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    A reading on this egg cleanse?

    Last time I took a picture from the top and someone said it was bad luck and I should just read from the sides. Can anyone who is spiritual or practices witchcraft of this type tell me what it means?

  • After you do an egg cleanse is it bad to stare directly into the cup?

    Did and egg cleanse and got very interesting results but someone told me it's bad to look directly and the top and that it could suck back in whatever negative energy was pulled out. Is this true?

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    Can someone try to decipher this egg cleanse meaning?

    Did my first egg cleanse ever. When I cracked the yolk into the glass, I noticed there was a white circle almost over the egg but to right side of it. From the side, there is one clear tendril going from the top of the white all the way down to the yolk. The yolk was not cracked and still in tact. I have a twin is somewhat evil, and it's odd because the first picture of the photo I took, the actual photo was split in half and jagged. Then they were somewhat clear. Not sure if that means anything. But I think I can only upload one pic. I'll try to for. 

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  • How to do an advanced search on answers?

    The search function is of no help. Years ago there was an advanced search option, so you could specify what keywords you are looking for and whether you're looking for questions that don't already have a best answer, etc. I've seen people say you can use the "save my search" function, but that literally is not available to me. All I can do is type in keywords, and after a very broad range of results come up that does not help me at all, nowhere is there a button to save my search. This is frustrating. I just want to be able to specify my search.

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  • In the NOVEL "breakfast at Tiffany s," where is it shown that the male lead character is gay?

    I ve seen the film about 100 times. I just read the book for the first time. I enjoyed it, but I totally missed the fact that the narrator (who would be Paul, Holly s heterosexual love interest in the film) was supposed to be gay.

    Apparently, Holly called him a "Maude," which I didn t find out until later was slang for a gay male prostitute in that era. Now I am struggling to find the page of the book where she calls him this so I can see the context.

    Also, it is said that before she explicitly calls him a Maude, it is hinted throughout the novel that his character is not straight. Can anyone let me know what these hints are?

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  • Can someone please help me find out what movie this is? It was about bulimia & anorexia, and I saw it on Lifetime (I think), in early 2000s.?

    Ok, so when I was younger I watched a movie that I think was on Lifetime. I don t have the best recollection of it because I was young, and never have struggled with an eating disorder but I found it riveting. Here are a few clues to help distinguish this film:

    1) As stated, I believe we watched it on Lifetime. My mom was very interested in it. It was probably around 2002-2006 when we watched it.

    2) The protagonist girl began with bulimia, and I distinctly remember a scene where she was binging on burgers and all sorts of food, and if I remember correctly, she was narrating the scene saying something along the lines of "it was great, I could eat whatever I wanted."

    3) She had a friend who also had an eating disorder, and I vividly remember a scene where protagonist girl walks in and comments on how skinny her friend is. Friend replies, "there s no such thing as thin enough." (I think the friend ended up dying but not sure).

    4) This is very important: I remember near the end of the movie, protagonist s parents confront the girl specifically about something they found in her closet (maybe jars of vomit? Idk!) That is when parents intervened, as I remember.

    I ve searched and found so many other films on eating disorders, but can t pinpoint this one. Can anyone help? I thought it was "Perfect Body," but it is not!

    1 AnswerMovies3 years ago
  • Michigan landlord tenant lease agreement question?

    Hi, I m a paralegal and I have to do the legwork on this. I get that I shouldn t rely on yahoo answers for this, but in hoping this can point me in the right direction. About client:

    Has been living in the same apartment for years. Lease is yearly. Has been paying rent late the last year or so so he doesn t think they would allow him to renew lease this time. Lease is up at the end of Nov (so a little over a week from now). He asked the landlord s manager about a month ago if he d be allowed to renew, she said she did not know and would get back to him. Never did. Now he just emailed the landlord s assistant today asking if he can renew the lease and if not, if he can have an extra 30 days; she emailed him back saying she will get back to him on that. Again, lease is up in a little over a week.

    I think there is some sort of clause stating they must give him ample amount of time if they choose not to let him renew the lease. They have not. Anyone will legal knowledge on what his rights are? Citations appreciated. Thanks!

    15 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Appetite increase - what from?

    OK. I ve been struggling with anxiety all my life, and major stress for the last couple years. I ve also struggled with depression for the last two years, which was especially prevalent the past 6 months or so. But in the last two months I ve gained like 12 pounds (which is a lot for my height at 5 2" but I am fine with it because I don t like looking super skinny). The odd part is that usually when my stress gets worse, I have awful anxiety/depression spells that last for days and sometimes weeks where I lose weight because I dry-heave and puke and can t eat. I m under a tremendous amount of stress but I ve been extremely hungry and gaining weight the last couple months. I m always hungry to the point of over eating. My drinking has increased slightly, but not SO much (I ve been drinking more than I should for at least the last 3 years). I ve been taking xanax for my anxiety for the last 2 years. My Dr prescribed me phenergan/promethazine at a pretty low dose a couple months ago as well. It helps my appetite and helps my nausea which is usually induced by my anxiety; however, I don t take phenergan every day, but I m super hungry every day. Again, I m not complaining, as I did want to gain the weight back that I d lost because of anxiety. It s just weird that now all of the sudden my anxiety increases my appetite when it has decreased it all the time for the last 5+ years. Is it the alcohol? The phenergan? I m a 26 y/o female by the way.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Did Mulder create the x files?

    I thought he did, because of his sister Samantha and the fact that it's his office. But in anothet episode it hints that another man did. Who did? (Speaking fictionally lol I know who created the show).

    1 AnswerDrama4 years ago
  • Is this Xanax/Alprazolam OK for use after possible contamination?

    Am prescribed 60mg of xanax per month. Some months I have some left over so when I got my new script I didn't want to put the leftovers in the new rx bottle so I just ended up wrapping them in a receipt and putting it on the nightstand at my boyfriend's house. He thought it was trash and threw it away. He searched the garbage (where I knew it was) and found it. Five "footballs." However, they were at the bottom of the trash can where some raw chicken's Styrofoam holder had been kept... so the receipt with the xanax in it was sitting in the Styrofoam with the raw juices of the chicken. I am worried about the possibility of salmonella poisoning. The receipt holding the pills was wet with the juices, the pills were mostly dry. Only a couple had started to dissolve, and barely so. should these xanax be OK to take or should I be worried? Since they're now dry should they be OK? Idk how long salmonella would survive on the surface of xanax.

    1 AnswerMedicine4 years ago
  • what are good quotes for someone who keeps repeating bad actions?

    I finally broke up with my ex who won't stop committing crimes. I stayed with him through prison, then he got out and caught a new case about a year later and went to jail for about 8 months. Now, a couple years after that, he caught another felony and is headed back jail where he will probably do another 7 or 8 months for. This is not fair to me. I'm stressed 24/7 that's going to commit another crime. He gets sentenced for this current case in the end of March. But he still expects me to stay with him and I refuse. If he truly loved me, he wouldn't put me through this. I am not a criminal, I have a good job, etc

    Any good quotes that apply to him and why I cannot stay with someone who won't learn from their past mistakes?

    3 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships4 years ago
  • Is Tekken 7 released yet on xbox or Playstation?

    I thought it was suppsed to ge released like a year ago but every time I call GameStop they have a later date that it is supposed to be released. I currently have an xbox 360 but have no problem buying a ps4 just to play Tekken. I've been playing that game since I was a little kid and just got back into it a couple years ago with Tekken 6 and really want the 7!

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games4 years ago
  • Is it inappropriate for a woman to wear a pink business suit in a corporate job?

    I was shopping online for some business suits to match my personality (just got job as a paralegal for a corporate law firm) and a found a very nice, soft-pink, business suit. I was telling a guy friend about the suit (who, mind you, does NOT have a corporate job) and he immediately said "oh, you can't wear a pink suit!" as if showing a little femininity is wrong. The suit is not bright or gawdy, it reasonably conservative, and looks professional despite being pink. Thoughts?

    10 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment4 years ago
  • Any Bible verses that might apply to this woman?

    My ex and I are still friends. His grandma is extremely religious and is always bragging about how she is a born-again Christian and holier than most. She is an immigrant from Europe, has lived here in America about 40 years, and seems to hate everyone. She hates gay peope (says they are "f@gg*ts" who should all die), hates Jews (says Hitler should have killed them all), told me the reason my ex has felonies is because I'm half black (he had multiple felonies way before I met him whereas I am a law-abiding citizen with a good job and no criminal record so there is no correlation), she says she hates every black person in the world. She is very quick to anger, screams at her grandson and her daughter all the time. She lives off government money but scolds others who do (I never have). She makes up lies about people. Basically she is an extremely hateful woman who pretends to be a perfect Christian. Yet, she doesn't even go to church - ever. Can anyone learned on The Bible tell me some good passages that may apply to this pseudo-Christian hypocrite? Thank you in advance.

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 years ago
  • Case law precedent for whether falling asleep at the wheel is evidence of marijuana use?

    I am a legal assistant and have to do some research for a defense attorney. I must find some case law precedent that helps REFUTE any assertion that falling asleep at the wheel can be "evidence" of marijuana use. As far as I know, the defendant was not found with marijuana in his possession, and falling asleep at the wheel could be from something such as overworking (hypothetically). I am thankful to anyone who can cite actual case law to establish precendent in our favor, to help me get started on the brief.


    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Are American men more obsessed with big boobs than other cultures?

    I work at a high end cocktail lounge that draws in a lot of high rollers, athletes, etc. Yesterday I was talking to an Albanian man who said my body type is his ideal perfect body for a woman (I m petite with smallish boobs). He said boob jobs always look and feel bad to him and that American men are obsessed with big boobs, even if they are on an ugly woman.

    I have met several baseball players at work who are mostly from the Dominican Republic and they seem to feel the same. They all end up flocking to me, wanting to hangout with me after the club closes which I don t do, trying to get my number, etc. They never pay attention to the girls I work with who have breast implants.

    So do some countries, like the ones I mentioned, put less emphasis on wanting huge boobs / fake boobs on women than America? I know it varies by individual, but I am speaking generally. A lot of the foreign men that come to my club love my look and dislike fake breasts.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture5 years ago
  • is A/C through Consumers or DTE?

    I haven't had Consumers energy in months (did not have funds to pay bill so it got shut off). Last summer I also did not have Consumers. Yet, my A/C was still working so I figured my A/C was through DTE.

    I just got back from my house after being gone about a week. Now it is really hot and my A/C is not working. My house is 85 degrees and I've had my A/C on all day. It is blowing out air but apparently not cold air. What could be the problem? Again, I've gone entire summers without Consumers energy and my air conditioning has always worked as long as my power was on. Please help, I am burning up.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • How much can I expect to pay for a first class round trip ticket from Detroit to Vegas?

    I am taking a vacation in July from Detroit to Vegas. I will be buying the tickets in June. I would like to fly first class because I have panic disorder and plane rides give me anxiety, so I'd like to be in a much more comfortable setting with less people (ie first/business class instead of coach).

    I am wondering how much I can expect to pay for a first class round trip ticket from Detroit to Vegas on a major airline (Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, etc). I started doing research online and got quotes of around $600 for a first class round trip, but that seems a bit low for what I was expecting so I don't know how accurate those figures are.

    Can anyone help me out?

    5 AnswersAir Travel5 years ago
  • How to get my At&t U-Verse to get off mute?

    I was simply fast forwarding through a program I had recorded and then at the top of my TV screen it said mute had been turned on. When I press the mute button nothing happens. It's a problem with my cable, not tv. For example, when my Netflix comes on the sound it fine. But when I turn it to cable, the sound won't come on, even when I press the mute button. Please help.

    1 AnswerTVs6 years ago