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  • Why can i feel my heartbeat with a normal heart rate?

    Recently i have noticed i can feel my heart beat and it’s making me worry. I check my heart rate and it looks normal. Is it just me or is this normal?

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  • Is this a sinus infection?

    I am in so much pain in the back of my head. I also have post nasal drip and pressure on my eye and ear. I don’t know if they are 2 separate problems or all related. 

     I cant sleep because of the pain on the lower back part of my head (occipital?). When i lay i can also feel pain in my nose. My nostrils look inflamed. I went to urgent care and they said its not ear or sinus infection. I talked to my Doctor over the phone she says it most likely allergies. 

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management2 months ago
  • Any suggestions for neck pain?

    I am in so much pain in my neck it goes to the back of my head. I have bad posture and i been trying to correct it. Ibuprofen is not helping. 

  • Should i go to a chiropractor for neck pain? ?

    I have daily headaches and a migraine that lasted over 2 weeks. The migraine went away 2 days ago but now my neck pain is back. It goes all the way to the back of my head and it keeps me up at night. I’ve had bad posture most of my life ( I’m  30). I have been trying to correct it and i started a desk job 2 months ago. 

    My neurologist recommended i don't see a chiropractor because neck adjustment  can cause stroke. 

    My neurologist (i have costochondritis) said hes heard horror stories of chiropractor adjustments. I have shortness of breath and chest pain for almost a year.

    My primary doctor recommended i see a chiropractor.

    I am in so much pain. Im considering going to a chiropractor but now im paranoid ( anxiety) about having a stroke.

    Why do the specialist say not to see a chiropractor?

    Can it really cause a stroke?and can it affect my costochondritis?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management2 months ago