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I live and "work" with rotties for rescue and have done for 28 years. I foster rottweilers for rescue as well as take a class for them and am involved in all other aspects of rescue. I also run a dance school teaching all theatre subjects such as ballet, tap, modern dance and freestyle. I live in the S.E. England You may not always like my answers, but I am going to be as honest as I can be with you.

  • Arabesque - Mintchips ?

    I've searched for that brilliant video on teaching the correct rotation / rolling the hip forward for arabesque  but can't find it anywhere.  

    Is there any chance you know what it's called or who put it up.  

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  • Dancing Section?

    Is it only me that is seeing only three questions in the Dancing section over the last few days.

    All other questions seem to have disappeared.

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  • Troll Questions?

    What is going on with all the fake members all joining on the 10th January and asking numerous questions on the same subject one after another.

    We have better things to do than sit here answering non-genuine questions and I think yahoo should be doing something about it.

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  • Question for Swadesh?

    Swadesh has contacted me via Yahoo mail twice but when I click on the "Reply to this message" it is purely taking me to his page and not to an answer box.

    Twice he has contacted me in the last couple of days.

    I would have left an answer on an old question of his so that he was notified but his Q & A's are private so that hasn't worked.

    Forwarded the whole mail to yahoo in the hope they could tell me what to do about it but no answer...

    Anyone else got any answers...

    Have put it in here (dogs) in the hope Swadesh sees it.... and if so... mail me an actual email address and then I can answer you.

    However in answer to your private message, I don't think this 5 month old is showing actual aggression, more out of control mouthing... Don't allow him to get to people when walking out... he must be kept under control.

    God I wish I lived close sometimes... this is all easily solveable if you get a trainer in to show you how.

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  • "See More"...?

    Anyone else fed up already with this little addition to questions.

    I wouldn't be clicking on the question if I didn't want to "see more" please yahoo, ditch this unwanted and unnecessary and inconvenient little extra.

    Anyone else finding it annoying.

    (Dog section as this is the only place I really visit).

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  • Attachment image

    Have you bred a litter.?

    This is a genuine question because we in rescue just cannot understand how the message isn't getting across.

    I really want to try and understand how you people feel when you breed a litter.

    I totally accept the responsible breeder with 15 people on the waiting list. The person breeding for a genuine market that have either never had a dog back or is always willing to take a dog back if need be.

    However, I really want to know the thoughts out there. I believe there has got to be a group that really don't care if their dogs end up pts, but from what I see across the internet, a lot of people just think it won't be their dogs because they will make sure they find good homes for theirs. (which doesn't happen) That is genuinely what I see from 90% of people with pregnant dogs. They want ONE dog from their own to keep the line going !!!! I also see many dogs coming into rescue or being pts because the original breeder just didn't realise or accept that the dogs should be their responsibility for life.

    Is this really the case. Please tell me because when I see this (picture below) and look at the statistics, and deal with people every day that are turned away knowing you were their last hope then I just HAVE to try and understand what motivates people to breed (byb) and what do they think happens to the pups they produce.

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  • Why are you not able to comment?

    Why are we not able to comment in the 'comment box' once an answer has been chosen, as in this situation.

    I am now not able to get back to Christopher to tell him why NILIF will work and why a 15 yr old should not be walking the dog when the dog clearly thinks he owns everybody.

    Hoping that yahoo will see the question as this isn't the first time a person has left more questions with the BA and I have been unable to respond.

    Anyone worked it out yet, if so then please let me know.

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  • Attachment image

    How could they have let this happen?

    Why do these judges put these dogs up in this condition. Only when that stops will they go back to breeding decent dogs that can work.

    I remember seeing a GSD coming into ringcraft and I thought the people had brought their old dog with them as was almost creeping along. Turns out it was a 6 month old about to embark on a show career.

    I am all for top breeding and 'show' breeders but not with the GSD. How fit and healthy those dogs used to be compared to what they are breeding now for the show ring. Absolutely ridiculous.

    What are the working lines like around the world ? and are they as lean looking as they used to be.

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  • Attachment image

    Dear Yahoo.... please note?

    We the regular contributors to your site HATE this new layout.

    If you are going to use it then you should add the benefits of the old screen as well..

    You cannot email any of the members.

    You cannot see your old answers now. If I go into My Activities it only tells me that I answered a question, but it doesn't say what and therefore I cannot see the activity on a certain question without finding it on the original page again.

    You cannot edit your answers without it pushing up into one paragraph.

    All in all.... BRING BACK THE OLD ONE.

    I do like the photo bit though.... so you can keep that...

    Feel free to report this anyone, as yahoo will then see

    What do the rest of you think. ?

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  • Hoping H will see this.?

    To H.. who has just put about hating the new format.

    If so... then... this is the answer I put before you deleted the question, or had it deleted.


    I put this question up the other day and got the answers that nobody else seemed to have it.

    The one good thing is that you can put pics up... but the rest is crap.

    I've now managed to save both types of page.. so let's see if I can do the same for you.

    I got into the old format when someone sent me a link to one of the pages, and then I kept it in favourites. I can now get into either format like this... see if you can... if you email me then I'll try and send a link, or try clicking into this and then saving and you should be able to get into it in future.;_ylt=AvN2Hnv...

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  • So we have a new format !?

    Is anyone else having the problem that I am having in that all my text is coming out in one paragraph instead of in separate. It's too hard to read like that. Most of the answers seem fine ... except mine :(

    Loving the addition of pictures.

    But presume TC badges have gone then ?

    In the dogs section because that's all I visit nowadays.

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  • Registering a dog with the CKC?

    Meaning Continental and not Canadian.

    I have just read in a reply to a question that

    "CKC is not as hard to register I think they will have you to send in a picture of the dog though so they can tell if its full blooded."

    Is that how it is ???? If so then no wonder you US citizens put on here that it is not worth the paper it is written on. Is that really the case ? I haven't been on their site to check this, but if so then I am just left shaking my head to think that anyone can register a dog as purebred verified by a photo.

    I do hope that is wrong, but nevertheless, we know it isn't that hard to get these dogs registered with these bogus registrations.

    7 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • What opinions on this ?

    Those who know me will know just how appalled I am at this... but this just shows the tolerance of the rottweiler nature....

    Would you blame the dog if it bit the child ? and how much should a dog put up with ?

    25 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Anyone seen Moondog lately?

    Anyone seen her about lately.

    Haven't seen her for some time - anyone got contact details - if so then say hello...

    8 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Do you agree that these are the five most dangerous dogs in the world. ?

    I love this and think some of you will also.

    Legit : Which breed would you never want to own. Mine is a chihuahua !!!!

    19 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • What is your opinion on behavior at dog parks.?

    In view of my TD in this question regarding Dog Parks...;_ylt=AldbE...

    I am interested to see how many people think as I do and how many the opposite. I realise that I am UK and maybe dog parks in the US are slightly different, but in general my opinion is as I answered.

    The crux of my answer was :-

    Just because it is an "offleash" park that doesn't mean it has to be.

    It also doesn't mean as some people seem to think, that it is ok to just allow your dogs to go steaming up to others without either invitation from those people or without your permission to your dog.

    Go there to teach your dog manners. Teach your dog to ignore other dogs and be able to pass them without having to pile into them and play. A well trained dog does not leave their owner and go running off to others unless invited.

    Drives me totally nuts that people assume it is "ok"... and it drives me even more nuts when people assume that is what an offleash park is for... It isn't.

    Not saying a dog shouldn't play at times with others, but it is on your say so and with a couple of dogs that will be ok and vice versa.


    I am sort of expecting opinions to be split into two groups and kind of know who would be in which, but do want sincere opinions.

    16 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • Can you do me a favour?

    In light of a very very sad case of a dog obviously suffering from bloat on here in the last couple of hours please will you keep this handy and print it out.

    If that helps ONE person to recognise the initial stages then I would be happy.

    7 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Copyright of dog pics...?

    I just went on to a rottie website that I am a member of but rarely visit as it is a US one, only to find that someone named Capp has used my avatar that I use on here.

    As this happens to be MY dog Tara taken by MY camera then I am not sure whether to be flattered or annoyed - or both.

    How would you react.

    9 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • What do you think of the UK - KC.?

    They are going to pilot a scheme whereby people can register a dog based on several factors....

    7 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Should I hand over the names?

    Sorry but if you know me then you'll know that this is extremely tongue in cheek, and have just counted to about a million to control myself on this one.

    Just had a call from a byb who has bred her rottie with a dog up the road (literally).

    You can imagine what I wanted to say knowing what I would say on here. Certainly no hips / elbows (what's that then ?) was all I got when I asked that question.

    She bred because she wanted to see what the puppies would look like. !!!!!!!! (don't go there).

    So why has she rung me. Well apparently they were only expecting about five and had GOOD homes waiting for five (yeah right)....

    Did I have a list of people waiting for a rescue puppy that I could pass on to her to have the others. She's managed to GET RID of only the five so far.... !!!!

    She must of wondered what the silence was while I counted to a million before answering politely. (scream)....

    Now do you think I should of handed over potential homes ?????

    Legit in case...

    What are you doing tonight ?

    9 AnswersDogs10 years ago