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  • Removing unwanted pop-ups on computer?

    For the past few days, random ads keep appearing on the side of the screen on my mom's computer. Even when I click x on one, another ad pops up. I even went in the section to block pop-ups and redirection, the option is already blocked...

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  • Before falling asleep, feeling like you are floating and close to the ceiling?

    Occasionally, I'll close my eyes and I thinm I can "force it" but I just feel like I'm floatjng and too close to the ceiling. It kind of feels suffocating to a certain point. 

    I guess it is like the opposite of the feeling of falling, except when my situation happens I don't suddenly wake up. I'm still awake 

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  • Young teen doesn't do any chores?

    My youngest sister is 14 years old and she never done any chores yet. Our parents don't bother teaching her/ getting her to do them. They let her watch Youtube and play Fortnite no joke all day long, every day. If you tell her she can't play anymore, she gets grumpy af. She never cleans after herself, never washes anything. She also has issues with hygiene because our parents don't check. 

    I guess it bothers me because she does nothing and then cries that she sucks at everything and our parents rarely say they are proud of her. And all my parents do is stay in their bubbles and get upset at her when she does something wrong. I can't bring it up to our parents because they hate when I comment about stuff like that.

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  • Soundcloud songs dont play without wifi?

    There are some songs I can't listen to while I'm without wifi, but some will still play. Some days, nothing will be available to be played. Other days, a song will be able to play. 

    Was wondering if there was a solution to this.

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  • 5min of jog per day too low?

    Dont make funny of me please ahah. Im 20 years old, 110lbs and short in height. I'm beginning to go jog a bit every morning and I jog for about 5min (the time it takes to go around my neighbourhood). 

    I plan to double that after a week or so.

    Let me inform you that my cardio sucks ahah and I was never really a fan of it.

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  • How to get alcohol out of your system quick?

    I drank a whole 350ml strong alcohol bottle Thursday night. We're Saturday today and I still feel not totally sober yet...

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  • I have a reading circle this morning, but I didn't prepare for it (please read descrip)?

    For the past month I haven't really been doing well. I've lost motivation in doing anything. I still attend class, but most of the time I do the minumum and I want to leave. My hobbies? Last night it was the first time in weeks that I could pick up a pencil and draw a bit and enjoy a Youtube video. 

    The first reading circle, I wasn't 100% ready, but still showed up and shared the info I had. The teacher must think I'm a loser and I'm afraid that he'll think I'm using an excuse. Which I might kind of be, but I really had no motivation to do the assignment. 

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  • Zip code doesn't match billing address?

    I've been trying to buy a t-shirt online for the past two days and the same error pops up even if all the information is correct.

    However, a few weeks ago I was able to buy a different t-shirt from another website.

  • My friend's girlfriend is jealous of our friendship?

    Let's say my friend is Ellie and her girlfriend is Rachel, just so the pronoun game doesn't get confusing. 

    So Ellie and I are good friends. When we work together its all goofy/sarcastic stuff. 

    But with Rachel who is a naturally really anxious and dependant person, it doesn't make everyone happy. 

    -Rachel is jealous and thinks I'm flirting and trying to take Ellie from her. 

    -When Rachel gets upset over that, Ellie gets all the cr*p on her. 

    -And me well, I still want to be good friends with Ellie, but I feel bad that how I act is starting to bring more "trouble" to Ellie and some frustration in their relationship.

    I'm stuck between distancing a bit (which would suck for our friendship, but maybe a bit better for their relationship) or not letting her girlfriend bother our friendship. 

    Any thoughts? 

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  • Forced to go to a family party when I know I won't feel good?

    So my dad's girlfriend's family are very outgoing people and they are Catholic, so Christmas is a big deal. My dad wants my sisters and I to join their Christmas party.

    It is not that I don't like them or anything, but I have some issues. Mild social anxiety, I often feel lonely (thus why I start to isolate myself in these types of events with people I don't really actually know). I don't really fit in their family. And if you check a few of my past questions, I didn't have it easy in my life for a few years ago.

    My dad just tells me that I can't let my problems make me closed in and isolated. He doesn't understand how all of the issues I have react and make me act. He doesn't understand that I can't just fake being happy for hours with no one to talk or hang around with.

    How can I make it through that celebration?

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  • How do you guys manage your money properly?

    So I pay for my meals, clothes, my supplies for my hobbies, and my own hygiene stuff. I think its acceptable. I'm 19 years old, I earn about 200$ every two weeks.

    I also buy my sisters snacks and sometimes some quickly made lunches (Kraft dinner, cup noodles), since my dad never buys those kinds of things. I know many will tell me that I shouldn't do that, but having almost no food adapted for us and a dad who basically buys food based on his own food consumption, you get tired of waiting for appropriate food to come.

    When I go out with friends (about once a month), it can cost a lot at once. Not really because of the alcohol and stuff, but mostly because of the Uber I have to take since most public transports aren't available after midnight.

    That's pretty much all the main expenses I have. I easily can spend $100 to $150 by the time my next payday comes. But the holidays are coming up soon and most of you know what that means. Get presents for parents, sisters, maybe for dad's girlfriend and her two kids.

    Also, when I buy food for the family or some hygiene things my dad still forgets to buy after a while, my dad doesn't really notice. When he does, he rarely pays me back. He mostly just say "oh, how much did it cost?", but doesn't bother paying me back. I could make a savings account, but I'm too afraid of needing to pick money out of that account.

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  • My dad is always on his phone?

    He comes back from work talking on the phone. During meals and the rest of the day, he plays on his phone or doesn't I don't know what else on it. We were at a wedding and he was talking on the phone for about half an hour, after that he kept being on his phone during dinner time. We were celebrating his girlfriend's mom's birthday at a church and I could see him on Facebook several times. We would almost be late to be somewhere at a specific time and you'll see him doing something with his phone for at least an hour.

    When we are altogether eating and we try to initiate a conversation with him or ask him a question, he won't be aware of it. His girlfriend and several other people told him about letting go of his phone, but he either finds an excuse or continues later on.

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  • How to deal with my dad when it is about my anxiety?

    My dad is the type of guy who thinks is the smartest. Already told me "I am more intelligent than the average". So asking or at least suggesting to him that he reads about anxiety and social anxiety wouldn't change a thing.

    He is willing to bring me to his girlfriend's events where there are about a hundred people with a common interest and passion, that I don't quite share with them. He wants me to go talk to a cousin who I haven't seen for a decade since we were kids. I told him that those things make me feel uncomfortable and nervous because instead of being understanding, he just says stuff like "oh but you always want to go to parties", "but you are so outgoing with your friends" or the worse "there is nothing to feel nervous or anxious about this".

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  • How to stand up for myself?

    For almost a year I have been a legit adult. During my whole childhood and teenage years, I was the one to avoid confrontation and to do just as others asked (I gradually learnt to say no more often than before). If you read my past questions, you can kind of see where my fear to confront my parents comes from. Even just saying a simple opinion or tell them how I feel is like taking a risk for me.

    Recently my parents made the effort to meet up with me and tell me how they worry about my drinking (even if honestly it isnt that bad, I've discussed about my drinking to my psychologist). They (especially my dad) wants me to go to 10 Alcoholics Anonymous sessions, to stop going out for a while and to figure out where I want to go in life. An AA member (good friend of my mom) who knows about my family issues told me that even if they worry about my life and want what's best for me, I shouldn't let them tell me what to do since I'm an adult and I should live my life and learn from my mistakes myself.

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  • Some of my friends don't seem to have time for me, but do for others?

    Trust me, my friends care about me and appreciate me. Eg. if I'm not feeling good and they know about it, they'll ask me what's wrong.

    Thing is, I sometimes suggest that we hang out someday soon and they either say they are busy or that they'd be down, but then it never comes up again and I keep seeing pictures (Instagram and Snapchat) of them hanging out with other people.

    I probably am dramatic about it, but it just kind of bothers me that people never ask me if I want to hang out. I have friends at work, but the friendship is not big enough for us to go out and hang outside of work. Outside of work, I have a bunch of friends, but for the most part, I only see them when someone organizes a party.

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  • Feeling down at the end of a party?

    I like parties, seeing people, drinking, getting out of my house. But there is just that moment where I start to feel lonely. I can even start crying in the bathroom. The close friends are together, couples are together and there's me. I don't want to seem like I'm in need of company or clingy.

    3 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • My dad wants my sisters to see their mom less?

    If you read some of my previous questions, you are a bit aware of the hell my parents made us go through, even tho it is not as worse nowadays. Now, my mom hates my dad for the pain she did to her and the way he treated and still treats her. My dad sometimes tries to help her but is on his guard. They can never communicate without upsetting the other. My mom is more on the emotions, while my dad is capable of looking composed and intimidating. Mom left the house and lives in a condo in the same town as us and has my sisters half of the time.

    I just learned that my dad wants to get a lawyer to get full custody of my sisters. My mom is not violent towards us. She has no family except for her children that she rarely sees, for most of them. She doesn't have a lot of friends, lives alone with 2 kittens, very fragile. She can be impulsive at times, like get angry when we mention something that my dad bought or anything that has to do with his girlfriend.

    My dad judges that she is too toxic "towards the family" (which doesnt really make sense since like I said, she isnt that bad with us) and thinks that we'd be better off without her.

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  • Friend only contacts me when she bored or wants company?

    So I have this friend with who I rarely talk with. We used to be good friends several years ago, but life just made me see that it wasn't that great and we kind of drifted apart (even though she still considers me as one of her multiple good friends).

    Anyways, every time she contacts me, it is either because she is bored and wants to know if we can hang out or because she wants to drink away her problems with someone. I doubt that I'm the first person she asks to hang out under those circumstances but at the same time, I'm the friend who lives the closest to her house. I know that she doesn't have bad intentions, but you can guess that it makes me more distant towards her.

    I know some of you will tell me to just decline whenever she asks to hang and whenever it doesn't seem legit or whatever, but I'm that person who is still having a little trouble saying "no" or to call out someone about that.

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