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Hi. I'm Julie, married with two children of 24 and 19. I love animals and have 4 cats and a dog, I have bred hamsters, mice, rats and have kept, rabbits, guiny pigs, gerbils, rabbits, fish, snails, and a tortoise. I love music and have ecclectic tastes from (a little) classical, through Indie, punk, heavy metal and rock (mostly current). I am a qualified accredited hypnotherapist, and have had several other jobs over the years including dental nurse, library assistant, secretarial. I'm half way through a B.A. and touch wood doing well so far. I will always be honest, and as factual as possible in my answers, but will never be harsh or judgemental for the sake of effect, I kinda like people.

  • Heating turned on by itself?

    Any heating experts or people who have experience with potterton boilers playing up out there?  Our thermostat was turned off, and there is no timed switch on set up for our heating system. The weather is warm, yet our boiler decided it needed to kick in the heating at 1.30 at night, I'm glad I heard the system 'creaking' so I could turn it off on the boiler dial. None of the lights were on any of the thermostat link, or timer boxes, but the two lights on the boiler temperature display were on, and the display was flashing between 16 and 17C. Does anyone know why it would do this? Google mentions something about some systems kicking in for a bit if the heating hasn't been used for a while to prevent some issue or other in the pump. However I have never noticed this happen before.

    I had to get the engineer out about another issue a few weeks ago, and don't want to have to get someone out again so soon, especially with coronavirus still around and being a 'vulnerable' person.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Intermittent weird head pain moving into corner of eye and or one side of nose mainly when moving?

    The pain does not feel like a headache, I've suffered from migraines in most of their permutations since I was a little child (I'm female & 52). They are less common now & tend to be focussed more in the stomach with peripheral sensations rather than blinding pain in the head/behind eyes.

    This pain is literally needle sharp. It affects only a tiny point on the right front side of my head a few inches back from my (average) hairline, & nearer the middle than the ear. The pain seems to affect my eye & or the top portion of the right side of my nose down to the tip. It feels a bit like that sharp point of irritation before an urgent sneeze, but not if you know what I mean 8-|

    It came on suddenly about 24 hours ago and is fine when I'm sitting or lying and getting up. But when I start to move around and 'do' things it comes back. It doesn't 'throb' it's just a brief needle stabbing sensation which comes and goes until I sit down again.

    There is no drooping of features on either side, or loss of cognisance, slurring of speech, loss of mobility in any limbs etc. It does force me to stop doing what I'm doing sometimes, but goes away quickly. My eye and nose look normal & aren't runny, bloodshot, or blocked in the case of my nose.

    Sorry for rambling so much, and maybe it's just one of those peculiar things that will pass. I know that perhaps I should see my doctor but would love if someone had an inkling as to what it might be first.

    Thank you for reading!

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  • Liver damage breath smell?

    When my mother was dying she had a particular smell, her breath but in general too. I'm worried that I recognise that odour on my husbands breath quite often now. He was hospitalised over Christmas with vasculitis but liver damage and a heart murmur were discovered. He's still having tests to determine the level of liver damage, including results of a scan due at his next visit. They seem to think the liver damage is not too far advanced to manage successfully at this stage however that smell is bothering me. Is there anyone with medical knowledge of how the body reacts to liver damage, for eg is there a level of ketosis involved with reduced liver function? something that could be creating that odour. I'm just worried about it because it has strong associations with death for me.

    Weird question I know but thanks if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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  • How tall can a front garden fence/wall be in the uk?

    Our front garden as do the front gardens of all the houses on our little row, leads out onto a foot path, not a pavement or road. No vehicular access is possible from the fronts of our or any of our adjacent neighbours houses so a fence would not obstruct any view as regards to safety and access to the houses/road. We have a dog who can clear a 3 foot fence without even thinking about it so would be great if there was a way we could get something safer (ie higher) for him and passers by.

    I have read that 1 metre is the allowed height for a front garden fence, but have also read that this is on the assumption that this makes it safer for road access and is relevant where the front of a house opens out onto a road, which ours and our neighbours do not. Where there is no issue with this is there any exemption from the 1m rule, which could allow the same height fence/wall at the front as the back.

    Anyway, thanks if you're able to shed some light on the convoluted machinations of household laws etc.

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  • Mac dropdowncoupon adware? Help?

    I was bought a macbook pro retina for my 50th birthday. I was delighted as it has a lovely screen, however I have NEVER owned an apple product before and am a bit slow getting used to the system. It seems that I have acquired some kind of adware? dropdowncoupon, which I am finding it impossible to get rid of I have tried getting rid of the yontoo extension (which I did not know I had), I have reset Safari, and twiddled around in chrome (following instructions very carefully I just can't remember what they were right now) but the bloody thing is still there offering me sh*t every time I hover my mouse over a blue highlighted link (which I may want to use for it's proper purpose, but isntead takes me to bloody paypig loans or somesuch).

    Help I need a (true) idiots guide to what's ailing my mac and a possible solution (apart from the bin). Oh yes and big **** up here, I did not know Mac has the MASSIVE in my opinion flaw of not having system restore included as a feature. You have to fork out more money on a separate hard drive and run timemachine?! Which as you might have guessed I have not done. The gift of the macbook was very generous but I am not personally terribly well off to go and buy extra bits to add to it (already had to replace my charger because it set itself on fire, god I hate Mac).

    Living in hope that someone may be able to save my bacon.


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  • Does a house always have to go through probate when the owners die intestate.?

    My sister and I are the legal (according to UK law) joint recipients of my parents home after they sadly passed away intestate. As we are legally entitled to share the home between us do we have to go through the process of probate (I'm pretty sure we do). I have been seriously ill since my parents passed away last month so wanted to pick the brains of the yahoo community (having tried google with surprisingly nebulous results) before having to go through the hassle of filling in the interminable forms and/or involving a solicitor.


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  • Is it cheaper to demolish or renovate a derelict mid terrace house?

    Those of you who know a lot about building and DIY are I'm sure going to find this a laughable question but I don't know enough about costings to start formulating a path to fix what has become an albatross around our necks.

    We own two terraced houses, the end terrace and the one next door. Our homee (we don't live in the other one because it's too run down) has been renovated the one next door was passed on to us by my husbands parents and is an absolute wreck. The chimneys are crumbling, all the wood work including the stairs and landing are riddled with dry rot. There are some new windows but all the external and internal doors need replacing completely. The plaster is a very old type and is 'blown' pretty much throughout the house. It needs rewiring (the electrics only work in about a third of the house and they are dangerous) the bathroom and kitchen are leantoo's and need demolishing and rebuilding. It's a two bedroom house. We had considered renovating the house as part of incorporating it into our own to make it bigger. We do not want to move or sell up the wreck next door as we like the privacy the 'buffer house' gives us and we like the area where we live.

    We have come into a small amount of money which isn't quite enough to do a sterling job of incorporating the houses while paying off some debts that we want to clear. What I would love to know is would it be cheaper to demolish the wreck and make our house slightly bigger but detached, or renovate and incorporate (our home needs some maintenance work too).

    I don't care about comparatives of loss of value from the house or increase of value in our own by becoming detatched as we only want to live in the house and can no longer afford to pay two council taxes, two electricity bill, water rates, and gas for something that is unlivable in. So resale values are irrelevant in this instance. Just looking for cost of demolishing and making safe of neighbouring properties v renovation to a good standard. Or give up and sell up and look for something else.

    Hope you don't all think I'm insane (though if you do you may be right). I'm clearly not looking for exact figures I know that would be impossible without doing a proper survey etc. Just a rough guestimate at which is cheaper. We would want to make our house slightly bigger after the demolition if that is the way we went.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Asda new policy on asthma inhalers?

    I've only just discovered that Asda sell ventolin inhalers over the counter. Unfortunately I've discovered this in the month that they doubled the price and now have to send a letter to your GP to say you have used their service. There were selling two pumps for £7 now you only get one :(

    If you want to avoid ranty long winded explanations you can jump to the final paragraph for the gist of the question and refer back to the main body if you want to clarify anything. Thanks.

    I thought the non prescription thing would be great because my surgery is extremely mean with the inhalers. My sister's surgery is very sympathetic to her poorly controlled asthma, poorly controlled not because she doesn't stick to a routine but because her and my asthma is very reactive and the surgery have not found a way to 'even' it out. I only mention my sister's experience to highlight that some surgeries have a different attitude to asthma treatment than mine which is borderline fascistic.

    My asthma is also very reactive, dust mites, animal dander, autumn, spring, hay fever, a strong whiff of cigarette smoke or perfume from a passing stranger are just a few of the things that set me off gasping for breath. Despite taking my preventer as instructed and never missing a dose (also taking antihistamines to reduce the allergy component). However If I go through one pump faster than a month then they cancel my repeat prescription and make me attend the asthma clinic or see the doctor to reinstate it, despite the fact that I do attend asthma clinic regularly anyway. When I mention that I've been left without a pump while waiting for the appointment they act surprised and I'm just told oh it's ok just order another when you need it you don't need to be without a pump. Despite the very apparent fact that that is what I did, and is what got me called in to them in the first place.

    Sometimes I need more than one pump a month, sometimes I lose my pump and as the surgery are so tight with them I never have a spare to cover this eventuality. Sometimes I'd simply like to have a spare to keep in my bag to make sure I never forget it. This Asda service should be great but if my surgery has to be informed I'm worried it could cause a problem with them.

    I'm sorry that's so ranty and probably a bit confusing, I'm a 'bit' annoyed about my surgeries asthma policy.

    What I really want to know is because Asda now have to inform your surgery that you have used their non prescription service will this stop my surgery filling my next repeat prescription. Will I get called in to ask why I needed two pumps in a month. Or as the Asda service implies is it ok to buy a pump and still get your prescription one as scheduled.

    Thanks for persevering if you've read this far :-)

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  • suitable non wall damaging shrubs and small trees for boundary wall with neighbour?


    I have a neighbour who thinks he owns the whole street and interferes with everyone's garden. He recently complained about my trees and shrubs along our boundary wall not allowing him to see the 'road' from his garden (why the hell you would want to beats me, but we are all different). He also was concerned that they roots from some of the trees would damage the wall between us. As we are built on a steep slope and each gardens wall is a retaining wall to the garden next to it I took this seriously and said I would get rid of the bigger items. We are not well off so I would have had to cut them down bit by bit myself, being disabled this is not an easy task.

    However the neighbour offered to do it for me which I thought was very good of him and said yes please. He did go a bit mental and took every tree and shrub down even the small decorative ones like my lovely bridal veil spirea and lilac tree which I was gutted about. Being a good neighbour (and a bit of a doormat) I am not going to take issue over this with him as I should have known better than to let him loose in my garden.

    Here is my main problem. I like a private garden and the spot I live is very windy so the plants he cut down now allow strong winds to rip across my garden buffeting any other more tender plants I have to destruction.

    What I would love to know from any of you green fingered lovelies out there is are there any decorative small trees and shrubs that can withstand fairly windy conditions (it's not constant but when they whip up they can be quite strong) which are not likely to damage his wall, and which I could replant quite near the boundary wall (nor further away than about 3 to four feet rather than the 6 or nine recommended - my garden is not wide enough to plant them miles away from the boundary wall) . Would a root obstructing membrane be effective and is it difficult to install?

    Obstructing his view of the road is not a big issue as I don't care whether he has a view of the road or not, and I don't believe it is a legal issue. He built a huge fence in his garden which cut off our long loved views of the rolling countryside on our doorstep so he has no moral high ground here. I just don't want him to be able to complain about my plants damaging his wall. I'd rather not plant something like a privet hedge if possible as I don't want to make it too obvious that part of the reason for replanting is to block his view of my garden. Also a privet may be too dense and inflexible to withstand the wind and could be perhaps blown over?

    Any ideas or tips would be most welcome.

    Thank you.

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  • Garden wall/fence abutting pavement, height issue.?


    Some of our front garden is considerably lower than the pavement level next to it, about two and a half feet if not a little more but other parts are at the same level as the pavement. My front garden is much nicer and more pleasant to spend time in than my back it has a sunnier orientation and is a little bigger than the back garden. I would love to spend time in it just chilling, reading, gardening and whatever, in other words treat it pretty much as I would my back garden.

    I have the chatting over the fence thing with neighbours, not that I don't like my neighbours they are a friendly enough bunch and I like spending time with them, but not when I want to go out into my garden looking scruffy just to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

    Anyway what I would love to know is how high a fence can I erect on the pavement side of my garden, the fence would be added to the wall not added behind the wall from the ground up. The current wall is about 3 feet which I have read in some places is the highest I can have :( . Other sources seem to imply that the fence can be the same height as other garden fences 6ft 6. Does anyone know the definitive answer?

    The other question, more important in a way is where do I measure the height of the fence from, from my garden or from the pavement level which in places is so much higher?

    Thank you for your patience and for reading this.

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  • Is the council responsible to rectify damp caused by their rising road level.?

    I live in an old house, originally built well before 1800 but has been altered as to be unrecognisable over the generations. The house is built on a fairly steep hill and abuts the road for most of the way and a narrow after thought of a pavement for a small portion. The level of the road was originally similar (a little higher) to the level of the house and garden. Over many years the council has raised the level of the road bit by bit by re-tarring etc. There has always been a problem with damp along the length of the house and various owners have tried to remedy the problem - false 'dry' wall etc - but none had put in a damp course. The road is higher along our living room than our kitchen and the living room is where the biggest damp problem is.

    We renovated the house 15 years ago and a physical 'tanked' damp course was included. This appeared to consist of blue plastic sheeting, the company that did the home renovations were not brilliant and we are not certain that the tanking was taken high up enough along the wall. Approximately 9 years after the renovation we noticed signs of damp again we tried ventilating more in case it was caused by condensation, we applied paint designed to prevent water penetration for mild cases of damp and it blistered right through it. the damp is coming through near the skirting board and in 'expanding' patches, with salts in and around the edges in some cases. On one part of the wall there is a blistered tide-mark of paint about 4 - 4.5 feet up the wall, with small patches of moist plaster where the paint has bubbled and peeled off lower on the wall. We are not sure if the damp course has failed because of the penetrating damp from the road RIGHT up against our house being too much for it to cope with degrading more quickly than normal, or if it's just plain failed with no fault of the road level. There are appears to be no drain away channel between the house and the road.

    Sorry for the long winded description, all I would like to know if anyone can help is: Is the council responsible for rectifying the cause of my home having damp if after getting an independent surveyor to check it does turn out to be the road level and the way it abuts our house that is causing the problem, or do we have to fork out more money to fix the problem.

    Thank you very much for reading.

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  • Where can I buy prednisolone or similar for my dog without prescription, or 'natural/herbal' alternatives?

    Before anyone starts telling me off after seeing the title for trying to buy such 'dangerous' drugs without seeing my vet please read further.

    My dog has been diagnosed by our vet with an immune disorder which makes him itch and weal up like holy hell. With the supervision of our vet we have tried many avenues but the only thing that works is a lowish dose of steroids 5 days at least out of seven. He usually goes for a regular 3 month check up and has a repeat prescription of the drugs every month.

    Here is the problem. I don't drive and have knee issues which at the moment prevent me from using public transport and I can no way afford the £40 ish taxi fare to my vet on top of the check up and drugs fee. My husband has had re-constructive surgery on his knee and hip and can't drive for at least 8 weeks there is no one else we can currently ask for a lift. Our last prescription supply (in fairness the vet did give us 8 weeks worth instead of 1 but being able to get there is still several weeks away) has run out and our dog is showing signs of distress, itching (he doesn't have fleas it's one of the things we are careful about as we wondered at first if it was a flea allergy) and developing sores again.

    The real problem lies with our money grabbing git of a vet, who once we have access to transport again we will be changing. He refuses to prescribe the tablets for Buster without seeing him for his 3 month check up, we hoped he could let us off this one as Buster has been having his regular check ups for 5 years without missing one. Because of our temporary circumstances and to prevent distress to the dog we hoped he could email or fax or post a prescription to us or local pharmacy (we are entirely willing to take Buster for a check up the minute we can get there) but as already said the vet won't do this. So our poor boy is left without medication and there are no other vets nearer to us that I could afford a taxi to or walk to.

    I know these medical use steroids can be bought online, but they (and I realise this is a good thing normally) require a prescription, or they are very expensive or from a site which is well dodgy.

    If anyone knows of a solution to our temporary dilemma I would be very grateful. This could either be somewhere to get hold of a month or twos supply of the prenisolone/prednisone or even if anyone knows of a natural herbal alternative.

    Thank you for reading!

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  • age of sim card and call quality?

    Can a well used sim card cause a degradation of call quality after a period of a few years. I have been with Vodafone for about 3 years, and have noticed over the last year that no matter what handset I use people cannot hear me properly. It is not the microphone in the hand set as I have the same problem when I try my sim in other phones on which I know there is no problem with call quality. It is also not my voice :-D as I can be heard perfectly well when using a landline or a different network.

    I can hear other people very well which is what made me think it might be the microphone at fault, but apparently not.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Multiple unrelated accidental damage insurance claims, possible?

    Does anyone know if aviva standard house and contents insurance (with extra accidental damage) will cover claims for more than one unreated accidental damage incident at the same time? I tripped and dropped a glass continer into the bath holing it a week ago, today the top of my toilet cistern was broken, there are several other things gone pete tong but I don't think they are covered anyway because they were caused by the dog...Oh appart from work done to the roof starting to leak and my daughter putting a top in the wash with my best gold watch in the pocket, destroying both the watch and the washing machine... Life is throwing rocks at me right now.

    I know I could ring and ask, but I don't want them to think I'm taking the p**s and am embarassed to admit that I and my family are such klutzes unless I know they consider and are used to dealing with multiple unrelated claims.... Sorry if that's a bit convoluted.

    If anyone can give me an idea I'd be very grateful, thanks.

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  • wild 'pet' rat wheezing?

    Hi, A year and a half ago my cat brought home a baby rat, which I put in a box in part of the house where the cats don't go to recover, but she got out. She's been living behind some fitted units in that room for a year and a half now, I put food and water down for her every day, but have only seen her a couple of times in all that time. Now she seems to be ill, I can hear audible wheezing when she breathes, and sneezing. I think she may have Mycoplasma pulmonis which has got out of hand.

    The problem is that she has now burrowed into the wall behind the skirting board and I can't get at her to take her to the vet. I know she could be helped if I could catch her but I've tried several times over the but she is having none of it.

    Can anyone suggest something I could give her in her food to help, or somewhere I could buy antibiotcs that can be put in food?


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  • Post crown prep work agony, roof of mouth swelling, is this normal?

    Hi, hope there with dental/medical knowledge that can help. Two days ago I went to dentist for phase two of root canal work (just the fill), saw yet another inexperienced young new nhs dentist. She did all the work without anaesthetic 'as the nerve was gone' . The owner of the practice said might as well prep for crown as I would need one eventually anyway. They used a 'machine' (how they put it) to fill the roots with hot 'rubber', I was in the chair for an hour and twenty five minutes. Since then the roof of my mouth has swollen up on that side, it gives if i press with my tongue but sends shooting pain 'upwards'. The swelling is at least as painful as toothache if not more so, I'm starting to feel sick, and it's stopping me from sleeping. Is it within the normal range of reactions and I have to put up with it until it subsides, or is it something weird like infection or oedema, do I need to go back to my dentist? I'm writing this on a Saturday early hours, so am afraid to leave it over the weekend... Thanks in advance.


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