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I am a pretty tried and true independent...voted for Clinton once, Bush once...etc...only one I voted twice for was the vision of a successful America and smaller government.

  • Has there ever been a President who held both house's of Congress and never passed a budget?

    The senate was also filibuster proof for the 1st year and still he couldn't even negotiate or compromise with his own party.

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  • At what point are liberals/progressives going to realize you cannot spend your way out of debt?

    we are approaching 16 trillion dollars of debt. The interest on the debt will become the highest proportion of the yearly budget in August or September. So when is too much spending going to penetrate your brain?

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  • I am an independent and have a question for both sides of the aisle?

    For my liberal progressive friends, why is it you think the federal government is the answer to all that ails you? What makes you think giving all the power to Washington DC's politicians is a good thing?

    For my conservative friends, what makes you think that continuing to house our military in 500 plus countries makes us safer? Why wouldn't be better off maybe putting all that cash into say NASA or some other scientific endeavor?

    It is my view both sides are idiots and myopic in the viewpoints and can't see the forest for the trees.

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  • Liberal's and Progressives please explain how you respond to no budget?

    The Congress hasn't passed a budget in all 3 years of President Obama's administration for the first time in history, which also violates the 1974 budget act. The Senate lead by Harry Reid hasn't even proposed one. The last budget President Obama proposed was defeated in the Senate 97-0 so how is this somehow the Republicans fault? I agree that President Obama was left a mess but not even managing to create a budget doesn't seem like leadership to me please explain if you can?

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  • At what point are the progressives going to admit that enlarging the federal government is intrusive?

    Are we going to wait until HHS puts a tax on sugar or limits the amount of calories a person can consume under penalty of law? At what point will the liberal and progressives believe that government has exceeded it's influence on personal behavior?

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  • What are the Ron Paul supporters blathering about having voter fraud. If they are not smart enough?

    not smart enough to know the difference between a caucus and a primary. Perhaps they are so deluded to think that Dr Ron Paul is too stupid to appeal any voter fraud that they claim is existent? Do they think he doesn't have any lawyers who wouldn't immediately be at the federal court house filing law suits. Then they say well if he doesn't get the republican nomination they will vote for Obama who is even farther away from Dr Paul's views then even the most moderate of republicans. I am beginning to think they are all paid democrats trying to convince independent voters that they should support Obama.

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  • I have a fairly straight forward exercise for everyone Dem's and Republicans.?

    You are the mayor of a city that has 10,000 inhabitants of which the median income is 50k per year each. You need to have 1 police chief, and 3 policeman minimum. You need 2 garbage trucks and 4 folks who man them. Set up a budget that allows you to make the city safe and secure and provide whatever benefits you think are appropriate. You can move the demographics around however you like, for example 100 of the folks are millionaires and 100 are destitute or whatever floats your boat that will give you some idea of how difficult it is.

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  • Resolution possible for the LGBT folks if you promise not to flame.?

    There is really a simple solution to all this destructive behavior. Government doesn't issue any license for marriage period. The marriage deductions for the IRS are eliminated only the child deduction remains I think the government does have some interest in assisting children. Marriage would then become strictly a religious issue either the religion you belong to issues a marriage certificate or it doesn't the government would then be granting no benefit to either case.

  • Why is it wrong to think making a Moon Colony is possible?

    When Kennedy made the proposal to race to the moon to beat the Russians everyone thought it was impossible? Now another politician suggests it might spark the same sort of innovation and technological advances that the race to the moon produced. There are so many I cannot list them all but here are a few Laser basic research, computer technology and semiconductors. Without that attempt we wouldn't even have the internet in all likelihood, at least not yet.

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  • Are we becoming a nation of deadbeats?

    We have a large percentage of people in this country who have forgotten the value of work. The are uneducated and in many cases drug abusers. They are having children without any regard to the necessity of caring for them. The government cannot possibly care for 43 or more percent of the population that contributes little or nothing to the nation. This is NOT a race issue its an issue of entitlement. There are more white folks on food stamps and other welfare programs including medicaid etc then any minority. We cannot afford to support people that refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

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  • I am having a really tough time this cycle figuring out who to vote for.?

    I can't vote for Obama, NDAA lousy leadership and please don't tell me about obstructionist republican's Clinton managed to balance the budget and reform welfare with republicans in the house majority.

    I can not vote for Romney he is like a waffle that keeps flipping over when you try to put butter on it.

    I can not vote for Santorum because he is way to far right on most social issues.

    I can not vote for Paul this guy would make you think the gold standard could be put back in place. There is not enough gold to cover our 15 trillion dollar debt let alone Europe and the rest of the world. He believes in legalizing drugs...enough said.

    Gingrich is still a possibility. Huntsman might be ok but he hasn't exactly stirred the hearts of the US.

    I have written in my name on the ballot twice before in my lifetime. This is looking like the third time.

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  • I want to ask the liberal/progressives out there why Obama and his congress did nothing about medicare,?

    medicaid or social security during their first 2 years when they have full congressional ability to do so? Also please explain to me why the senate hasn't passed a budget in over 2 years which btw is against the law? Obama submitted a budget and it was defeated 97-0. Please explain again to me why the democrats have it right?

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  • Maybe I should run for president with these platform issues.?

    Get rid of homeland security they are duplicative of the fbi and cia. apply 1/3 to FBI and 1/3 to CIA of the funds and the remaining to Nasa budget

    2. Re-energize Nasa with the goal of sustainable presence on the Moon with the goal of moving on to Mars. This has 2 benefits in that it will help galvanize more young people into science and move basic scientific research forward.

    3. Reduce Medicare and Medicaid by means testing Medicare I see no reason to subsidize affluent folks. Medicaid should be sent to the states because federal programs cannot possibly be equal across 50 states because the expenses and populations vary too much.

    4. Reduce the military budget to the point that we only support aircraft carriers and their support along with subs. Everything else is excessive because I don't think we need to occupy any other country. Bring all the troops home from everywhere except for a few maybe 1k in each allies country so that it's a trip wire if activated your going to war with us.

    5. Get the federal government out of health care entirely they are not competent to manage it and I don't want some bureaucrat telling me what I can and cannot have. At least now I can sue the insurance company with a class active if they screw up. If it is the government in control they can refuse to be sued.

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  • For all the detractors of Newt, what about his actual record?

    He managed with some help to create the first conservative house in 40 years. He managed with all his faults to create 4 balanced budgets in a row. He managed to get Clinton to sign a welfare reform bill that actually worked. I mean if your a conservative I don't know how you can vote for anyone else currently running.

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  • I am beginning to think trying to find rational dialogue on Yahoo is a waste of time?

    For all you democratic ideologues remember that Kennedy and LBJ started and continued the vietnam war. For all you republican ideologues remember that was Bush who started Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Neither party has it right and until folks all start to get independent and quit just spouting their ideologue from either the left or the right we will continue to elect folks not qualified by anything other then their ability to better spout their ideologue. That of course would actually require looking at the facts and trying to figure out the best possible solution using thoughts from both perspectives. Can someone explain to me why you think I am wrong?

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  • I would like to ask both cons and libs this question?

    I just finished re-reading the constitution and the bill of rights as well as all of the federalist papers. How can anyone even attempt to state this country isn't founded on Judeo Christian principals. There is nothing in any of them about separation of church and state except that no religion can be established by the state. It's called the establishment clause, it doesn't state that a city/county or other jurisdiction can't reflect the will of it's people. It only states that the federal government cannot establish a state religion that's it end of story.

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  • A reasonable person might suggest neither party has it right because?

    taxes are not income. Raising taxes doesn't mean higher revenue. Which is the Liberal viewpoint. Lowering taxes from the Conservative viewpoint likewise doesn't increase revenue with a few exceptions.

    So what do we do? I suggest we start reducing spending at the federal level without touching taxes for short term or long term gain. Spending is the problem any family can tell you that. If I reduce my families expenditure's I have more left over to do other things. With over 15 trillion in debts which for most families making like 50k a year would be like having 500k in debt why would I think I could make up the difference by spending more?

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  • As I predicted over a week ago the 49'ers killed the Steelers. So now what all you east coast centric analyist?

    are you finally going to admit your prejudiced about any team east of the mississippi? The Packers are still the cream of the crop but if you don't believe defense wins football games look at the 49'ers stats.

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