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  • Samsung TV Voice Command not working.?

    We’ve recently set up our Samsung TV Crystal UHD 8 Series, and when we press the Microphone button on the remote and say a command nothing happens.

    We’ve already enabled voice command in the policies to accept, and apparently when you press the Microphone button a little microphone should appear on the TV screen, but nothing does?

    Is our usage of UVerse what’s causing the problem? I’m unsure why we can’t use the voice control.

    TVs1 month ago
  • Is it normal to bleed after shaving legs two times? ?

    I usually shave my legs after my leg hair gets a decent length, but recently I’ve been wanting to keep my legs soft and clean so I tried shaving twice a week. I’ve done it before, and I’m not sure why I only bleed a lot after I shave when my hair is small? Are you not supposed to shave too soon after shaving already? When I shave the first time I don’t bleed, but when my hair is barely growing back and I shave again to keep it smooth I bleed a lot. Is there a way to prevent that? 

    2 AnswersHair2 months ago
  • Why is League of Legends so laggy?

    My FPS or the thing on the top right, I forgot what it's called lmao, is pretty low (lower than 100) and I associate that with lag because when it's high I lag a lot. But for some reason even when it's low it's not laggy to the point where it is when it's high, but it has small choppy lags in between each step :/ idk how to fix it. And I'm sorry I feel like I made no sense while writing this lmfao.

    1 AnswerOther - Computers2 months ago
  • How often is it okay to shave your legs?

    Hi, I’m a guy and I was wondering how often is it okay to shave your legs? The grow back process of the hair is itchy, and my hair can grow back within the next day/two days, so I was wondering if it was okay to shave twice a week to avoid the itchiness. I don’t want to damage the cuticles too much, and I’m fairly new on shaving, so if anyone has any advice on shaving as well that will be appreciated. Thank you. 

    2 AnswersHair2 months ago
  • Red Bumps after shaving legs?

    I’m not sure if they’re called razor bumps, but I recently starting shaving my legs and they come out fine — but the process where the hair starts growing is when I start getting itchy, and I’m assuming it’s because the hair has friction with the material I’m wearing (pants, underwear, etc) and it ends up leaving red marks, primarily on my thighs. 

    Is there a way to prevent this or is it inevitable? Because it makes my legs look so ugly. 

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions3 months ago
  • How would I receive my Stimulus Check?

    Some sources say it's based off of 2018 tax returns, and I was claimed under somebody's tax returns so I would get nothing if it was.

    Some say it's based off of 2019 tax returns, where I would be able to receive a check. However, my tax returns were directly deposited, but the account that I used to do the direct deposit was closed as I opened a new bank account. How would I receive the check? 

    5 AnswersUnited States6 months ago
  • What’s the name of this college dating psychology video?

    This is so random, but I took a BIO 30/Psych 30 Human Sexuality class last semester, and I just remembered this video I thought was interesting.

    This may seem extremely vague and not helpful, but it took place at a college, and they discussed hookup culture. This professor lady had an assignment for her students that they had to step up out of their comfort zone and ask somebody out on a date and such. 

    Psychology6 months ago
  • Why does my Macbook Air keep disconnecting from my wifi only at home? ?

    I bought a Macbook last month and I literally only used a few times outside my house because it constantly connects then disconnects from my wifi at home. 

    I’ve tried everything that people have suggested such as:

    -Disconnecting USB and Wireless Signal Devices

    -Resetting NVRAM/PRAM

    -Reconfiguring the DNS

    -Adjusting Packet Size

    -Changing Location and Renewing DHCP Lease

    Now I don’t know if I did all those things correctly, but I want to say it’s a router issue, but it makes no sense that my iPhone connects perfectly fine along with my other 4 family members here and our desktop. It’s been terrible because I basically wasted $1100 so far. 

    2 AnswersComputer Networking6 months ago
  • Are Instagram sales accounts legit?

    I found nice online clothing shops from Instagram and I was planning on buying from some, but I noticed MULTIPLE sell the exact same clothes with literally the same photos to advertise as others. I’m not sure if they’re scammers or if many shops just sell the same things? 

  • Is this online store legit?

    The store is Birkie.Store 

    I’ve looked for online reviews for awhile but can’t find any since it takes me to a motor place, and I purchased two items almost a month ago and there hasn’t been any new email regarding the shipment of my order. All I bought was an Airpod case and a water bottle.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 months ago
  • Does we dream every time we go to sleep?

    Majority of the time I go to sleep, I don’t even see black at all. It’s like I wasn’t even born and know nothing until the next day that I realize who I am. But websites say it’s because some don’t “remember” their dreams, but it’s as if I sometimes have none at all. It’s a weird feeling which is why I hate sleeping because I feel as if I don’t exist.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation3 years ago
  • Does it matter which way you say it?

    I’m learning Spanish right now, and I seen someone say “Si, me escucho” and it meaning “Yes, I’m listening.”

    But isn’t listening escuchando? Wouldn’t it be “Estoy escuchando” or no ?

    3 AnswersLanguages3 years ago
  • How to start iPhone with broken home button?

    Recently upgraded to a new iPhone and reseted my phone in order to sell it. To start the phone all over, it asks to press the home button, but without the side-thing you can't go home. Is there anyway to start the phone process again so the buyer can use it?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • Is this website legit?

    I've been looking upon websites to buy an IPhone 7 Plus and looking for the cheaper prices and stumbled upon this account.

    The website has no reviews, a weird About Us, and seems sketchy.

    $171 for an IPhone 7 Plus is VERY cheap along with it being 128GB is fishy. Never heard of this website but would like feedback as to if I should buy from this website.

    8 AnswersCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • Can't log into my gmail?

    At school, they had us reset our passwords and I changed it to a password I use all the time. However, when I logged in it says wrong password. After trying to recover my account, it asks for "the last password I remember" and after doing so it says "can't find account." Also by doing the email and name on your account, it says "can't find that account" as if my account was deleted. I'm more than sure it wasn't since it was my school email (ID code so I don't know how to get it back.

    3 AnswersPassword and Sign In3 years ago
  • Does using imperfect tense and preteriré matter when speaking in conversational Spanish?

    I'm learning Spanish right now and since my mom learned from my grandma rather than proper she always uses different stuff from what I learned.

    When speaking spanish, does it matter if you use imperfect or preteriré tenses? Like tuve and tenía.

    1 AnswerLanguages3 years ago
  • Can you use "tenía" from all perspectives?

    I'm learning spanish and learned "tenía" is imperfect past (I was eating) and "tuve" (I ate).

    Can you use tenía along with:

    Nosotros tenía

    Ellos tenía

    Él tenía

    Tú tenía

    — or do you have to use a different imperfect word for each perspective? Because Google translate (I know not really reliable but it helps I guess) says:

    Nosotros tevimos - this is google trans

    Tú tuvo - duolingo says tuvo

    Él tuvo - duolingo

    Ellos tuvieron - google trans

    — I get very grammatical and I have to know what each perspective means and which words to use dhdjwjdjsje. I have a lot of windows open with "spanish word vs spanish word." Help would be appreciated !

    2 AnswersLanguages3 years ago
  • How to get Q-Tip out of headphone jack?

    So I was looking up how to clean your headphone jack and it said use a Q-Tip and cut part of it off and clean it, but I pushed it inside and then I googled how to get it out and it says use a paper clip and take it out.

    But it doesn't want to come out, and I tried putting glue on the paper clip and leaving it to try and get it to come out (because it suggested that too) and nothing still. I try and move it to the side and slide it up but it doesn't wanna come out and idk what to do.

    4 AnswersMusic & Music Players3 years ago
  • Gum Disease?

    Today my mom asked to look at my teeth and she noticed that there was red above my teeth. Is that gum disease? Or is it a sign that I'm gonna get it? I brush my teeth a lot so I don't see how I could be getting gum disease?

    2 AnswersDental4 years ago