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  • Garage door bottom seal?

    I have two garage doors that need bottom seal and seal retainer replaced. I measured the thickness of the bottoms and they came in at approximately 2-1/2" thick. All I can find is 1-5/8" thick. Will that size work or do I need to get exact measurements? I'm trying to prevent water getting into my garage. I took out the old ones as they were severely damaged and now I have a huge gap and need this done ASAP. 

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    Can I add tile?

    My home was built in the 50's and my guest bathroom looks very similar to this one in the pic. I would like to know if I can knock down the drywall in the bathtub-surround and try to knock out the bullnose tile and add hardy baker then re-tile all the way up? You see.... the previous owners added a connection to the faucet to use as a shower. They also added what looks to be some kind of fiber-glass over the drywall to only two sides of the bathtub-surround above the tiles to "prevent" water damage. The 3rd wall is just drywall and there is already a bit of water damage to it. Can I do that or do I have to knock it all down? I really want to preserve this look. It would be a shame to knock it down. but I do need this bathroom to function as a shower. Any ideas folks? Thanks in advance.

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    Garage conversion?

    People typically convert a carport into a garage but I'm looking to convert my garage into a carport. The previous owners built the foundation lower than the street which caused water damage on the wood at the bottom throughoutthe years. It also looks grungy, old and unkempt. I got a new driveway installed and the water is still getting in. I figure if I convert it, I will never have to worry about the water again. It's attached to my house and also has a brand new roof, brand new gutters all the way around and new electrical. Attached is a pic of what I have in mind. My house and garage have the same type and color siding as the pic. Also, my garage is attached to my house the same way as the pic shows. The guy I'm looking to hire for the job confirmed that it is solid (besides the wood at the bottom. I think opening it all up with the posts shown in the pic will look really nice. My only concern is if it will bring down the value of my home. Any suggestions, folks? 

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  • Is an attorney needed?

    I got my Civic in 2014 from a Honda dealer. 1yr later I notice the paint starts looking dull & the hood looked like cracked paint. I happened to get a letter: certain year models had a recall for the paint. I took it in. The guy told me my car wasn't eligible. I figured I just have to deal with it.4yrs later the paint looks WORSE & I kno this isn't right. I research online, come to find out my car WAS eligible for repaint Years ago. So I called Honda Motor company & they told me to take it to my dealer to get an estimate. He takes it to the body shop & said he'll email info tomorrow. 1week later I call him to see about the info. He said he's waiting on Honda to send him a new template.A month later, nothing. I call Honda MC again.They sent my case to a manager to act as a liaison between the dealer and me. Finally took my car in.When my car was in shop they didn't give me a loaner. 2wks with no car. When they finished, a friend of mine wanted to check it out. Immediately he says "nope, it's got orange peel everywhere, he didn't cut & buff it" There's damage to my window moldings, paint, very dusty, damaged my emblem. I took itback, he says "I'm not buffing it, I can't do anything about the molding. I'll buff for $500". Then "$300, & I'm not going crazy on it I got paid to strip&paint" Then says he has a guy for molding for $35. i should've left but I wanted the top done. He left it in worse condition. On my way home a piece flew off. The molding he"fixed" flops while driving.

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  • Black and black?

    My finance and I are getting married on the 28th (lesbian couple). Nothing big just a court house wedding. We both want to wear a little black dress. I suggested one of us, preferably her -

    Should wear a simple white dress. But she's also dead-set on a black dress. Do y'all think it's too extreme for both of us to wear black?

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  • Any new vegans? Or veteran vegas with advice.?

    Hello people,

    I remember when I went vegetarian, it was pretty hard on me for the 1st couple weeks till I finally got used to it. After 2 years I finally went vegan this past Saturday. My last vegetarian meal was a nice thin crust, veggie pizza with light cheese and some cinna sticks. I can't stop thinking about 'em lol. Anyway... I've been HUNGRY ever since. I've prepped meals and I've been eating full meals plus snacks in between. It seems like I'm having a harder time with this than I did when I went vegetarian. I have been eating a variety of veggies, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes. Today I was telling my GF that I don't think I'm gonna make it, that I would probably go back vegetarian. I really want to stick to this so bad. I kind of feel sick to my stomach at the thought of eating dairy again, it kind of grosses me out and I can't believe I was eating that for so long. But if my health is at risks, I may have to look past it and just eat dairy again. Do ya'll think I just have to get used to this? Any tips or advice?

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  • Engine Oil capacity?

    How many quarts of oil does an 06' Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3 V6 engine hold? And transmission fluid

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  • Hotels around Foley Square 111 Worth St, New York, New York 10013?

    Can anyone from or familiar with this area tell me any decent hotels to stay at? nothing extravagant. Just staying a couple days. Also... which airport would be best to fly in from? Laguardia? JFK?

    4 AnswersNew York City5 years ago
  • Does car insurance cover tire damage in an wreck?

    I was just involved in a car accident. The other driver was at fault. It caused damage to the right end of my truck bed (bad) also damage to the right rear tire and rim. They are custom rims by the way and the center piece fell out. The other driver is insured. I know that since she was at fault, her insurance will cover damages to my truck but I was wondering if it will also cover my tire and rim. I just pushed the police report to my agent today and he s gonna get everything rolling. Just want someone s insight Now because I m anxious about that.

    Thanks in advance. :/

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  • Does she like me?

    There's this lady at my job, me and her are best associates(if that makes sense) we do go for drinks every once in a while after work but that's pretty much it and it's always with other co-workers, never just me & her. But while at work we're inseparable and EVERYONE notices. She's 42, I'm 27. When we 1st met at work we instantly clicked. I told her later on that I was a lesbian and she's perfectly fine with that. I've been working with her for about 2 years now. She's a flirty lady but she never flirts with other women, Only me--Touching, hugging, grabbing, showing--that kind of flirty with me. she does flirt with men though. I get mixed feelings and I don't want to make a move because I don't want to make things awkward. She was joking around with one of our co-workers and tricked him into believing that her & I had a thing going and she kept it going for about 2weeks and finally told him we were just joking with him. I asked her a couple days ago who her female celebrity crush was and she said she doesn't know because she doesn't ever think of it when she sees them. I'm sooo confused. Should I make a move? Also... sometimes when she's out with her husband (She's married and has 3 kids) she'll text me saying she's fighting with him and that he's making her mad and if she needs to get a ride if I could get her. So of course I say yes. HELL YES!! But she never ends up needing the ride :( I wanna save her one day lol. What do y'all think? Am I over analyzing this?

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  • Stigma maybe?

    I have an aunt that passed away several years ago. She was always in and out of the hospital --very ill lady. She was in her 50's. One time while in the hospital for an emergency the doctors declared her dead. After several minutes she came back. And told us what happened and what she saw/remembered while "dead". Typical story that you see on the t.v. she said she was lying there and she could see a very very bright light and this lady with really long dark hair picked her up by her back, with both hands and asked my aunt if she wants to go with her or stay" but she couldn't see this lady's face clearly. So my aunt said she told the lady "no my son is too young, I have to go back to him" so the lady layed my aunt back down and said "Okay". And as soon as the lady let her go, my aunt came back to. Also when my aunt came back to, she kept saying her back was burning. So they turned her over and sure enough.... Two hand prints as clear as day. Red, like they were burned onto her skin. The doctors couldn't explain it. The sad part is, no one took pictures of it as proof. My aunt still had those hand prints on her back till the day she died.

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  • Buying a vehicle with an accident report?

    This truck I'm looking to buy in Dallas is scored at 97 on autocheck. That's what the salesman told me over the phone. He said it has 1 reported accident. Before I drive 2 hrs to look at it, does anyone have any idea what that means? I asked him to email me the whole Autocheck report and he did. The accident is on there as a police report and only says it had a front end collision. No further details are on there. Now, this IS a reputable dealership. And the salesman says that all of their vehicles go through inspection of however many points. And if they're not worthy enough to put on their lot for sale then they send them to auction. This truck is a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 reg. cab, 113,040 miles.

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  • What is a good Carfax score?

    I've been talking to a car salesman over the phone about a truck he has for sale in Dallas at his dealership. I have a decent price going and plan on talking him down a few hundred dollars more. Due to the fact that I told him to brief me on the carfax before I actually go out there to look at the truck. Everything was sounding good until he said there Has been an accident reported to Carfax and that Carfax has it rated at 97 out of 100. I've been trying to research what exactly that means and maybe find out what extent of damage could have been. But I can't find anything and don't want to pay for the report myself. Anyone have any idea what 97 out of 100 means?

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  • Y'all think she has a "lesbian" thing for me?

    I'm 26y/o lesbian. My co-worker "J" is 41. She is THEE definition of a "MILF" lol. I've been at this job 7 months. J has been there 15yrs. She immediately took me under her wing, showed me the ropes & we became real close. At 1st she didn't know I was gay, she thought I had a bf. Till one day I just flat out told her. She was perfectly fine with it, she asks me questions about me & my girlfriend's relationship. She tells me about her & her husband. Well.... I developed a crush on her & it doesn't help that she FLIRTS with me. She's a flirty type of lady but the thing is, I'm the only female she flirts with. I don't know if it's 'cause I'm lesbian & she's just teasing. Or if it's 'cause she might have a crush on me too. She always hugs me, grabs my waist, hips -- playfully. She shows me her panties, she says "girls can do that, show each other their panties or bra". Today before I left work I helped her on an order & when I told her I finished it she got hella excited & said "aww!! Honey thank youu, give me hugs & kisses" so of course, without hesitation I went in for the hug, not really expecting the kiss. But she kissed my neck. I didn't say anything I just said "byee" & left. I mean this is just bits & peices, there's a lot more. I get mixed feelings about it 'cause she says she's NEVER experienced with a girl. & when she does "flirt" with me I don't know if I should take it seriously or just remember that she's a flirty lady. Can y'all give me y'all's opinion?

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  • Annoying co-worker!?

    I made the mistake of giving a co-worker a ride to drop off his moms car at her job during our lunch time one day. His car got re-po'd 2 weeks ago. Now he walks to work. He asked if I can pick him up, I say no.

    We're both fairly new to the job. We had training together so he started talking to me. We work in different departments though. Anyway, the next day, I walk to my car for lunch & he's literally running behind me yelling my name. He asks me what I'm doing & I say, nothing going to my car. & he says, oh I have nothing to eat. So he follows me to my car & lets himself in. I was baffled. I do talk to the guy, he's cool. But I try to stay away cause I know he likes me cause he's asked for my number & has asked me out. Of course, I said no to both. I don't feel like I led him on. I only gave him a ride that one time cause it came out of nowhere & I didn't wanna be mean & say no. Now he waits for me every day at lunch & walks with me to my car & doesn't even ask if he can come. He has shipping buddies. I don't know why he doesn't go with them.

    I'm a lesbian & I don't feel like it's anyone's business so I don't tell anyone. After every break I used to walk with other workers, friends, whatever, back to my department. Now no ONE can walk with me cause he literally runs after me & is always UP my ***. He's ALWAYS writing me on FB since I never gave him my number & I reply SOMETIMES. But the majority of the time I don't. This is really annoying. I want my alone-time lunch back!

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  • Has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm a 25 year old Hispanic female. My dad was in a band when I was little &always had instruments in the house. I would always mess with. He always encouraged me to play even though it would sound like me just banging lol. Anyway years later my little brother was born, they got him a little toy keyboard so when he kicked his feet music would play. So I start messing with it playing music. My dad noticed & came home 1day with a badass keyboard & told me to play. I could play ANYTHING I hear By ear. My dad was always amused by it. I could play all kinds of instruments, write pretty poetry, draw soo good, solve the Rubik's cube &I was HELLA smart in school. Then I got older & 1 day I just stopped. Years later I tried to draw, looks like crap. I try to write, I get writers block. I try to play the piano, I go blank. I try to play by ear, I can somewhat still do a little bit, but nowhere near as good as before. I suck a solving math now. I cant solve theRubik's cube either.What's going on?!

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  • Is 140lb a good weight for my age & height?

    I'm a 25yrld, 5'6, 140lb Hispanic female. I eat A LOT. This morning I ate 3 kolaches, 3 donuts, 2 eggs, 2 toasts, a PILE of beacon, peanuts, a bag of popcorn, a Drpepper & an Apple juice. & I know I can eat more than that but I know I have to stop, so I stop. I eat big like that 3 times a day & snacks in between. But I don't gain weight. Should I be worried?

    Oh.... Not to mention, I drink beer almost every day.

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Is 140lb a good weight for my age & height?

    I'm a 25yrld, 5'6, 140lb Hispanic female. I eat A LOT. This morning I ate 3 kolaches, 3 donuts, 2 eggs, 2 toasts, a PILE of beacon, peanuts, a bag of popcorn, a Drpepper & an Apple juice. & I know I can eat more than that but I know I have to stop, so I stop. I eat big like that 3 times a day & snacks in between. But I don't gain weight. Should I be worried?

    Oh.... Not to mention, I drink beer almost every day.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Is 140lb a good weight for my age & height?

    I'm a 25yrld, 5'6, 140lb Hispanic female. I eat A LOT. This morning I ate 3 kolaches, 3 donuts, 2 eggs, 2 toasts, a PILE of beacon, peanuts, a bag of popcorn, a Drpepper & an Apple juice. & I know I can eat more than that but I know I have to stop, so I stop. I eat big like that 3 times a day & snacks in between. But I don't gain weight. Should I be worried?

    Oh.... Not to mention, I drink beer almost every day.

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  • will the vet put my dog down if she's in pain? even if she seems alert. & sometimes happy to see us?

    My dog got hit by a car this past Thursday. She's a 16lbs ShihTzu. We took her to the vet, took X-Rays, she has a broken left leg in 2 parts & a broken pelvis. We don't have the money for surgery which would be $5,000 or more. The vet recommended that we put her on cage rest & feed her bland food & water & that she'll heal eventually on her own but will never be the same or be limp. Another thing she said was that the part of her pelvis that's fractured has nerves that control her bladder & bowels. So if those nerves are damaged then it's best to put her down. The only way we'll find out if the nerves are damaged is by watching her if she goes pee or poop in the next 24-72 hrs. She's been eating & drinking very small amounts. She pee'd a little yesterday morning but the pee looked like she had some sort of debree (I'm thinking blood). She hasn't gone since. She can hardly move. We hate to see her in so much pain. She's seems alert though & aware of her surroundings.

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