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  • Quarantine period for rats?

    My new rat's cage mate died two weeks ago, and I'm planning on getting him two new buddies tomorrow. How long should I quarantine them for? I'm getting a length as little as a week to as long as six months on a google search.

    3 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • What are my rats doing?

    Tonight, I've been letting my rats play in a new area, and they'll drag their genitals on the ground for a few seconds. It almost looks like they're doing an army crawl. I haven't been able to find the behavior in a google search and so haven't been able to figure out why they're doing this. Do any of you happen to know?

    6 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • Introducing rats to each other?

    I have two rats that are 3-4 months old, and I also have a rat that's about five weeks old. Is that too big an age difference? The younger rat's companion just died, and I don't want him to be alone for too long, but I'll keep him in the separate cage if I need to let him grow a little more.

    3 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • Another rat question?

    So, even though I got my sick rat meds and all that it still looks like he won't make it. My question is about the other rat I got with him -- he's still active and lively. I was wondering if I should get him another ratty friend or just wait until he's big enough to go in the cage with my two older rats.

    4 AnswersRodents8 years ago
  • Rat Owners, please help?

    I bought a pair of rats at a local pet store on Saturday and they seemed fine then. They're both sneezing. One looks as if he's panting and he yawns a lot. I've already scheduled a vet appointment for tomorrow but is there anything I can do for my new ones in the mean time?

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  • Anyone know of any exotic vets in Salt Lake City?

    Before anyone says I should have looked this up before getting my pets, I know. I should have. But I didn't.

    I have two sick rats, and I need to know where a vet clinic in Salt Lake City is so I can go get them looked at. All the ones that are coming up on google seem to be cat/dog vets only. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • For Mormons -- Is it okay to have a classic wedding, then get sealed in the temple?

    I really like the idea of having the classic wedding -- my dad walking me down the isle, my fiancee waiting for me at the end, etc -- and I know that's not the norm for our religion. I was just wondering if it's okay to get married and then have him wisk me to the temple, then have our reception or something like that....

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  • When is TWLOHA day this year?

    I've seen at least three different dates given, but I'm not sure which date it is.

    1 AnswerPsychology1 decade ago