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  • Question about a scene from Act of Valor (2012)?

    For those who haven't seen the movie :

    A female CIA agent has been kidnapped and tortured by some bad guys in Costa Rica. A SEAL team comes to her rescue. They storm the place and find her all bloody and beaten. Before taking her to the extraction point, they ask her of her mother's maiden name and the street she was born. She answers them both. Only then do they set about to get her out of there.

    Why did they ask those questions about her mother's maiden name and the street she was born?

    Is that a code? Were they confirming her identity? Won't they have seen her photo?

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  • Can someone tell me what this thriller movie is?

    What i remember :

    There are a bunch of people in a house in the middle of nowhere. They're in some sort of arrangement with a TV studio for a reality show sort of thing. They should spend some time - like a month - in there with no outside communication or contact, while being monitored by CCTV cameras. They'll get paid a hefty sum if they succeed. One night, some stranger knocks the door and says he's lost (or maybe there's a killer outside...i forgot!). They let him in, but maintain the suspicion that the studio sent him to scare them out of the contest...

    I saw this in HBO back in mid 2000's.

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  • Can someone tell me what this Harrison Ford movie is?

    The scene (most probably the ending scene) :

    Harrison Ford is out in the yard flagging down a helicopter. A couple of hazmat suited men get off the helicopter and Ford yells something like "They're in there... come save them!" pointing at the house behind them.

    This i think, i saw this in a YouTube video about popular bio-thriller movies. The protagonist could be someone else who looks like Harrison Ford (Richard Gere, Dennis Quaid). But I'm 90% sure its him.

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  • Comic Readers - Who can answer these questions about The Flash tv series ?

    I've never read the comics, though I've seen Justice League sometimes. I wanna know the following :

    >> I don't mind spoilers. So, you can tell me as much as you want.

    - how far does the tv show stray away from comic version?

    - is this how Barry gets his powers in comic?

    - who's the red-streak-person who's there when Barry's mom was killed?

    - is he a bad guy?

    - does Iris ever know about Barry being Flash?

    - does Barry ever get his dad out of prison?

    - how does Barry know The Arrow? In the show, he just meets him in person after he gets his powers !

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  • What's this 90's movie/TV show about two men who wander the time-frozen world?

    I'm using what i remember and what some other person posted here earlier, while asking for the same movie/TV show...

    Its almost like the movie Clockstoppers. These two men move around the town, while everything and everyone is frozen in time. I think one of them actually made it happen... he's a professor or something. They go to the school cafeteria and one of them eats french fries from a frozen guy there and he positions his hand so that the frozen guy spills his coke on himself. The professor then sets time back to normal and they sit on a couch and talk about it.

    From the other person's post, I've come to know that they were actually moving faster through time, so that it appeared to be frozen.

    Its probably a TV show from 90's or early 2000's.

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  • Where can i get a photograph of the World Trade Center taken on 9/11 before the attack?

    I've been looking for a photograph of the World Trade Center on the dreadful day of Sep 11, 2001 that is taken before the attacks, when everything was fine. There should be some, from tourists and the lot. Every Google search returns only post-crash pictures.

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  • Are James Bond novels as fun as watching the movies ?

    Will it entertain a person accustomed to today's spy thrillers?

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  • Question about Flat Earth argument?

    First of all i'd like to declare that i'm a perfectly sane person who knows for a fact that our earth is not-flat.

    So, i came across this site where people were arguing about earth being flat - scientifically (?!!) - and there was this person who asked this :

    'If we were to make perfectly straight metal pipes of considerable length and attach them in a linear fashion - also perfectly straight - to cover the whole circumference of the earth, would it be possible? How?'

    I know that the earth is too big for us to actually account for the curvature of the earth while building long stuffs, like tunnels, walls and the like. But, if were to do this thing that the guy says, how would it work out?

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  • What are some stereotypes of homosexuals ?

    ...that of men in particular.

    I've been watching Modern Family and i don't get many of the gay jokes in it (or in any movie/show for that matter). I'm from a country where being gay is a crime (by law) and i have never ever seen a homosexual in my life.

    >> I'm not looking for real or factual behavior, characteristics of homosexuals, but just the stereotypes !

    I assume that they tend to be clean, and maybe act a little like women (?), and try to dress perfectly or lavishly and do facials often...

  • Is Cosmos - A Personal Voyage worth watching?

    Since i'm 22, I haven't had the chance to see it yet. I've seen the new Cosmos - A Spacetime Odyssey and was very impressed. Should i watch the old one? Is it still relevant today? I mean, yes, science doesn't change, but are the stuffs conveyed too old-fashioned or out-of-date? Will i be better off watching modern documentaries?

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  • How far back were the Allies when Soviets got hold of Berlin?

    Also, was there a race between them (western Allies and Soviets) to reach Berlin - for Geo-political reasons?

    At what point did hostility arise between the western states and Soviets, regarding territories and ideologies?

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  • Why didn't the allies invade Germany from Italy?

    -Since Italy had been occupied by late 1943

    -since an invasion via land would be considerably easier

    -since the allies could actually get to Berlin before the soviets

    -since fuel could be shipped from the middle east and transported to front lines in a faster pace, unlike the expensive and complicated 'Red Ball Express' thing

    -since ports and supply chain is already available from the invasion of Italy and don't have to fight and secure those and roads, bridges, like in France

    -since there's a chance to end the war sooner, by 1944

    I'm no expert in war/strategy/geography/history or anything for that matter ! So, do explain if this is stupid.

    Is it because the soviets would cover the east and the allies would invade from west, making Germany fight a two front invasion?

    Is it because France needed to be liberated first?

    Is it because Germans had strong defenses along their Italy-border-region?

    Is it because transporting men and material from US to England to France via ships was easier than to transport them all the way to Italy and then to front lines?

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  • Can someone explain the premise of Saving Private Ryan?

    I understand the whole 'Saving Private Ryan' thing. But i have a lot of doubts about the military-history related to the events in the movie. Like,

    - why were allied units dropped or sent to remote regions inland with comparatively low strength? Why not advance as a whole with tanks and planes and stuff, like the blitz?

    - why was holding the bridge important? a character says, this and another bridge are the only ones left intact. so, allies need these intact bridges to further the invasion? then why were they ready to blow it up? why didn't they just let the small German unit pass(or get hold of the bridge area) and be crushed by the mighty invasion force advancing behind them?

    - who called the air strike? To my knowledge, no one did. And how did the airmen know who or what to bomb? since it was a live battle scene, they should worry about friendly fire, right?

    - why not wait for the backup (as seen in the climax) and launch a successful assault on the 30+ Germans?

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  • Which political party in the US is known to favor Space Exploration compared to the other one?

    Of the two major parties - the Democratic and the Republican - which one, according to popular opinion, is in favor of endorsing space programs and funding NASA.

    Now, of course, both have cut or limited NASA operations more than once, but do space aficionados prefer one party to other in matters of space affairs ?

    Now, I'm not looking for a factual answer here, but for the public perception...

    (I asked this question in the politics section and got some very irrelevant answers. maybe someone here could help me out !)

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  • Which political party in the US is known to favor Space Exploration compared to the other one?

    Of the two major parties - the Democratic and the Republican - which one, according to popular opinion, is in favor of endorsing space programs and funding NASA.

    Now, of course, both have cut or limited NASA operations more than once, but do space aficionados prefer one party to other in matters of space affairs.

    Now, I'm not looking for a factual answer here, but the public perception...

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  • Question about d-day landing ?

    I was reading about the allied invasion of France the other day and had some questions about the d-day. Like, why didn't the allies bombard the entire coast before the invasion ? A little googling told me that precision bombing wasn't a thing by then and bombers were directed at more important targets inland.

    So, why didn't they shell/bomb the coast from the battle ships from a safe distance, as they did in Iwo Jima. Their superior air power could hold off the Luftwaffe until the landing....

    Now i'm no expert on war tactics and obviously there's an explanation, which i'd like to know.

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  • Hunger Games - Why was Haymitch surprised by the announcement of Quarter Quell ?

    I haven't read any of the novels, but have seen both the movies. My doubt is this : When President Snow announces that the Quarter Quell will be held, why was Haymitch shocked/surprised? If the Quarter Quell is held once in every 25 years, Haymitch must have been around for the past Quell. So, he should know that its time for the next Quarter Quell, right? Hell, even the protagonists (Katniss and Peeta) should know how things work in their hunger-game world. Shouldn't they be expecting it already?

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  • Does gaming boost internet connection ?

    This may sound odd, but my internet connection appears to be way faster while i'm playing games on my PC. Usually the download speed is about 150 kbps (regular / torrent / IDM) and it stays that way when i'm about to play a PC game. After i'm done playing and i'm back to Windows, i can see that the whole time, downloads have been at about 300+ kbps - twice the actual speed. Is there any technical reason behind this ?!

    Gaming is supposed to utilize max resources and thus slow down system process, right ?

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  • Can someone explain the illusion in this video of fighter jet entering New York on 9/11?

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is a video of a fighter jet entering New York as the towers are burning. The video shows a jet flying and then, as it zooms in, it appears as the jet goes on warp speed or something and then as the video zooms out, you can still see the jet back in a position where it would be if it were flying normally. So, what's with all the warp speed thing?

    Also, is this the only video of fighter jets entering New York on 9/11? I couldn't find anything else! Tell me if there's more, please.

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