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  • Tax refund?

    So my ex won’t let me claim my newborn baby (just because she doesn’t feel like) and she’ll rather give it to her mother and her stepfather for their taxes because they ask her if they could barrow the baby for their tax return. To me that’s bs and I want to know I f could do something about it because one I take care of my baby and two I’m her father and if my babymomma is not going to file taxes then the right thing to do is for to claim my own baby on my taxes. What can I do from preventing my ex’s parents from claiming my own baby? Can that even be possible?

    9 AnswersUnited States2 months ago
  • Which intake is the best?

    I want to get my g37 sport an intake since I want to add a little bit more power and torque on it. I'm undecided to which one to go with though. I've heard of many intakes like K&N, AFE, Injen and much more but these are my top three. Which one should I go for? Anyone has any of these three that can give a me a little feedback?

  • My left analog stick doesn't work for my PS3!?

    My left analog stick won't work at all. It's not sticky or loose, everything seems to be in good conditions. I play BO2 and when I try to run or go forward the player doesn't move! Can I fix this problem? I tried opening the controller and nothing seems to be damage. Or is it the greenish plastic thing (I don't know what it's called) that's attach to the pcb inside the problem?

    1 AnswerPlayStation6 years ago
  • Why doesn't my L2 button work on my ps3 controller?

    I play Balck ops a lot and when I try to use the L2 button it won't let me use what I want to use like tacticals, trophy systems etc. I already opened the controller twice to find the problem and the button seems to be in the correct place. What else can the problem be?

    1 AnswerPlayStation7 years ago