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  • so i guess my question was removed by yahoo answers because it was right leaning?

    i literally made a post that was right winged bias and it was taken liberal media strikes again

    4 AnswersPolitics2 months ago
  • tinder verse bumble?

    say your gender

    then which you prefer

    and do you actually meet anyone?

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys2 months ago
  • dark theory for carona virus?

    this isn't supposed to be taken seriously, but what if governments global wide (or highest powers i guess) decided that there is in fact an issue when it comes to over population? and the only way to not be blamed or having absolute power in saying how much offspring people can have is to create the covid 19 to decrease population count? 🤔 i mean yeah it'd doubtful for sure, but can you think of future issues about over population? sooooo many people are being born and replaced of those who die. no more wars either, so what's controlling human population? only thing i can think of would be mass pandemics. what are your thoughts?

    A)  possibleB) maybe, but highly unlikelyC) complete nonsense

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture2 months ago
  • programming in college different than real world?

    I'm graduating in december, I've taken javascript, C++,  C#, and other languages, but i feel like I currently cannot make a program by myself. like a mobile app game for example. i looked at unity and unreal enginge too and noticed the syntax is very different. even unreal engine's C++ isn't like in school. so does school teach you fundamentals? and you learn the actual language at your new job? how does on transition from school work to actually coding programs that other users interact with day to day? it's intimidating for sure.

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design3 months ago
  • femur rod surgery?

    i was hit by a truck and had deep bruising of entire leg, also got a rod for my femur. oct 2019

    my thigh is okay, i can walk just fine. but when i get on my knees on hard surfaces my knee is tender. how do i fix that? 

    Injuries3 months ago
  • is there a max amount to accepting lump sum?

    if I were to get a settlement offer of 2.8 million.

    is it possible to get the entirety of the 2.8 million in a check? or is there a max you can accept, thus forcing you to create a structured settlement?

    what would the max be? like $250,000? or 1 million? or does it depend on the settlement amount itself?

    (not interested in advice as to "its better to get structured you should get structured")

    that is not the question. the question is if there is a max to a lump sum you can receive, if so, what is the max?

    4 AnswersPersonal Finance3 months ago
  • discord.js API ratings images?

    I'll keep it simple and short.

    i made a pokemon TCG bot that allows you to open booster packs.

    i have a for loop that runs code that generates up to 11 images using canvas.

    each image is using an "await" so an image is generated every 3 seconds up to 11 images. (every 3 seconds an image is shown)

    my images are local files NOT gathered by online.

    i think every 3 seconds is decent and if i make it wait longer it gets tedious to sit and wait to see all cards. (granted i may actually create a canvas that shows 6 cards in one image and just show 2 images on screen instead of 11 separate)

    my question is, is this breaking API rating restrictions? i read the terms and i do not fully understand them. thanks in advance!

    if this is breaking the rules, then I'll just make the canvas hold 6 card images so i only generate 2 images total instead of 11

  • programming in the field?

    i just finished my degree in computer science. we did project only using hardcode and a few visual studio .net.

    so my question is, once you get a career job, is it really a bunch of hardcoding still? or is it mainly blueprints and copy-paste stuff? maybe drag and drop with .net?  i don't know anyone personally who works the job, so I'm reaching out on here.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design4 months ago
  • youtube deletes comments for BLM?

    i was watching the video review for october faction. i stated how i didn't like they pushed the "black lives matter" agenda. but my comments kept getting auto deleted. i went to 3 other videos and tried the same and worded it differently. they got deleted. i then commented "butterflies are pretty" and that comment is still there no problem. did youtube seriously auto delete anything that can go against liberal media?

    1 AnswerYouTube4 months ago
  • game idea? new open world?

    i am a computer programmer fresh out of college and i feel like i have a good game idea. i really want to make a project some day, but first i want to see if it's a good idea first so i can practice for a few years on easier projects.

    you guys ever played JAWS on ps2? open world and you just kill stuff?

    well would it be cool if this game is an open world, medieval era, werewolf game? maybe a potential storyline too? like do a few quests to help figure out who the werewolf is for the village (but you hide evidence since you're the werewolf)

    and the AI could be intellegant enough to potentially put things together against you? at night you can free roam and kill animals or people, level up stats, or even once every 1 year in game you cam use the blood moon to convert a human or two to be a werewolf and form your own secret cult/clan. any thoughts?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games4 months ago
  • buy my house 100% or finance?

    so i saved up $1,200,000.00

    i want to rent out houses.

    with months of research i learned it is cheaper to buy out a house than it is to finance (no closing costs or APR as told by my financial advisor)

    so i figured I'll do that. now the only thing i want to ask is i need to buy my own home to live in. should i just buy a house out? or since i live here would i finance it?

    i am a veteran so i do not have to pay closing cost on my own home. and i get a decent APR and no money down. but i can only finance one house using that.

    average house i want to buy for renting is $180,000. (granted paying in cash i can robably talk them down to $167,000-$170,000)

    my house is around $240,000

    reason why i am asking is should i finance my house, sabe the extra cash and use it to buy another home outright to rent out?

    quick example: if i rent out 2 houses and buy out my own home I'll be about out of investing money.

    if i finance my own home i will be able to buy out 3 houses and rent them out.

    only thing i can think of is as long as my mortgage is less than the 3rd house's rent I'll make a profit by financing my house. any thoughts?

    Personal Finance4 months ago
  • personal injury settlement multiplier?

    quick story short.

    I'm on motorcycle (full insurance wearing all gear)

    ran over by SUV (his fault and 5 written statements on my behalf)

    2 jaw surgeries (metal implant)

    1 wrist surgery (metal implant)

    left femur surgery (metal rod)

    6 teeth root canal and crowns (helmet broke off braking multiple teeth)

    total bills pushing $560k 

    i was hit in warner robins GA. houston county.

    caused me to drop out of college for a year.

    no lost wages i use VA g.i bill as a veteran.

    no medical coverage since VA was not notified  24 hours after accident.

    cant play guitar anymore, no more gym, cannot rejoin army as a cyber security due to injuries. (was my goal)

    accident was october 12th 2019. doing deposition july 10th 2020

    any thoughts?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 months ago
  • Learning C++ for gaming route? need help?

    I cannot find any degrees in my area that offer video game programming degrees. HOWEVER my schools all offer C++, C#, and javascript programming degrees. i was thinking about going to this school in order to learn C++. but how could i use this to make a video game if i am never taught in the video game environment? i am sure video game degree paths actually teach you how to program stats or other combat coding...but if i just learn the language how will i learn how to program an actual video game? thanks friends...i need guidance from you guys.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design3 years ago
  • Communications for motorcycles? how do they work?

    me and 3 friends saw youtube videos of groups who can talk to each other during a group ride. We thought it would awesome to give it a try, but idk what to get and how it works. do they connect to each other like some skype group chat? whats the average distance I can go away from the group and still communicate? what model do you prefer for communications? thank you in advance!!!

    1 AnswerFriends3 years ago
  • does the turbo assist the car itself or just hp??? as far as winning a drag race for example.?

    lets say you have two exactly the same cars. and both cars have 300hp. one was turbo and one was not. the drivers are equal experience and shift flawlessly. would the turbo one win? or no? if so why does it win?

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation4 years ago
  • I want to get my 2015 vw golf gti to 300hp. what is a good solid way of doing so? What route would you take?

    I wanted the vw golf R, but I cannot find one. I do have $11,000 I saved from buying the gti though and I would like to put it in the car.

    6 AnswersVolkswagen4 years ago
  • best turbo for my 2013 chevy sonic LT?

    it's a 5 speed manual. yes I am aware of the other models, but this one has a 1.8L and I feel with the right kit it will surpass it's other models. any suggestions to what turbo kit? I was thinking a decent 5 pounds of boost.

    1 AnswerChevrolet5 years ago
  • best rpg game maker engine out there?

    I m am a beginner programmer and is looking for an engine to start learning how to program more. I used rpg maker vx ace and it is awesome, but i want something that can be 3D rpg. maybe even support multiplayer? no languages do not matter to me. I tried dark basic, but they suck..

    any options? money doesnt matter.

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 years ago