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  • i think i want to join the military?

    i’m a female, i’m 16 right now so it’s just a thought, and i don’t know the first thing about it. it sounds silly. a marine looked at me and laughed. i think it would help me to improve myself/ put my head on straight. should i start exercising and stuff? what steps do i take? is it hard? i’m really skinny, does that matter? it sounds ridiculous and i sound like i don’t really want to but i don’t really have any particular career path i want to take or any goals and i feel like i don’t have many options. i want/NEED to get out of my bad home situation as soon as i get out of high school, i don’t have a job or money or anything. i already took the asvab and got a 54 or something if that means anything ?

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  • Why are most men so disgusted by homosexuality?

    What about a person loving another person angers them? What makes most think that every gay man seeks to grab them? And have they never walked up to a female and hit on her before?

  • Spanish help?

    I'm trying to learn Spanish on Duolingo but on Duolingo it's kind of just like a figure it out yourself thing but it helps you to memorize, and there's something I don't understand about Spanish. Keep in mind I'm a complete beginner but I'm trying.

    You know how some things are gender based? Like mesa is feminine and banco is masculine? If you were to try to talk to a female using masculine words like banco or something like that, would you just change the o at the end to an a? It probably has such a simple explanation and I might be thinking about it too much.

    Like everyone talks about banks and tables but how would you mention them to someone who doesn't like... have the same gender as the word? Or do I just use the a at the end of everything even towards males because I'm a girl? Does this even make sense?

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  • why wouldn't my friend let me even touch her?

    her and i were friends since fifth grade, i'm now a sophomore in high school and we aren't anymore. i actually really don't like her.

    so, a background: i'm bisexual. and before anyone comes at me with "you're just experimenting" or "it's a phase" i've known for as long as i can remember.

    and i came out by accident in seventh grade and it's like every time i touched her she acted like i was raping her or something or like i had a huge thing for her. pretty sure she made everyone believe i had a thing for her, and i never did. she actually was hideous. maybe she was insecure and trying to make herself believe i liked her for clout, or maybe she was just homophobic.

    i hate how every single girl in my school things i'm eye raping them when i even look at them.

  • do we just watch tv to escape reality?

    and this is a question meant for literally everyone who watches it.

    like, when i come home from a stressful day at school, i watch tv to get my mind off of it.

    i feel like everyone just watches tv to put themselves into these people's perfect lives, no matter what show or movie it is. like when i was super little, i pictured myself as the pretty girl with the guy.

    i feel like everyone no matter who it is just uses tv as a terrible coping mechanism for avoiding our problems. does anyone really just casually watch it to have something to do in their spare time?

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