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  • Is okay for vacuum clear air blowing at dishes, food, etc?

    I was vacuuming in the kitchen area today and I lifted up the vacuum cleaner to get around a tight corner. As I lifted it up the vacuum cleaner the air that was blowing out of the machine blew on some dishes drying on the drying rack, other kitchen utensils, and some food. So is that okay? Should I wash the dishes and kitchen utensils that the vacuum cleaner the air blew on and throw out the food too? Will this cause any issue when me and my family use the dishes, the kitchen utensils, and eat the food that was blown by the vacuum cleaner air?

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  • is okay to leave a water bottle uncapped for a few hours?

    So I opened a water bottle a few hours ago and I didn't put the cap back on the bottle is that okay? Can I still drink the bottle and when I drink it will it cause an issue?

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  • Is taking a bath good for me?

    Im in my 20s and I'm a male. I always take a bath at night before I go to bed and been doing for while so do I continue to take a bath? Also, my parents take baths too and they have been doing for a while too. So do I continue to take baths every night before I go to bed and taking baths every night won't cause any issues down the road?

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  • how to stop overwashing hands?

    so I have been over washing hands recently and my wrist has dry and cracked skin. Every time I move my wrist it stings a little. So I was wondering how can I stop over washing my hands? I wash my hands after using the bathroom and before I eat. Every time I wash I use warm water and soap. So when should I use soap and water to wash my hands? And does the dry and cracked skin go away on its own?

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  • is okay for fingers to touch outside rim of the water bottle? Is this issue an example of a germaphobe?

    I was opening water and my finger touched the outside rim. So is that okay? Also when I put the cap back on the bottle my finger touch the inside part so it that also ok too?

    8 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks1 year ago
  • Bitter taste when eating sour patch kids?

    I was eating some sour patch kids and I ate one the orange one and I sucked on it for few seconds then it suddenly tasted bitter. It was not sweet. It had a bitterness to it. I spat out and along with some saliva. Is there a reason why the orange one I tasted was bitter? Before I got a bitter taste in my mouth I already ate a few but the other was 't bitter at all it was this one orange was bitter. Is the orange sour patch kid bitter in general? Also was the bitterness caused by something else but that impossible right because I already at a few before the bitterness taste happened and I would stop eating them if the other were bitter like this one. For the other ones I didn't suck on it I just ate but I would taste the bitterness too right when I ate it right? I shouldn't be worried about this incident and this incident shouldn't cause any issues later tonight or when I got to bed? I bought the sour patch kids from a movie theater called Bow Tie Herricks Cinemas it near where I live

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  • is it okay to eat some snacks after touch other objects? Also, is this being a germaphobe?

    So I been on my laptop all day and now I want some snacks to eat. I have chips ahoy cookies in my room but I can't eat because I touch my laptop and I'm afraid that the germs and bacteria on my laptop would be on the cookies when I eat it. So am I safe to eat even though I didn't wash my hands? Does it matter that the chips ahoy bag is partially opened? Also a few days I did touch some of the cookies with my finger but I didn't eat because I was worried about the germs and bacteria. So am I safe to eat? And this issues is me being a germaphobe? Also, does the digestive enzymes the mouth and stomach acid kills germs and bacteria when we eat?

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 year ago
  • Does interpreting your surroundings and what you see incorrectly cause overthinking and paranoia?

    If I interpret my surroundings/what I see incorrectly in my head that can trigger overthinking and paranoid? Situation: I was playing Fallout 4 and I went into this area where it had a bunch of lootable containers. One of these containers had a bunch of bone inside. On a closer look, I saw the bone were humans bone. I said to myself why are there bones in the container. After I said that I suddenly became paranoid and then begun to overthink about what I found. So is this incident an example of me interpreting my surroundings and what I saw incorrectly in my head cause me to overthink and paranoia? And this incident is not going to cause issues later?

    1 AnswerPsychology1 year ago
  • How to get rid of overthinking and paranoia?

    I have a problem with overthinking and paranoid. When I do everyday actives I sometimes overthink and get paranoid. This happens not all the time but pops up one or twice and it is annoying to deal with so is there a way to get rid of my overthinking and paranoid? I know meds and counseling can help but I'm not at that point yet. Like I'm not overthinking and paranoid all the time if I was then I would do counseling or meds. So any advice to get rid of my overthinking and paranoia?

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  • overthinking and being paranoid?

    so I when to my backyard to wear gloves and when I took them off I randomly thought that there was a spider inside of the glove. But there wasn't because I didn't feel pain when I was wearing them. I look online for spider bite symptoms and they swelling, redness, and pain around the bite. And since I don't have any of these symptoms I feel fine. So this obviously overthinking and being paranoid right?

    2 AnswersPsychology1 year ago
  • How long does it take for soap poisoning symptoms appear and how long does the symptoms last?

    Do they appear hours/minutes after and do they last for a while? Reason I ask is that I put some napkins down on the the table and used the napkins to eat my pizza and garlic knots. Now I finished eating and I am paranoid about the table having soap or some cleaning chemical getting on to the napkins and in to my pizza and garlic knot when I used them to eat. Do the cleaning people wipe down the tables with water after done cleaning with their cleaning chemicals? And is this an example of overthinking and being paranoid? Because I did the same thing last week and I had no problems until a few minutes ago after I ate the pizza and garlic knots and that is when I became paranoid and overthinking about this issue because I am worried about that something is going to happen later in the day or when I got to sleep tonight.

    5 AnswersMental Health1 year ago
  • Attachment image

    Neosporin problem please help?

    so I put Neosporin on the finger and I smudged some of it on the keyboard. The two days ago I wiped the keyboard down with a wet tissue paper twice. As I was wiping it down I used the same wet tissue paper on the power button area and the keyboard area. With that said by using the same wet tissue paper can that spread Neosporin to other areas of my laptop like the power button itself or is it gone after I finished wiping it down? Today I pressed the power button area and ate a cookie between 12 PM, or 1 PM did I poison myself? My parents both are doctors one is active the other is not active anymore they both said it is ok and I shouldn't be worried about it. Is that true? And I ask a similar question to my friend and she said that Neosporin is nontoxic/nonpoisonous if ingested in a tiny amount like the cookie after I touched the power button. So is she correct? Am I safe and I'm just overreacting, overthinking, paranoid, and being hypochondriac about this issue? I am really worried about please help

    5 AnswersWomen's Health1 year ago