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  • How can I cure my feet?

    I work as a amazon delivery driver. It was raining 2 days ago and I took the wrong shoes. They got soaked and so did my socks. I had to keep working that way and I walk a lot during my work days. Now the bottom of my feet are reddish and it kind of burns stepping on them. What could I use to cure them?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions3 months ago
  • Why do my armpits sweat?

    At times when I’m doing nothing even just sitting down my armpits start to sweat a lot. They don’t even sweat this much when I’m at work and I deliver Amazon packages 9-10 a day. What could be a reason to my armpits sweating for no reason? Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions3 months ago
  • What should I do in life? (Job wise)?

    I’m going to be 25 this month. I’m not so smart I tried college but dropped out to help parents with bills back in 2017. I have experience in restaurant, tax preparer, detailer/parts guy, and delivery. I quit my body shop job because of the *** hole GM. I am currently working for an Amazon delivery company and found myself to be more productive at this job. I want a job where I’ll be getting paid good eventually because I am a hard worker and will make sure I deserve every penny. I eventually want to have a family so I want to be able provide. Any suggestions on type of job I should look into?

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment3 months ago
  • How can I get started with stocks?

    I’ve downloaded thinkorswim and Robinhood. I find Robinhood easier to use. But I wanted to get info or help from those who are more advanced in stocks. I’m tired of my low income job and want to get into stocks to use as another source of income. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    4 AnswersInvesting3 months ago
  • How can I unclog my nose?

    I’ve literally have tried everything and nothing helps. Neti pot, nose strips, allergy pills, and nasal pills. I have a humidifier in my room. I used a tea tree essential oil. Nothing works. I have a doctors appointment but that’s not until Friday. Someone’s please help I want to sleep tonight...

    3 AnswersAllergies3 months ago
  • How to get rid of a clogged nose?

    My nose has been clogged for quite a while now and it’s really starting to bother me now that it’s messing with my sleep. When I blow my nose nothing comes out sometimes it’s really clogged I struggle to get air flow through a nostril and my throat can get really dry at times. I have a humidifier in my room, I just started using nose strips they some what help at times, and I just started using decongestant pills. I just wanted to see if anyone has gone through this and was able to get rid of it some how. I can’t afford a doctors visit at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Allergies3 months ago