish Football9 years ago
  • It's so quiet , it's so quiet , its so quiet at the Lane?

    Opps - time for old Harry to retire down to Bournemouth. Modric is not good enough for Chelsea let him go to QPR - when is Gareth Bale jumping ship ? Why do Spurs Fan's think their still a Big Club ? Whats it like to be bottom of the league ? so many questions ? hope the Spur's fan's come out of hiding today as you only get to hear from when they win.

    2 AnswersEnglish Football9 years ago
  • Breaking News MVP on his way to Chelsea !?

    Got you Arsenal Fans worried - if he goes then you can kiss goodbye to coming in top 4 this season.

    Why has Arsenal become a selling club - they must now be the only club in Premiership not in debt - and get more gate money than any other club .

    Yes they have got some exciting players and play good football but if they get knocked out of CL this week - what decent player would want to come and play for Arsenal.

    Your first buy should be a decent Goal Keeper - in the past you always had but since Seaman you have not.

    The Arsenal board are living in dreamland if they think that their supporters will put up with this for much longer - 5years without winning anything is to long and the thought of not being able to compete with other teams must be soul destroying when the season has only just started.

    What do you think ?

    9 AnswersEnglish Football9 years ago
  • What to you think of the way Arsenal FC have treated their own fans over the Fabregas and Nasri saga?

    I think it's a disgrace for Arsenal to wait for their season ticket renewals and then get rid of their best 2 players.

    Arsenal are a selling club and wont win anything for the next 5 years either

    The Arsenal board have no respect for their own fans.

    Wenger should quit and go to a Club that will appreciate his managerial talent.

    I am not an Arsenal fan but do admire their style of play and I always look forward to a great game of football when they play my team Chelsea

    10 AnswersEnglish Football9 years ago
  • We are spending a week in Mae Hong Son and would like to know if anyone can recommend a tour ?

    We are going In November - most tours seem to start from Chiang Mai.

    We were wondering if we fly from CM to Mae Hong Son what tours are on offer there - I want to relax and not do any driving.

    Any help or tip would be much appreciated

    2 AnswersThailand9 years ago
  • Does anyone know what time Chelsea FC will be training at the National Stadium today please?

    We have tickets for the game on sunday against the all-stars but we would like to see the boys in training - thanks for any info

    1 AnswerThailand9 years ago
  • I have lost recovery disc. If a create a back Up Disc is that the same thing ?

    I would be grateful for any help as my knowledge of IT is minimal.

    Thanks in advance

    3 AnswersSoftware10 years ago
  • What is the cheapest way to get from Pattaya to Angeles City,P.I. Please?

    5 friends are coming to visit us for Songkran in April and then want to head off to Angeles City ( Boys will be Boys ) - heard that by using Tiger Airways to Singapore and then Cebu air to CRK is a cheap route - any one know any better idea

    1 AnswerThailand10 years ago
  • Has the Tide now changed in Chelsea's favour ?

    My heart tells me we are back in the Race my brain tell's me Man U have won it already -Man City. Arsenal and Spurs are not consistent enough even though they are all still in it I feel Chelsea still pose the greatest threat to Utd - What do you think ?

    7 AnswersEnglish Football10 years ago
  • My PC will not switch on - Help?

    My PC will not switch on - when had this problem before pressed F8 and booted up but now only can press F2 and BIOS comes up but cannot work out how to start - all settings are on default but will still not work - any Ideas please

    4 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Can anyone recommend any TELF Courses in the UK?

    I would prefer not to do online courses unless someone can recommend one with confidence.

    Thanks in advance

    2 AnswersTeaching1 decade ago
  • Can anyone please recommend TELF course in the UK?

    Prefer not to do online - would prefer to do in Brighton or SE area.


    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)1 decade ago
  • Chelsea v Blackpool Final Score?

    i am going for 7-0 what do you think

    7 AnswersEnglish Football1 decade ago
  • Villa Fans pls answer my question ?

    I am not a Villa fan but I think its a blessing in disguise for you to be out of the europa league as its a competition that is so hard to win, to many matches, risk of more injuries to players and can ruin any chance of you getting into top four and domestic cup competitions - What do you think ?

    5 AnswersEnglish Football1 decade ago
  • Has anyone any dealings with Licence4You, a company that give a 3 day course which enables one to get SIA Cert?

    My brother-in -law , an intelligent guy went for a Security Guard Training Course with this firm - after 2 months of waiting he still has not received any certificate and when sending repeated e-mails gets no reply. He completed his course 2 months ago and was very confident that he had passed but know they will not speak to him on the phone or contact hm by e-mail - Is this one big scam ?

    1 AnswerOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago